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Shade_Knight 06-21-2006 05:04 PM

I found the level 10 cap to be somewhat annoying as it was reached rather quickly. I played from The volcano (after doing drakehorn first) at lvl 10, thinking it was a bug.

Prehaps a rebalance in Xp gain, lvl cap and max hero level?

Also (Im assuming) that the archacnid cave is the end of Act 1.

Can you please tell people this? ><

If not, then i believe im stuck, my heroes simply turn invulnerable and stand there...

This is one of the best works I've seen though, the lore is perfect ^_^

The icing on the cake would be to add the voices!


Juliano 06-22-2006 12:50 AM

Captain Picard I have a question!!!!

I was playing for hours, when I needed to travel to Drakehorn Summit to enter a arachnid passage, when I step in front of the cave....

My heros becomed invulnerable just like with divine shield.....

I'm bored, they did'nt move!!!

I lost the control of them!!!!!

Could you tell me what to do? Quickly please, It's over 2 days playing, my heros are very powerfull, dealing base 100 damage with many combined itens!!!

I don't want to lose them now...

Plz tell me soon

CaptainPicard 06-22-2006 05:19 AM

That should be the end of Act I. I'll test it just to see, but while I'm at it perhaps you could run through and put all your heroes in that spot. That SHOULD trigger either then end of the map automatically or (if they're turned on) a cinematic that will complete Act I.

Sorry you're running into this--but you may not be the only one. I've played it all the way through and tested this particular feature many times, but I suppose it's possible that I screwed something up in one of my latest fixes...

EDIT: Oh, man... I can't believe I did that. I was fiddling with that finale trigger, because when the heroes turn invulnerable I wanted to make sure that you could still see them properly. But I introduced a bug that you and Shade_Knight have both run into now. There's no way around it in this case, but I can offer the following:

I've now made and tested a cheat in version 40 that will allow you to start a new game, proceed directly to Drakehorn Summit (engage cinematics once you're there by typing "play cinematic" !!) and then type "end it now" or "I won damn it" to see the final cinematic.

There was some caching stuff going on in the Act I script, but what I'll do in Act II is make it so that you can start with "Standard" heroes or enter an honor system of dialog boxes to check off which quests you completed in Act I, for those who don't want to slog through it all again.

EDIT: OK, the UCSD site is updated. I'll let Tim. know to update the official link. Thanks again to Shade_Knight and Juliano for catching this! I hope all will understand: when I'm making minor changes, I don't always have time to play through hours of normal gameplay to ensure that they're in perfect order. But it seems that, with the playing that's been done already, there aren't any other significant bugs.

Juliano 06-22-2006 04:23 PM

OK thanks....

About your map:

-Very nice enviroments and doddads that make the game much better.
-Yur quest are really nice, the volcano and the bosses.
-Is a little hard to kill the two dreadlords at drakehorn summit, but at two heros lvl 6 and 7 with few hunters or wolf riders It's not too hard.
-Nice cinematic at Ehl'Brun caldera(i think it's the correct name) when Par tells the hystory to Aria.
-Loading Screens Nicely done heheh:emote_cool:

Well it's all I have to say I'm new here and your map campaign is the best I dowloaded and played:emote_thumbup2:

OBS: Sorry if bad english...it's not my 1st language.

Tim. 06-22-2006 09:31 PM

Link updated.

Juliano 06-23-2006 01:23 AM

Captain Picard....

When will be released another act(2)?

What will happen to the heros habilities?Any changes?

To what I can use the aznuse(ahhh that demon woman) purple jewells I found in the wilderness?

What the Wendigo Ring does after collecting their pieces, and how many are the pieces?


CaptainPicard 06-23-2006 05:12 AM

Hi Juliano,

Glad you got everything to finally work out OK.

As for Act II, I'm starting the storyline over on antoher thread (I'll be doing that over the next few days). But, I have no idea when I'll be able to make and release Act II. :emote_sad:

The abilities your heroes began with will carry over to Act II (at the minimum, your heroes will start Act II at Lvl 10 and there will be a dialog where you can reclaim lost quests, so even if you start into the story at Act II you should be fine). Since I'm getting better with trigger-boosting effects and starting to learn straight JASS, I'll be making a number of custom abilities and step-by-step evolving the abilities of Aria, Lan'I, Nav'Handras and Val'Maris. You'll also get to play as "the other guys" for parts of Act II (I'm planning a somewhat more linear gameplay and a segmented storyline, flipping back and forth between the heroes, the rest of the Norj'Hal, and the bad guys. You'll get to play as Aszune. She's gonna kick @$$, but she may be losing power steadily until she gets her heart back.

