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This is the perfect timing for the Spell Request Thread to be open again. Thanks to Pyrogasm and EquippedChaos. I have a request:

Name: Blizzard (A little like Blizzard's Blizzard)
Levels: 3
Description: Calls upon a large chunk of hail to fall from the sky every .15/.12/.10 seconds in a 250/350/450 AoE. Each shard deals [INT x 1/2/3] damage within a 100 AoE.
Tooltip: Blizzard
Code Preference: JASS; I am currently learning.
MUI: Since only one unit has this spell: No. But, you can make it MUI if you want.

I am also going to use this spell as a template for other spells like Blizzard (i.e. Rain of Fire, non-instant/channeling Starfall), so by doing this, you're doing me a great favor.
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