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Zoxc 02-02-2006 11:20 PM

2 Attachment(s)
JassCraft 1.1.3
Here is official release of JassCraft. (Also know under the codename NewJazz or Jass Shop Pro 2). This version was made out of the Mystix text editor. Means that all features might not be added. Also try the different highlight styles. I recommend Heaven's Blade and Black March. Remember that I'm still working on this so if you miss something from Jass Shop Pro or have a suggestion/bug report please post below. From 1.1 JassCraft has .mdl editing support.

Known bugs Missing JSP Things
- MPQ Explorer (All of it)
- Editing a line then folding it and undo.
- Highlight creation in options is bugged.
- Highlight () pairs.
- Open war3map.j when trying to open a map.
Upcomming Additions Thanks to
- Code Folding (Better functionality)
- #define C++ like function
- Test Map
- Guess what function/var/const you are writing
- List search result
- eGust, Used some of his code from Jass Shop Pro
- Piotr Jura, Based on his Mystix
- Blade.dk, Testing and highlighter maker
- Nantuko_Husk, Testing, highlighter maker and additional coder
- ShadowFlare, MPQ Library
- Rudi Cilibrasi, PJass

Version History:
JassCraft 1.1.3 JassCraft 1.1.2
- Fixed a fatal bug with themes on
- Fixed PJASS lauching method.
- Added new PJASS version (Thanks to
- Made copying work global.
- Added filters.
- Made 'globals' indenting work.
- Fixed .mdl highlight.
JassCraft 1.1.1 JassCraft 1.1 JassCraft 1.0.3
- Made function tip use highlighter colors.
- Fixed bug with file opening.
- Scripting system added (Used as templates)
- Assign JassCraft to open files option.
- MDL editing support.
- Fixed auto indent bug.
- Fixed bug with Document Explorer
- Fixed bug with load from Trigger Editor.
- Fixed major Native List bug.
- Added a layout chooser.
- Added some code folding (Beta)
- Added Vexorian's Caster System.
JassCraft 1.0.2 JassCraft 1.0.1 JassCraft 1.0
- Fixed minor bugs
- Added a compact mode (To replace
Vexorian's Mode)
- Improved overall speed with 60%
- Change document type added.
- Show/Hide Code View
- Fixed Native List bug
- Makes you able to jump to error's line

- First release

Blade.dk 02-03-2006 06:01 PM

This editor is wonderful, and it will become even better when you the upcoming additions becomes reality.

If possible, please make an option that closes all windows (mpq explorer, document explorer, function list etc.) and resizes the window down to a small size (like in v1.00). Also, an option to reopen those windows and maximizing the window's size would be nice.

Daminon 02-03-2006 06:21 PM

Ah finnaly. This is a superb work. Many thanks to you.

A little suggestion, how about highlighting natives or functions with argument missed or missplaced so you can quickly see if you have typed a native or function wrong.

Zoxc 02-04-2006 01:41 PM

*Updated*. Now the program works much faster :)

Daminon 02-04-2006 10:19 PM

Ah. I was sitting half an hour just configurating the high lighting. :D

Zoxc 02-04-2006 10:57 PM

Please send me it if it looks good :)

Daminon 02-05-2006 07:43 PM

Hm? How to do that?

I miss the template quick commands.

Blade.dk 02-05-2006 07:46 PM

Send him the Settings.ini file.

Daminon 02-05-2006 07:52 PM

I see. I'm not sure I finnished with it yet. ;)

emjlr3 02-06-2006 04:29 PM

createunitbyname and createunitatloc are backwards

as are some of the issuepointorders

Zoxc 02-06-2006 04:46 PM

There is a "little" mixup there. Fixing it with 1.0.3.

*UPDATE* 1.0.3

ragingspeedhorn 02-06-2006 10:19 PM

I'm not much of a JASS'er myself but I must give it to ya, your tool pwns Zoxc :p

Nantuko Husk 02-07-2006 02:02 PM

Now , I can say that I will use this instead of JSP :emote_thumbup2:

btw , Whitehorn will be very happe once he sees the folding :emote_grin: , I belive time to add mdl support.

Korolen 02-12-2006 06:27 PM

If you'r not using VB or something, could you compile if for Mac? It's a pain in the ass to use it through Virtual PC.

eGust 02-12-2006 11:35 PM

need clx and Kylix

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