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[Death] 05-11-2006 11:16 PM

Weekly Terrain: Brainstorm
This thread is on-going and new ideas are welcomed at any time.

I compiled a list of some of the ideas from the previous brainstorm threads:

Hidden information:
  • Futuristic City
  • Undead City
  • Strip Club (no porn thanks)
  • Underwater Kingdom
  • Underground Volcanic Cavern
  • Destroyed World From Unknown Disaster a Thousand Years Later
  • Alien Landscape
  • Floating Sky Fortress Castle
  • Abstract Landscape
  • Abysmal Wasteland
  • A Nice German Pub (requires WH and Tim. somewhere)
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Draener Pre-Outland
  • Swamp
  • Tavern
  • Stadium/Coliseum
  • King's Great Hall
  • Battlefield After War
  • Mythologic Places
  • Goblin Refinery
  • Beneath the Ice
  • Holy/Dark Temples
  • Frozen Hell
  • Orc Internment Camp
  • Church
  • Earthquake
  • City After Earthquake
  • Dragon's Lair
  • Goblin City
  • Harbor City
  • Deserted Old-Western-Style Town
  • Flooded Village
  • Azjol'Nerub
  • Grand Canyon
  • Sewers
  • Gigantic Ruined City
  • The Garden of Eden
  • Atmosphere Terrain (mountains, fog obscured shapes)
  • Medusa's Lair
  • The Niagara Falls
  • Emerald Dream
  • Azshara's Temple and Palaces in her Undersea Capital, Queen of the Nagas
  • Pandaria
  • Draenei City
  • Fel Orc Fortress
  • Bay
  • Magic Forest (with giant trees)
  • Huge Lich King Fortress
  • God House/Garden
  • Mafia City
  • Sin City
  • A Hanging
  • Citadel
  • Costal/Desert Outpost
  • Laboratory
  • Main Base/Fortress/Castle/Whatever of some sort of army
  • Labyrinth (enormous maze)
  • Olympia (Greek-style mountain palace)
  • Knossos (complex, multi-leveled palace)
  • Vineyard
  • Mediteranian Style Farm
  • Plains of Twisted Reality


Originally Posted by Beam
Your suggestions will be used as topics for the WT if I like them. Topics don't have to be brand spankin' new or anything. Hell you can post the old "Human Village" topic if you want. I guarantee that there will be lots of common topics on the WT.

Now that that's been said, get to brainstorming. Give me a good topic before Sunday. Aaaannnddd... GO!

HernanG 05-11-2006 11:42 PM

Pandaria, Dranei city, fel orc fortress, bay, giant-trees magic forest, huge King lich fortress, god house or garden, mafia city, sin city O_0

Tim. 05-12-2006 12:24 AM

A hanging.

Blitzkreige 05-12-2006 01:29 AM

What about a citadel? A costal or desert outpost might be interesting too. Maybe a sewer system or some sort of labratory.

Mc ! 05-12-2006 01:32 AM

The main base, fortress, castle, whatever of some sort of army

Killer_Mushroom 05-12-2006 01:34 AM

Labrynth (enormous maze), Olympia (Greek-style mountain palace), Knossos (complex, multi-leveled palace.) Extravagant, I know.

More to come.

Gitlich 05-12-2006 03:28 PM

a vinyard or some kind of mediteranian style farm
(a bit less spectacular than most suggestions, but more practical for a one week period)

Destrhythmic 05-12-2006 08:11 PM

-The Plains of Twisted Reality, where time and space do not exist and E doesn't equeal mc^2...:emote_wtf:
-Surface of the moon with all of the craters and stuff, and you can even see the Earth in the sky...
-Area 51 - broken flying saucers, pickled aliens and men in black... Yeah, right :)
-A giant meteor crater surrounded by burned trees and busted rocks. Not very original but it would be cool :)
-A Warcraft version of a large existing city e.g. Paris - with the giant Arcane Eifel Tower, Moscow with the Blood Red Square and maybe even a statue of High Warlord Stalin :emote_eekani:
-The Core - The center of the earth... Or maybe a more original concept about it - a giant hamster wheel or some kind of demonic crypt...
-The capital city/town of the murlocs. Swampy... :P
-Well, here's a very strange one - the inside of the World Tree - a giant Wisp city or something. I would definitely want to see this. :emote_thumbup:
-The Purgatory. Creepy.:emote_bored:
-Santa's Workshop w/ the dwarves (or weren't they gnomes...:emote_eekani: ), Santa's Barn with all of the deers, Santa's summer house, Santa's backyard... In one word: THE NORTH POLE. Brrrrr

I could think of more but that should be enough for the moment. Good luck!

harel 05-12-2006 09:54 PM

A desert canyon something like Grand Canyon or Judea canyon, maybe with a ruins of an ancient citadel (like Masada).

HernanG 05-12-2006 11:23 PM

Fire legion fortress, Naga capital city, Kobold undercity,

Tim. 05-13-2006 11:32 PM

Warcraft Golf!

GoblinPornstar 05-13-2006 11:37 PM

Villian Hideout, A giant hive, Dragon Lair, Prison, Quillboar city, Goblin Laboratory.

Turkey_Slayer 05-14-2006 12:12 AM

The Batcave.

Mc ! 05-18-2006 12:06 AM

hmm... an elemental temple

Killer_Mushroom 05-18-2006 01:46 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Abstract world - nothing makes sense.

Includes inspirational screenshot.

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