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Alright... sooo, if you've read my signature, you know I'm almost ready to resume this, so let me show you a checklist of what needs to be done before the next open beta: (v0.1b, Buxom Beauty)

Blood Elves:
  • Scarlet Enforcer animations (AND I NEED HELP ON THIS!!!)
  • Wrenchman model. Contact me here if you're interested in making it.

The "F" Factor:
  • 3 2 units still need "refactoring". xD
  • Finish organizing Rawcodes.
  • Revamp mining system.
  • Clean up ol' shizzle from triggers.
  • 2nd hero. Brainstorming could be needed.
  • Add a building that counts as a Tier-3 hall. (Only to not let people spam heroes early in-game, like it can be done in the contest version)
  • Look for building models.
  • Update credits.
  • AI. (Ouch, that's gonna be hard...)

  • Implement the Neutral Hero Additions.
  • (Maybe finally make some already-planned nifty vJassing to add a little special enhancement to something in melee games...? =D)
  • Final point: Merge old and new files.
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