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Just one little thing about the syntax validation:
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struct AFrame extends AWidget
        private AFrameBar m_barTop
        private AFrameBar m_barBottom
        private AFrameBar m_barLeft
        private AFrameBar m_barRight

        public static method create takes AMainWindow mainWindow, real x, real y, real width, real height return thistype // s of returns is missing
            local thistype this = thistype.allocate(mainWindow, x, y, width, height, null, 0, 0)
            set this.m_barTop = AFrameBar.create(mainWindow, AFrame.styleTop, x, y, 20.0, width)
            set this.m_barBottom = AFrameBar.create(mainWindow, AFrame.styleBottom, x, y + height - 20.0 , 20.0, width)
            set this.m_barLeft = AFrameBar.create(mainWindow, AFrame.styleLeft, x, y, 20.0, height)
            set this.m_barRight = AFrameBar.create(mainWindow, AFrame.styleRight, x + width - 20.0, y, 20.0, height)

            return this

Would be more useful to show a message like "Missing returns statement" instead of "method create must return AFrame".

Another thing:
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set this[i] = this[i] + value
It says "this is not an array" although I implemented the []= operator.
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