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Default [GUI] Before You Ask For Trigger Help

Zoom (requires log in)

Before you EVER ask for help with triggers, make sure you pull out your trigger (and if you're using dummy units, the object editor) and run through this first. This mostly leans towards GUI help, but to an extent it CAN help Jass.

History/Log -
13/Oct/2008: Released
15/Nov/2008: Minor aesthetic change.

If you find any bugs in the links, please report them here.
If you want to make any comments, that area is locked. Put replies and comments here.

Also, if anyone wants to make a Jass version of this - feel free to. Just give me the link to yours and I'll link it from here to there so that they're connected by front pages.

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Before asking for help with triggers... read this and check your trigger!

If you're having troubles getting help on WC3C or anywhere at all, please have a look at...
The WRONG way to ask for help and The CORRECT way to ask for help.

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Please acknowledge that I use Mac and avoid suggesting vJass and other tools that don't work on it. Thank you.
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