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PitzerMike 03-30-2005 02:08 PM

I'm proud to finally announce the release of the Widgetizer.
You can download the latest compile ( at http://www.wc3campaigns.net/showthread.php?t=79231 (1.3 MB)
It comes with the latest 1.21 source files of the english version. The readme explains how to use it with other versions or other languages.

A command line version of it is included in the above download.

Usage: BatWitgetizer <inputmap.w3x> [customconfigfile.ini]

Introduction to the hidden, advanced features of the Widgetizer:

For those who don't know what the tool is supposed to do:

It converts the object data files in Warcraft maps to SLK tables and TXT files. Additionally the WTS strings of the map are internalized. This will result in a remarkable decrease of loading time (on maps with many customized objects).

Simply unrar all files to a folder and start the tool. To find out how to use the Widgetizer please read the readme.

If you are missing a dll or the VB 6 runtime files, you can get the runtime pack at http://www.wc3campaigns.net/tools/weu/RuntimeFiles.exe


- Fixed a problem with wrong default values for unchanged ability data introduced in a recent update
- Fixed a tooltip problem introduced in a recent update
- Fixed a problem with Names that originally contained commas
- Fixed a problem with slk strings starting with - which could cause crashes and not loaded models
- Fixed a bug where objects used in triggers had a chance to get erased
- Fixed a problem with multilevel tooltips


- Level 4 data is not put into the SLK anymore because that might screw up higher levels of the ability
This is because the level 4 columns in the SLK represent the default values for higher levels
- However if the ability has no more than 4 levels, level 4 can and will be put into the SLK
- Found a list of abilities that cannot be put into the SLK because they would get broken
Such abilities now stay in the w3a file as a whole (the most important is Command Aura)
- Made it so that all levels of profile data are externalized to the TXT file
This means that CustomKeys.txt files can be used to completely translate maps
However it also means that " characters are replaced with single quotes in strings
- Fixed a problem where profile data of base abilities had a chance to get lost


- Fixed trouble with linebreaks in interface strings
- Fixed a problem where buffs could be erased although they were needed
- Added detailed instructions and a tool to obtain the proper input files
- Fixed a bug in the w3i parser that could cause a out of memory exception
- Cooldown group references are not followed any more
- Fixed problem with resolving references for abilities with less than 4 levels
- Added reference tracing option to help resolve the reason why objects do net get cleaned


- Fixed purple boxes problem (for destructables and doodads mainly)


- Fixed a runtime error with the Clean TXT/SLK File option-
- Now supports natural linebreaks in strings in additoin to |n
- Fixed a problem with reasearches on the Temple of the Damned unit
- Hopefully fixed a problem with certain doodads showing up as checkered boxes in the game


- Fixed a bug where tech requirements were sometimes overlooked when scanning for referenced objects to keep
- Now using 1.20 input files
- Fixed problems with game interface and gameplay constants conversion


- In the INI file you can now exclude certain object ids and change ids from the conversion
- Added capability of converting game interface and gameplay constants data
- Added capability of replacing the ids of changed objects
- Added capability of keeping comments in the resulting files
- Fixed a problem with CustomKeys.txt files
- Fixed a problem that changed the experience gain rate of certain heros
- Fixed a problem with ability levels of 4 and above
- Fixed a problem that removed certain required buffs
- Changed the default dataset to to Custom_V1 dataset


- Added an option to keep objects referenced with triggers
- Made the remove unused objects checkboxes independent of the other settings


- Added seperate options to remove unused objects for each object type
- Fixed a bug that caused upgrade requirements for level 2 or higher to disappear
- Fixed a bug that caused extended tooltips for abilities and upgrades with more than one level to get
screwed up sometimes
- Fixed a bug that screwed up tinting colors of doodads with more than one variation


- Fixed a problem with inherited ability values that caused ability levels of 5 and higher to get
screwed up
- Incresed the hashtable sizes so it won't fail on maps with a large number of objects
- Added the HashtableSizes entry to the ini file to make the hashtable sizes customizable

Have Fun!

Ryude 03-30-2005 02:59 PM

HURRAY, Greatest Tool in History besides Lord Vexorian's tool that is :-P

Panto 03-30-2005 07:28 PM

This is the biggest boon to sophisticated maps and mods since the release of TFT.

