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Michael Peppers is a jewel in the rough (188)Michael Peppers is a jewel in the rough (188)Michael Peppers is a jewel in the rough (188)


The 4th and last hero has arrived, folks!

I had to crop the sword in the image though, and Magos' shows all of its bugs when trying to get a shot of this model. >_>

Anyway I assure you that he looks badass ingame.

Scarlet Enforcer:
Click image for larger version

Name:	BTNHeroScarletEnforcer.png
Views:	159
Size:	9.4 KB
ID:	48708
Scarlet Enforcer
Zoom (requires log in) 425 Zoom (requires log in) 100 Zoom (requires log in) 5
Click image for larger version

Name:	HeroScarletEnforcer.png
Views:	118
Size:	60.2 KB
ID:	48709Role: Strength Support Melee

Theme: The holy hand of the Blood Elven army, the Scarlet Enforcer plays an essential support role in the middle of a fight, saving lives or sacrificing them in order to achieve the final victory. Skinny mages and even the most brutish enemies run like chickens when seeing him leading a squadron.
Batteries not included in the package.

Model by deolrin and Michael Peppers, texture by AnemicRoyalty, icon by Michael Peppers. (screenshot)
Min/max stats:
Click image for larger version

Name:	BTNSunburst3.png
Views:	157
Size:	9.4 KB
ID:	48704
Healing Bolt
Zoom (requires log in) 85
Description:Summons a bolt of divine magic that heals a small amount of life to at most 6 allied units in its trail. If the bolt arrives to the target with some energy left, it will be used fully to heal the target.

Icon by Redeemer59
Target Spell
Click image for larger version

Name:	BTNShieldOfFaith.png
Views:	157
Size:	7.0 KB
ID:	48705
Shield of Faith
Zoom (requires log in) 125
Description:The hero and the allied units around him are surrounded by an imprenetrable shield, rendering them immune to damage and spells but heavily decreasing their movement and attack speed.

Icon by Ezikielth
AoE Spell
Click image for larger version

Name:	PASMagebaneAura.png
Views:	157
Size:	10.3 KB
ID:	48710
Magebane Aura
Description:Gives to nearby units an attack that burns mana, dealing 1 damage for every 2 points of mana burned.

Icon by 4eNNightmare
Click image for larger version

Name:	BTNResurrect.png
Views:	156
Size:	11.7 KB
ID:	48707
Angelic Wrath
Zoom (requires log in) 200
Description:Calling the Holy Light upon him, the hero sacrifices up to 3 of the player-owned units in the area to summon an equal number of Angels of Wrath. These angels are bound to this world until their magic energies are spent or the hero that summoned them dies.

This spell cannot target hero units or summons.

Icon by Elenai, Angel of Wrath model, texture and icon by Expresso
AoE Ultimate

FYI, while his skillset is completed, his model isn't. In short, it lacks STUFF. I'm working on it, though.

This model uses AnemicRoyalty's Blood Knight skin, so check it out or your Blood Elven hero will never look as badass as this. =P
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