Terran Demo Release

Dec 26th, 2007

Hello all. We hope you all had a good holiday. We are here to bring you a Terran Demo Release. We are releasing it as a torrent so you will need a torrent client. We are a little low on seeders right now and we are having some other problems, but as more people get it hopefully you will seed for us:D

Well without further ado here it is. If it wont download all of the way then we are sorry but we hope to fix it as time goes on!

Yes it is in zip format, it wont let me upload it as a torrent, and I don't have much access to this server anymore.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before downloading/using this software. Your use, distribution or installation of this copy of software indicates your acceptance of this License.

"GAMES" below means the software titles, StarCraft, Brood War, Reign of Chaos, and The Frozen Throne all of which are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Downloading, Installation and use of this is software is at your own risk and Snowflake Entertainment takes no responsibility. Installing this software requires that you legally own all of the "GAMES". Use of this software is governed by the EULAs' of the "GAMES". As such, the use of this software over Blizzard Entertainment's Battle.Net® service is strictly prohibited.

Snowflake Entertainment takes NO responsibility for how you use this product and you do so at YOUR own risk.

- Naga_Warrior

Menu Screen

Nov 12th, 2007

Here's a look at what you will see when you load up the Project Revolution mod on Wc3:FT.

- Jun

Fall Update

Oct 30th, 2007

Yes, we know many of you have been anticipating the upcoming release of our beta. Yes, we know we have promised you a summer release and we have, unfortunately, continued to be delayed. However, as many of you have requested for an update, the only announcement we can publicly state at the moment is that we are at a further delay. Let me tell you why.

Up until the start of fall, the Snowflake team has been hard at work finalizing the Terran build. Our team coordination was at the highest it has been for a while. For a couple of months, we achieved many optimum fixes on our build and strived to make the mod as close to the game as possible. Unfortunately, minor issues cannot be fixed (due to the limits of the Wc3 Engine) and that has proved an obstacle for us for a few weeks as we worked on and over for alternate solutions.

Onto development, yes, we are at another delay, unfortunately. As much as it may outrage some or may seem as an excuse to others, I don't know how to say to some, but the fall semester has taken a toll on our work. One week we were enthusiastic and busy on finalizing bugs. All of a sudden, school started again and our channel was empty. Now I'd like to remind everyone on behalf of the team that this is a non-profit organization (not as an excuse) but to state that we are not a bunch of employees working in a cubicle but rather across the country and world even. Once someone goes AWOL, it is almost impossible to get in contact with him (which I'll admit is why we sometimes go idle)

Now here's the hard part. I'd like to request from each one of the still, ever-patient fans to allow us to continue this without an estimate time. As of now, we are on delay and still trying to pick up on what's left.


*In regards to my october release post, that was my optimism of getting the crew back together to release the mod. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful but you can see that our inability to release the mod at this point is irrelevant to the case of those who say "we have nothing to release".

- Jun

Beta Screenshot 3

Aug 24th, 2007


- Jun


Aug 20th, 2007

Our artists have been working this week for a nice fan treat, enjoy.

Full Image


- COOLer