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Approved Map: Call to Arms

Default Laser Dragon Defense


It is my pleasure to open the Laser Dragons map for general testing! This map is in what I consider to be the last stage of testing before release. If you will help me test it and provide feedback, I would be happy to include you in the credits in the list of beta testers!

(1) Laser Dragons
Laser Dragons is a one-player survival game. You control an immensely wise and powerful Laser Dragon from one of the five dragonflights, charged with the duty of protecting all living creatures by preventing pesky curious gnomes from destabilizing the twisting nether.
Practically speaking, this means you need to prevent flying machines from flying through space into a black hole. If too many succeed, the fabric of reality is rent asunder and, well, that's bad. Your goal is to last as long as you can.
On the bright side, you get lasers! This adds a touch of realism to the game.

Hopefully any other questions you have will be answered in the game, maybe even during the Star Wars IV homage opening. Please provide thoughtful feedback and don't hesitate to ask any questions you have, as it will help me to make the Help section of the map more robust. Also, please tell me what the highest level you reached is and what dragon/laser combination you used to get that far!

Now get going! That Dragon isn't going to wait forever!

EDIT: NEW RELEASE March 24, 2010. Added:
Moar powerups, including Multi Laser, Frag, and CRAZY.
Boss fights every 5 levels!
Dodgy buggers!
Whelp health indicators.
Increased rate of awesomeness!
Numerous tweaks and polishes.

EDIT: NEW RELEASE April 5, 2010. Added:
Tanker ships, slower but tougher to kill.
UI improvements, such as a percent floaty whenever a life is lost, timer between rounds, etc.
Updates to intensity; the dragon responds quicker now and the difficulty ramps up faster
Starcraft increase speed each level
General fixes.

EDIT: Consolidating download links. Find it here!
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