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Karawasa 04-03-2006 02:50 AM

(12) Tropical Tag
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Map Overview:

A revolutionary tag game that seeks to set a new standard for the genre. Tropical Tag adds many new dynamics not found in any other tags and eliminates a plethora of problems found in almost all others. This map has been worked on extensively by a number of people since November 2005. Tropical Tag is a variation of Sheep Tag where the basic hunters kill prey concept is maintained. The improvements exist in the variety of things that the Fish and Naga are able to do or build. The different environments, game modes, and reduction of gameplay mechanic abuse makes Tropical Tag more complex then Sheep Tag and allows it to keep its lasting appeal.


- Pick from one of six Fish or four Naga.
- Each custom unit has their own unique abilities and characteristics.
- Multiple game modes: Jail, Deathmatch, Short, and Coin mode offer replayability
- 4 Jails exist to prevent jail camping.
- A beautiful terrain enhances the gameplay experience. This includes custom fog, water color, ambient sounds, shadows, critters, and random weather.
- No memory leaks, this map will not build up lag as you play.
- JASS enhanced spells add to the uniqueness of abilities.
- A plethora of common Tag problems fixed. This includes boring hunters, abusable farm locations, lack of lasting appeal, jail camping, and many others.
- A very polished map. You will not find tooltip errors, hotkey conflicts, improper icons, or unprofessionalism here.
- The game has gone through several months of balancing and at this point is mostly balanced.
- A large tech tree for Fish buildings. With extensive upgrades for a variety of base farms, you have several different paths you can take when building.
- The Fish have access to many different items via a buildable item shop which yields yet another element to Fish gameplay.
- The Naga also have access to their own item shop. Unlike other tags, the items available to the Naga are quite fun (Blink, Fish Hook, Stasis Traps etc.)
- There is now a greater importance to dying/saving for Fish which has been influenced by punishment and rewards.
- Hints and detailed tooltips allow new players to pick up the game quickly.
- Has been updated since November 2005. Future updates will only exist if major issues are reported.


- Thanks to shadowdestroyer for balance help and continuing the map with version 4.0. Thanks to Rising_Dusk for helping SD with the patch 1.24 repairs.
- Thanks to Tarano for quality initial trigger work and helping us get this project off the ground.
- Thanks to Jimpy for amazing terrain work. This map could not have gotten nearly this far without you.
- Thanks to emjlr3 for a lot of trigger help. A good deal of things in this map wouldn't be here or be as good without your help.
- Thanks to the members of TheHelper.net for providing feedback and various help throughout the map update process.
- Thanks to Wc3Campaigns.net for their continued support and hosting our project

4.12 Change Log

- Banks reworked. Limit of 4 banks total.
- Experience reworked. Killing a fish gives 50 experience. Killing a building gives (Max health / 20).
- Mana burn tower now deals 2x the mana burned in additional damage, and burns 4/6/8 mana.
- Stun tower is now less annoying and disables the target rather than stuns them. The target is silenced and receives 50% reduced physical damage.
- The jail teleporter is now used in all modes
- Players have a slightly faster innate gold per second gain.

4.11 Change Log

- When players revive in deathmatch, they are properly no longer alerted to the enemy.
- Stasis wards now alert the enemy; limit reverted to 4.
- Fish gold loss on death changed (66% of everything over 500g)
- Other bug fixes and exploits fixed

4.1 Change Log

- Stasis Wards will now purge instead of stun. They also now have a 100 cast range, down from 500.
- Changed damage of singularity to 25/40/50 per second and duration to 4/5/6
- Changed cast range on icy waves from 750/750/750 to 600/700/800
- Fixes for reported bugs
- Lowered cooldown on crusher ultimate back to 15, but casting it again remove the previous wall.
- Slightly lower bash stun and increase tower attack speed.
- Fixed spirit upgrade.
- Added an ability to replace sleep: Soul Burn.
- Increased turtle jump teleport delay to 2.5 from 1.75. In addition, the speed buff has been lowered to 12.5 from 15.
- Changed start spawn position system. Multiple players should not spawn at the same location.
- Changed temporal phase, the hero no longer tries to go around walls.
- Changed juke for easier use by new players. Juke is now a second Divine shield.
- Made the scroll wheel not override the camera
- Murloc now properly has unreduced vision at night
- Murloc daylight dash is now usable only at night and is replacing the previous fade ability. In addition, disruption slow has been reduced to 60% from 75% and night move speed bonus reduced to 33% from 40%.
- Dive now allows a submerged sea dragon to move slowly underwater for 20 seconds. The sea dragon now has 65 mana, but diving and using undermine costs 45 mana.
- Overpowering waves damage has been more normalized. Base damage is now 32/64/96 and echo damage is now 2/4/6. This allows the 3rd rank of the ability to now kill level 1 buildings, but also requires more buildings to be present to kill higher level buildings.
- Improved hotkey layout
- Illusions are now always the same player color as the player they are mimicing.
- Naga may now have 6 sentry wards.
- Fish now have a "Rescue Fish" ability with a 6 second cooldown and 200 range. Fish can no longer attack allied wisps.
- Naga are no longer alerted to a respawning fishs' location.
- Toss Trident now has a larger AoE, but the missile moves more slowly.
- Tons of tooltip improvements.