The Starlets of Ezune: there are four of them, all in the big center map. There are also four Wendigo eyes, all in Ehl'Brun. About the Starlets, remember the Norj'Hal were brought up worshipping Aszune as the incarnation of Elune, which they melded into this deity "Ezune." Their elders led them to believe that Aszune was a departed deity so that they wouldn't learn what she was planning to do to them, and thus not be tempted to carry out her final plans by themselves. Obviously, the Bahr'Tan elders were betting on Aszune never returning. That way, Act I, "Twilight in Noj'Hajahnah" segways nicely into Act II, "The Dark Night of Ezune." And so the Norj'Hal historical parchments (not the same as the Bahr'Tan scrolls--you'll see) say "they vanished in one long, dark night."

Juliano 06-23-2006 08:30 PM

Very well... I'll wait much time you need to play the act II:emote_thumbup2:

I loved this campaign!!:emote_cool:

A question:
How is the name of the new city on the Act II?:emote_confused:

Your campaign very nice guy!!Only the bad thing is the names, they're too much complicated hehehe, but still good.

Awaiting Act II.:emote_thumbup: :emote_thumbup: :emote_thumbup:

Shade_Knight 06-25-2006 10:01 AM

I have only one problem with this campaign,

I need more ><

Wishing you the swiftest luck with Act 2 :)

CaptainPicard 06-28-2006 09:11 AM

Hey again Juliano,

There will be several cities in Act II; the first is Dajh'Onnar, the Norj'Hal capital mentioned in Act I (when Lan'Inthas is discussing his concern for Csaal'Kahn early in the game). The second is Tuhl'Pahjar, a Nerubian fortress (the name is actually Elven; the Norj'Hal aren't very good at pronouncing Nerubian words). There may be a third defined "city" that will be neither elven nor Nerubian but I have yet to name it.
Would you be interested in being a voice actor? Your Brazilian accent may come in handy--I'm sure I could work you in, perhaps even as one of the elves! You mentioned that the names come fast and are hard to sound out, but I'll provide phonetic spellings to help you.


Anvilsmith 06-28-2006 04:46 PM

Found some bugs for ya while playing... Not sure which version I'm using, so part of them have probably been fixed already.

-When a building's inventory contains empty vials, spirit essences still spawn from corpses, even though my heroes and mercs have no empty vials with them. Picking up the essence automatically imbues the vial, even if it happens to be on the other end of the map.

-Early in the game, I took a golem's essence with the empty vial received from the Chin'Zon king. Later on, after I half-completed the bow quest, the quest menu still claimed that I needed to capture a golem's essence. I had no idea I was supposed to take a dragon's essence as well, but when I did, and fully upraded the bow, this issue was resolved.

-Ghouls can cannibalize the "bodies" of dead spirits. Protoplasm, yummy!
And frankly, I suspect these corpses can be seen without any invisibility detection method, which suggests they aren't really appropriate.

-One of the first cursed wendigos I met was treated as hostle; my troops killed him well before I even got to figure out I ought to have kept him alive.

-The healing wave that cures them appears to be bugged; sometimes, it cures only some of the wendigos it touches, or none at all; they seem to pass the curse back to each other when attacking, which is really inconvenient - at one time, two wendigos switched back to their cursed status several minutes after I healed them, while I was off-screen (this caused the healed wendigo count to fall, which is how I learned of it).

I hope the player can still access all of the four wendigo eyes, even if he killed a wendigo or two. I've looked through the whole damn map, finding the one near the bottom and the two east of the caldera, but the last one still eludes me.

-In the Northwest corner of the crater's map, after I killed the revenant that spawned during a starfall, several smaller revenants appeared, belonging to "player 2". It made no difference technically, as player 2 was hostile and provided just as much XP, but it did feel a bit... Out of character.

-Destroyers (the undead flying monstrosities) are not only immune to magic, but also to the upgradeable bow. By contrast, the frost golems aren't immune to anything (which is a blessing, really, as it makes the fight with Pantemon and Talphirrius slightly more tolerable)

-speaking of which, nova seems to work on catapults, whereas shackles and the firebolt spell don't. Perhaps this was intentional, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

-The two demons at the top of Drakehorn Summit can gain experience and level up. This, together with the fact that they respawn almost instantly unless I kill both of them at once, feels like a real slap in the face...

