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Fledermaus 02-18-2013 02:58 AM

When making some spells for my map, I discovered that I needed to create my own lightning, I looked around wc3c but couldn't find any released resources. I made my own one which just connected lightning between units as I didn't really need anything else. I then looked deeper in wc3c and found Kueken's abandoned AdvLightning thread. I liked the idea of making a proper library to deal with lightning so I did. Then Anitarf bullied me until I made it use struct syntax. And here we are.

  • ARGB, by Vexorian (optional)

Expand Library:

Change Log

v1.00: System resubmitted after a vast overhaul.
v1.01: Added the option to ignore the z height of terrain with attachToPoint.
v1.02: Added releaseDelay, constants for start and end point/unit for attaching, and getter and setter methods for ARGB colours.

Anitarf 02-18-2013 10:22 AM

So, this already got approved once during the past year but then got lost in the crash, so let me approve it again. It's a neat library that adds very useful features to lightnings such as attaching them to units and updating their visibility. Good job.

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