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So how are you working "Chains of the Mind"? I only know how to make it permanent.

Also, Dissent is unlikely to happen, unless I get good with local variables... Which I probably should. But right now, that hero is gone, so I'm not sure where to put it (if anywhere).


So... I don't know where to begin, really. There are several parts of those races that need thought or re-thinking... And I'd rather not post everything I have without some feedback first. So I guess I can start with an old post (and some background):

Troll Buildings:
Grisly Message (T1 town hall)
->Lurid Warning (T2 town hall)
- ->Gruesome Testament (T3 town hall)
Training Log (barracks)
Voodoo Shrine (caster barracks)
Hunting Lodge (T2 creature barracks)
War Hall (T3 elite barracks)
Boar Hut (food-production figure)
Altar of Da Jungle (altar)
Sentry Post (tower): This tower has no attack, but can upgrade into either a Tiki Tower or a Jungle. However, it has the ability "Survey", which reveals everything within a large radius of the tower (to stop those BM rushes)
->Tiki Tower (offensive tower): This tower is a grim warning to all who enter Trollish-held lands; their ever-watching Tiki eyes shoot blue magic at all who dare enter. This thing shoots at enemies; simple as that. Pretty fast/weak, as opposed to slow/strong.
->Jungle (defensive tower): This tower doesn't attack, but serves several beneficial roles of defense; can release a Hive of Bees to defend itself, and creates Underbrush around it to slow enemy units, and provide cover for targeted friendly Troll units (by loading them up, a la Zeppelin).
Ritual Circle (racial shop): This is the Troll's racial shop. However, it also is a shop where the Troll's heroes can pwn (sell) off their collected Skulls and Jewelled Skulls for money. Racial Orb = ranged shadow attack, +6 agility
Whittler (lumber mill + blacksmith): This building both collects lumber and works on all the Troll upgrades (+Melee Attack, +Ranged Attack, +Infantry Armor, +Creature Armor) as well as (Troll Regeneration) and (Hardbark Plates: gives most Troll buildings steam-hardened plates of bark, which act like Night Elf Mountain Giant's "Hardened Skin" ability)

(This is from another site, so if I reference something that doesn't make sense, I can explain):

*Trolls* - Well, other than the existing changes (already told you about), I can only think of a very few things:

- Don’t like the Slasher’s (basic melee Troll warrior) name; dunno if I’ll ever be content with it.
- -> Oh, and ironic enough as it sounds, I’ve thought of a possible name/theme/lore change: “Pirates”. That’s right, I’d be changing it back to where I originally stole the idea from (OH), and even right back to what they had it as. However, I’d be going for more of “just a name” angle; he probably wouldn’t even have a pirate hat, or peg leg, or gun or anything. But the idea is that certain Troll mercenary/soldiers, with the ability to Hijack enemy towers/mechs, are nicknamed “Pirates” for their brazen thievery and general rowdiness. Meh, not sold, but it’d be a funny turn of events.

- Don’t like the Mojo Twister’s (anti-mage semi-spellcaster, mounted on black spider) name much either. In fact, I was almost having thoughts of removing him; but I realized that they needed an anti-caster unit. But wouldn’t a “Swamp Snake” that either caster could mount, be really cool? Or a magic-powered Tiki Mask (= anti-caster) that floats around and zaps enemies? (Curse me and my ideas!)

- Oh, and the Jungle has Load / Unload / Cargo Hold; 4 spaces to hide Troll units. Thought it might make the Jungle a bit more useful. Eh?

- And I was thinking; every race’s worker has some kind of ability (and often, it’s used for defense, either of the base or the worker itself)
Human Peasant --> Turn into Militia; can be used defensively or offensively; strengthens the workers
Orc Peon --> Battle Stations in Burrows; used defensively (both for base + worker!)
Night Elf Wisp --> Detonate + Harvesting; although Detonate kills the Wisp, it’s a nice AoE dispel/mana drain; plus, while Harvesting Lumber/Gold, they are either protected or hidden!
Undead Acolyte --> Sacrifice; this doesn’t actually protect him much. But it gets you another unit, and that’s a Scouting unit!

Groundling could get a “Dig Silo” ability that lets it dig a little hole-in-the-ground (ground, Groundling, etc) that can hold 1 unit (likely the Groundling itself) to hide in. BUT what if (duh), we just gave him the ability to Crawl, like all other Troll infantry units? Eh??
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