-Characters still burn a bit when standing on certain patches of lava, even while they wear mithril boots. Also, I could only find two pairs of boots... Shouldn't there be three?

-After experimenting a bit, I found none of the three crown jewels could merge with the mana-replenishing amulet, and only one of them could bind with the healing one. While this isn't really a bug, I wish more leeway were given, and I really hope you'll provide actual item combination lists in Act II.

And, by the way, you really ought to set aside some time for beta testing. The truth is, some of the heroes' abilities were woefully unbalanced (the demon hunter's summoning spell and drunken brawler variant outrank his other two abilities by far), and mercenaries still felt feeble in comparison to artefacts. I noticed an enormous difference between heroes brandishing upgraded artefacts and those who relied solely on their skills, the latter getting whacked quite easily, particularly in the latter stages of the siege of the Dead City... Until I ditched my mercenaries and stuffed my pockets with high-end artefacts, every fight was an ordeal.

Like everyone else, I loved the cinematic at the crater, though it did leave me bit confused... Didn't Azshara and her minions willingly depart from Kalimdor, as was pressented in one of the cinematics in the night elven campaign of TFT?

Oh, and since I'm eager to tidy up with Act I... Could you please mention roughly where the starlets are located? I'd like to collect them all, just for the sake of completeness.

Juliano 06-28-2006 10:12 PM

A voice actor?Me?

Well I think I speak english well but some words.... I don't understand....

If you help me with some things I'll think about it....

But I don't know how I'll start doing this..I don't know too much about song editor... but I maybe can use Windows Media Player.....lol I don't know...

Well, I'll wait to see what you mean.:emote_thumbup2:

TheCrimsonKing 07-03-2006 06:00 PM

First off, I would Approve your game if need be. Excellent gameplay, solid storyline; everything was marvelous. I found the creep respawn only annoying when I had to ferry the evacuees to the boats, but I found a way to get around that, fortunately. I will also be later sending you a message about voice acting. :emote_thumbup2:

CaptainPicard 07-10-2006 05:25 PM

CrimsonKing--still awaiting your reply vis-a-vis voice acting.

Tim.--any possibility of this project being hosted as I develop Act II? It might make it easier for me to get voice actors. I'll submit the application tonight.

Crystal OGB 08-04-2006 10:22 PM

Pretty much want to echo what everyone else said- very good campaign and I've enjoyed it a lot so far. I've had a couple of problems, though. I've finished the first two major quests, Caldera and Drakehorn, and no have no required quests showing up on the menu. I've run all around the main map, talking to the yellow guys, killing the orcs, etc. trying to find the next quest, but nothing's coming up. How do I keep going?

On my first trot up Drakehorn, the demons killed me and I hadn't reset the staff, so I had to start over from the beginning. Well, I got ambushed by about 12 dragons near that fountain of health and didn't have any support troops still, so I turned on whosyourdaddy, killed the dragons, and then a few seconds later it told me the demons were dead and the quest was done. Not sure what happened there- maybe the friendly dragons got them?

Maybe I'm just stupid, but I can't figure out how to get up on that cliff to free the last group of hostages. Is there someway to get Blink that I just don't know about?

Creep respawning is also too rapid, and there are too many of them. I don't want to wade through creeps for 15 minutes to get to where I'm supposed to go.

CaptainPicard 08-04-2006 11:46 PM

Hey Crystal,

Not sure what quests you're talking about. Did the quest about "Slay Lord Diliphus" get done when you got ambushed by the dragons? I think this MUST be what everyone is talking about when they complain about "getting ambushed by twelve dragons." Were the dragons invisible, black and green? If that's the case, that Lord Diliphus and his entourage of phantom Drakes. Yes, there's lots of 'em. But, pick away at 'em, watch the locator on your minimap to keep track of the squadron, and then make sure to chase down Lord Diliphus if he gets weak and tries to escape (Burning Shackles, Firebolt, and the Bow of Pad'Juun are very useful here).

I don't see how the main quest could have been completed, and I'm very surprised if your quest menu didn't transfer as it's supposed to. When you say it told you that the demons were dead and the quest was done, did your troops get moved to the beginning of the map? Did a cinematic (or skipped cinematic) occur?