Taur 03-30-2005 07:57 PM

is this compatible, with the other such tools, such as vex's and those other smaller tools, such as the WTS inliner

PitzerMike 03-30-2005 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by darkhorde
is this compatible, with the other such tools, such as vex's and those other smaller tools, such as the WTS inliner

Yes they are compatible. Although the WTS inliner won't be needed, as the Widgetizer also offers an option to inline wts strings.

Regarding Lord Vexorian's optimizer: I recommend you to first run the Widgetizer on your map, and then use his optimizer afterwards. Should give you better results.

Strategy Master 03-30-2005 08:55 PM

At last. The masterpeice is revealed

great work PitzerMike

escpy 03-30-2005 10:26 PM

good tool .. good job

Ryude 03-31-2005 06:01 AM

Can we expect better SLK optimization next version?

PitzerMike 03-31-2005 06:42 AM


Originally Posted by Ryude
Can we expect better SLK optimization next version?

How should the SLK optimization be better?

Ryude 03-31-2005 07:00 AM

You can reduce alot more filesize by deleting unused fields.

For example, almost all of the abilities have X23;K" ", or " - ", or something that is not used.

You can just delete the field entirely and it will work fine.

Edit: Lord Vexorian's crashes after using Widgetizer by the way.

PitzerMike 03-31-2005 07:22 AM

can't find K" " anywhere

but you're right that there's often K" - " but you'd be surprised how it fucks up certain spells if you don't place those hyphens

Ryude 03-31-2005 07:26 AM

If you want to look at one of my SLK files, I have optimized many of the standard abilities and you can see what to remove and what not to.

Also, Sometimes this messes up buffs, doodads, destructibles, units, and items.

Abilities seem to come out fine though. The strings are sometimes removed completely from some entries.

Edit: Also, Widgetizer messes up some triggers, blanks buff models, destructible models, and replaces some buff icons

I hope you do not take anything I have said offensive. I am trying to help you find bugs and improve the tool. At the moment, I cannot use this tool because it has too many problems.



Archael 03-31-2005 07:52 AM

This is a great tool, and the potential behind it is awesome. However, I have some comments that might help you improve it. I don't know WHY these errors occur, but they did.

I checked units, doodads, and destructibles, and ran the program.

All doodads with custom models turned into a big green box, IE their model got scrambled or blanked. Most destructibles, notably bridges, doors, and destructibles with custom models turned into boxes too. Some buffs got their icons turned into the Sammy! Shovelere.blp as well as had their tooltip's blanked. This left me unable to widgetize doodads, destructibles, and buffs.

Abilities are FINE, and you did a great job optimizing those, abilities Widgetized alone helps the map alot. They could be even smaller though, like posted above.

Additionally, any and all attempts to use Lord Vexorian's 2.7 after Widgetizing caused Lord Vexorian's to crash while it was working.

Using the Widgetizer AFTER running Lord Vexorian's works, but causes even more problems.

Note that I am aware that the usefulness of your tool SHOULD NEVER be measured on how compatible it is with Lord Vexorian's Optimizer, since your Widgetizer is a separate tool, but I am just pointing these things out, as I know less sensitive people won't care and will just put it down the moment Lord Vexorian's doesn't work on it.

Honestly, this program is the awenser to ALL problems in ANY custom map. This will easily be the best program ever made for wc3 maps, once it's in working order.

With just abilities, units, and destructibles (despite the bugs) it reduced load-time on Megalith (a mid-load time map) to about 5 seconds. That's amazing in my opinion.

PitzerMike 03-31-2005 10:28 AM

Thanks, these problems shouldn't take long to fix. I'm sure Vex will also look into it.

I'll be greatful if you could upload the maps where you find problems and explain them in short, will help me a lot to eliminate bugs. Also tell me which options you checked.
Creating maps only to reproduce bugs unfortunately takes so much time :/

@Ryde: If "-" is safe to be removed I'll add this optimization. Maybe I was wrong and it was removing "_" that crashed the game, or maybe the problem has been fixed in one of the later patches.

Ryude 03-31-2005 11:09 AM

If you need any unprotected maps that produced these bugs we can send them to you.

Don't forget pitzer that you can use invu and vuln instead of the full invulnerable and vulnerable. That alone will save 10kb over the course of about 50 abilities.

Edit: I'm not sure why, but I only use 83 fields and you use 95. I am wondering which one is wrong, probably mine. But mine works fine so I don't know -_-

I am making a website, and I wanted to know if I could host your tool on my site. I also would like to host vexorian's tool.

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