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Tiki 02-05-2006 09:50 PM

Ya he frickin pwned by himself ;)

Btw youve inspired me to make a map somewhat like this.

But me having spell problems.

CastleOrange 02-05-2006 11:11 PM

I replaced the file here with one that should fix the regeneration and library bugs plus a typo I noticed while fixing the others.

If you've got any specific questions, Tiki, just catch me on AIM.

KingGigli 02-11-2006 11:18 PM

i FINALLY finished it.

i did it single player (yeah i have no friends) with no cheats what so ever...WOW.

this was incredibly well done, the story was captivating and the final part of it made me tense up.

infact ill even let the fact that azshara never had a daughter slide because thsi map was amazing.

CastleOrange 02-12-2006 02:58 AM

I made up the daughter for the purposes of the map. :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Tim. 02-12-2006 04:14 PM

Still in need of 3 approvals. If I can make time tonight I will test this.

Tiki 02-12-2006 07:25 PM

I approve.

Anitarf 02-13-2006 11:25 AM

the map is rather simple, the heroes have just the most basic modifications of warcraft abilities, and all you have to do in the map is fight countless creeps.

However, this basic concept is executed well, and remains interesting for longer than expected, although I'm not sure if it does so for the full length of the map, as it's rather large. The dynamic dialogues are a neat feature, I like that. In combat, the map requires the players to use all their hero skills as well as items to prevail over the enemies, which makes the map nicely challenging.

This can also represent a problem, though, as the heroes exhaust their items and mana rather quickly on more difficult encounters, and places to recharge them may not be close at hand; some more item shops dispersed across the map would be a welcome addition. As it is now, average players don't feel like going back to the last shop and just press on without mana to their deaths.

I urge you to adress this issue even though the map already gets my approval as it is.

Metal_Sonic64 02-13-2006 12:58 PM

Anitarf, if you have the SAnd Strider that isn't really a problem. I think they're might be another warp hero too though...

Whitehorn 02-13-2006 01:08 PM

I remember testing the beta.

Approved :)

Freakazoid 02-13-2006 06:31 PM

Yea, i've played this map 2 years ago, even before it was hosted here. I never get bored of it.

Wonderfull Weed, :)

CastleOrange 02-14-2006 08:52 AM

Thanks for all the great comments! :emote_grin:

Shop location was something that caused a few problems, especially when you're wading through the jungle. I tried to implement a lot of "easy backtrack" shortcuts that should help in the latter half of the map. Unfortunately, the early areas are pretty precariously balanced and although I wanted to toss another shop in there somewhere, I couldn't find a good place to do so.

I've updated the file again with some (hopefully final) fixes and tweaks:

Update 2/14/06
  • Sinner's Blade (level two Dirty Blade for the Swashbuckler) now upgrades correctly
  • Ragpicker should no longer sell items through walls
  • Final Bosses have slightly increased Armor and HP Regeneration
  • Monsters in the final area have slightly more HP and give slightly more gold
  • The codes for the extra difficulty modes have been clarified
  • Slightly increased the sale value of some garden items (which can also be found on bosses)
  • Greatly increased the sale value of some of the rarer garden items (which are made through the garden only)
  • The Skyknight's Form of Wind ability should now always deal the intended damage
  • Slightly increased the range of the Skyknight's Wind Gate and the speed granted by his boots... send him on shop runs!
  • Clarified that the Feral Diabolist's Carrion Beast has 'pack mule' slots... send him to the Garden with raw materials!
  • Enabled the Carrion Beast to use the Garden... this bug has a green thumb (foreleg?)!
  • Cut the "Crumb" area out of the Bearport cycle to facilitate access to the important areas.
  • Fixed the Swashbuckler's Cunning Distraction ability to properly sleep his enemies.
  • Added an extra message to the second difficulty challenge... send me replays with your best completion times!

SlickR 02-15-2006 12:01 AM

very nice map, the map just looks awsome and the gameplay is very good also, they are few if i can call it bugs here and there but otherway its very good

Forsaken 02-17-2006 12:58 AM

Just played it Multiplayer..

great map...

though I was wondering.. is there a way to revive once your hero has died?

[forgot quote, but its something like; your soul is lost forever... unless..]

whats the unless????

CastleOrange 02-21-2006 09:13 PM

You need to get about 40% of the way into the map to find that, but it should be clear once you find it.

Tiki 02-22-2006 12:28 AM

I beat and dont remember?

Ally revive?

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