If creep spawning is too rapid, you can set that up to 4x slower at the start of the game.

As for the last group of hostages (oh, that would be why you don't have the Bow of Pad'Juun or one of the items of Ezune) look around the treeline at the very beginning of the game.

(EDIT) Rereading your comments, now I see where you're stuck. In the main map, there SHOULD be an orange indicator flashing now and then (I didn't explicitly state this, and should have, but the required missions are given in orange titles and orange minimap pings, whereas optional quests are in purple). But, proceed to the gates of the Dead City of Whar'Ten on the WEST side of the main map. Walk up to the gates, listen to the text. There should have been a message from Nav'Handras when you first retruned to Majh'Nam from the other two quests suggesting that you visit Whar'Ten anyway. But, then you'll need to find the way into Whar'Ten. You should get a hint and then an orange ping to the Southeast of the yellow guys guarding the pass to Gahl'Dun. You'll find a lady at the orange cabin and she'll help you. You're probably about halfway done if you've gotten this far, killing the Dreadlords and the Eredar Xan'Timus.

Juliano 08-05-2006 03:25 AM

Well, I completed the campaign long time ago...but I have one question:

-How many boots of mithrl to protect from the lava I can find?I found only one in a ogre lord, and I took much time to kill Xan'Timus at the volcano...can you say where are another?Only to knowledge...

Crystal OGB 08-05-2006 03:33 PM

Going to the west worked, thanks. There wasn't an orange ping on my screen, so that's why I couldn't find it. The "dragon ambush" was near the fountain of life near the middle of the map. I went back and used "iseedeadpeople" and counted 7 dragons that spawn there normally, then there was a small pocket off to the side that must have joined the fight. That's pretty tough for level 4-ish heroes. After I turned on "whosyourdaddy" and wiped out those dragons, I got a cinematic saying, "Well, if that's the best they have, this shouldn't be too tough..." and the quest was done.

The other pair of boots was in a troll hut south of the caldera. Now if I could only find that last Wendigo eye...

CaptainPicard 08-06-2006 03:23 AM

Whoa! I don't know how you could have managed to trigger the final cinematic for the Drakehorn level like you described. I'll take a look when I have time.

Crystal OGB 08-07-2006 03:38 AM

Finished it today. Awesome job.

willem 08-10-2006 08:02 AM

great stuff
hi there

iver read the thread and am looking forward to playing this custom campaign. Im really glad i came across this site and i think it is great you all spend your time and effort on making these custom campaigns, thanks!

I really think it is quite impressive that individuals are doing this whereas blizzard of course has extensive teams for designing, testing and so on.

a big thumbs up!:emote_thumbup:

Rui 08-11-2006 10:26 AM

Hmm, this sure looks nice. Are the spells enchanced with JASS? I've gotta play this when I get my real computer back.

CaptainPicard 08-14-2006 12:28 AM

Hi Rui,

There is a nominal level of JASS enhancement to hero spells, but I think you'll still find Aria and Lan'Inthas to be well-balanced heroes. I'm not as satisfied with the way that some of the other heroes you get along the way came out, but they're not bad. I will definitely be doing more to JASS-enhance the spells and give some of the existing heroes new abilities with Act II.


Glad to hear of your excitement. Let me know how it goes.

Juliano 08-14-2006 02:37 AM


CaptainPicard 08-14-2006 07:04 AM

One with the ogre lord behind the little rock archway as you first go North on the Ehl'Brun map. The other is in a troll/ogre hut south and east of the caldera.

Juliano 08-15-2006 01:35 AM


And how is going the chapter 2?

altceva 08-16-2006 01:47 PM

Hi there!

First of all,please excuse my english and my grammar mystakes,it's not my language.

I have some problems related with this campaign. I've started playing the first mission (one hour ago),i've decided to gather those essences for the bow quest. I've found the wolf essence preety quick (the second or third wolf killed) then i've reached the mammouth area in the right bottom of the map,killed like 100 mammouths and no essence drop. Very annoying. I've crossed the little river next to that area and found some green dragons,no drop at all,though i need red dragon essence too. Then i've took the way up on the right side,and discovered the Volcano level entrance. Very well,i've stepped in,the load was ok (i saw the loading screen,clicked to start) getting involved with some wendigo. I healed one,the critter stopped few seconds (the indicator showed me 1 wendigo healed) then runned back near the cursed ones and become same as before,cursed and hostile,with the indicator at 0 wendigo healed...I've repeated the thing,trying to heal,same problem.How am I suppose to heall all of them this way? Frustrating. I don't understand. One of my guard archers died and i chosed to restart the mission. After loading screen,the game interface appeared but the map was black and no units to select...just the music playing and nothing else to do. Tryed like 3 or 4 times,same thing.
I no more do share such enthusiasm like in the beginning. Too bad,it seems to be a very good campaign in wich you have invested a lot of work.
What should i do,Cpt Picard? :(

