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I also experienced the bug yesterday, then after a little seach I finally found the problem.
I'm not sure that people still need this, but there are the fixed executable & sources.

- 2 compile errors (with VS2008)
- Omnilight's corrupted conversion

Hidden information:
MdlxData.h (modified), from lines 4262+:
//It turns out that omnilights was not converted properly during .mdl to .mdx conversion.
//When a corrupted model is used in a map, this leads to map's lightning to be totally broken.
//It happened because TYPE_LIGHT was added to the light's type (Omnidirectional, Directional,
//Ambient) value. (~profet)

if (line->type==LINE_FLAG && strmatch(line->label,"omnidirectional")) {
} else if (line->type==LINE_FLAG && strmatch(line->label,"directional")) {
} else if (line->type==LINE_FLAG && strmatch(line->label,"ambient")) {
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