4.0 Change Log

- The game has been updated for patch 1.24
- The default view is zoomed out; Naga can now use cameras.
- There are now 4 jails. Jails are activated based on the number of naga.
- In jail mode, naga can now use their teleporter to teleport to jails instead of allies. A 4 second cast time is involved. Deathmatch retains the old teleporter.
- Deathmatch has been reworked; more players on either team equal more lives for fish
- Many polish improvements; icons now have passive versions; kill sounds are more appropriate and professional
- Spirits no longer have sleep
- Major changes to terrain for the new jail system
- Buying a disallowed item will now also refund gold
- Stasis trap limit has been increased to 4 from 2
- Orbital vortex now pulls roughly 50% stronger
- Abilities with a 60/45/30 cooldown have been made 60/40/20
- Sea Witch's teleport has been buffed
- Fixed a respawn exploit
- Healing fire has returned to the jails
- Temporal Phase duration is now static at 2 seconds. Mana cost 50 at all levels from 25/50/75
- Ice Wall duration increased to 45 from 15, range decreased to 750 from 1200, mana cost increased to 150 from 75. You can now have a wall out permanently, if you have the mana to sustain it.
- Fixed a mac related initialization crash for pre-patch 1.24 (This will allow the game to work if Blizzard ever fixes the Mac client)
- The first naga player now picks the game type with a dialog. Before, the host detection system was used in combination with typed commands.

Tim. 04-05-2006 05:39 PM

All posts prior to 4-8-06 have been removed.

Karawasa 04-08-2006 08:58 AM

Version 2.3 Released.


-Fixed Naga Tracer
-Fixed endgame cleanup (Really working this time!)
-Redesigned all base Fish structures!
-Added hotkeys to Auras and Attack structures, moved icons
-Rebalanced gold to 16/12/8/4
-Balanced Wards/Stasis with Mana Cost addition
-Flare gun buffed
-Minigame added for Naga
-Fixed wisp collision
-Removed volcano
-Credits updated
-Lvl 3/4 gold farms reworked to promote smarter gameplay

I hope you guys like it!

GaDDeN 04-08-2006 11:21 AM

This version is much nicer. There are still some things i'd like to see added / fixed, but this works too.


iNfraNe 04-08-2006 02:35 PM

Again, approved.

Tim. 04-08-2006 02:38 PM

Last but not least, approved. Nice work.

All posts prior to 4-8-06 have been removed.

GaDDeN 04-08-2006 04:25 PM

Ye nice work, gratz :)

Turkey_Slayer 04-08-2006 05:33 PM

Tell me Tim, what happened to all posts prior to 4-8-06?

Karawasa 04-08-2006 05:36 PM

Thanks a lot guys! I am glad you all approve of the map.

emjlr3 04-09-2006 02:41 AM

WOOT, gj all, now if we can just get this played a bit more, then that would be good... :)

Karawasa 04-09-2006 06:54 AM

Thanks emjlr3. It definetly would be nice to get this spread around.

Metal_Sonic64 04-09-2006 11:23 AM

I played it, and yes, it was quite fun. But it seems that it's not appearing as a new map on the homepage...

Tim. 04-09-2006 12:53 PM

Odd, and now it shows up twice :S

GaDDeN 04-09-2006 05:01 PM

Probably has something to do with the thread cleaning?

Tim. 04-09-2006 05:07 PM

Not sure buit I let Vex know already.

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