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That's great! Thanks, guys.

Alright, I need to write down a checklist for beta completion, so here it comes: (At least, with this list I'll make sure I won't forget anything)

  1. Fixing Rawcodes: (Mostly) Done
  2. Seekrit (Building-related)
  3. ^See Above
  4. 3rd Hero: 80% Done
  5. 4th Hero: Meh...
  6. AI: Will be a 5-minutes job =P (Mostly Done)
  7. Racial items: 8/9 Done (5/6)
  8. Experimenting random SEMPQ magiks and tricks (Dirty Hacks Done)
  9. Beta Testing
  10. Beta Release
Post-Beta: (These won't block beta from being released, but are quite important anyway, FYI)
  1. Some new models (*cough* =P)
  2. Scrap some dummy spells (used for missiles), replace them with xecollider missiles
  3. ABuff-ize some (a lot of) Buffs for buff compatibility.
  4. Custom Gold/Wood harvesting and a new worker model (I guess)
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