CaptainPicard 08-16-2006 06:09 PM

I should have been more careful about the game restart thing. Most likely, what you did in the Volcano level (Ehl'Brun) was hit "RESTART MISSION", right? Well, that won't work because to truly "restart" you need to start in Majh'Nam, the original map. Go back and try the campaign from the beginning.

You mention that you "found" the way to the Volcano level. You realize that the orange pings on your minimap direct you on required missions, and the purple ones direct you on optional quests, right?

I had some trouble getting some of the spirits to drop for me, and the mammoth essence is one of the rarer ones (the dragon soul is the rarest). So, I rewrote the script awhile ago. Now, what it does is keep a counter. Every beast you kill, if it's a wolf, mammoth, golem, or dragon, gets counted. The counters increment by the level of the beast you just killed. For wolves, when the counter hits 50, you are guaranteed to get a spirit on the next kill IF YOU HAVE AN EMPTY BOTTLE. No bottle, it just keeps incrementing until you get one. For golems, the limit is 100, for mammoths 150, and dragons 200. You also have a probability condition working in similar proportions, so you could get lucky and get a spirit before the counter reaches its limit. Whenever you do get a spirit, the counter resets to zero. But, GET A NEW BOTTLE. You can give it to one of your troops, it'll still collect. When you're done melding, you'll get the first bottle back. It's still a good idea to have two of them, though.

As for the Wendigos, there are three bands and you must heal all wendigos in a band or the corrupted ones will re-convert the healed ones. There are also gargoyles and frost wyrms patrolling the area to make sure that the wendigos won't stay healed forever. So, heal a band, kill as many gargoyles and wyrms as you can, and move quickly to the next band. If you have two healing amulets, that's helpful, of course, but another thing you can try is building items at the metalworks (combine Crown of Bahr'Janiis with Gloves of Haste, then combine the resulting Imbued Crown of Bahr'Janiis with the Amulet of Healing to get a +8 strength, +4 agility, +4 intelligence, +15% attack, item with a 400 hp heal--there are other recipes that can be equally useful). Another thing you can try is getting Ul'Tan Rahj on your side. You'll find him elsewhere in the Volcano map and he's got a chain heal that'll help with the packs of wendigos. The wendigos quest is a unique one, and I've tailored it so that you have to coordinate your effort and work steadily.

As for your guard archer dying, get some more at the Archer's Ward at your home base! Very useful. Also try sentinels (permanent invisibility and can help you to see above dense forests) or swordsmen (they're the only melee you'll get in the first 2/3 of the game). Combine sentinels and swordsmen to get black wolf riders (the swordsmen morph into very fast black wolves and the sentinels ride them). You'll like 'em.

Depending on the level, you'll find that different combinations of units makke an ideal band. I recommend five archers / hunters for the Drakehorn Summit level, three wolf riders for the Ehl'Brun level, and a bunch of sentinels / priestesses for the Whar'Ten level (you'll find out about that later). But, your preferences may vary. When you want to change bands, you just take 'em all back to the Archer's Ward, put 'em on the beacon, and type "dismissed." They'll go back inside and you'll get 80% of your gold back.

One other thing, the units will automatically get more powerful with your heroes, by a formula I devised based on hero attribute points. The upgrades won't be explicitly announced, but you'll note that damage, hp, and mana start to increase as your heroes get past level 6 or so and start collecting tomes / attribute bonus items. It's meant to keep the pace of the game fast, and help the startegy evolve. Early in the game, a wolf rider is stronger than your heroes. Later in the game, units are still useful even if your heroes get really buff. You can see easily what upgrade level your units have gotten to by looking at an archer. The archer's range upgrades by 5 with each new bonus upgrade, so she'll have a range of 750 (and like 800 hp, 35-45 damage) if you max it out. Just wait till you get to have hunters and priestesses riding Chin'Zon dragons though!

Good hunting!

Captain Picard

altceva 08-17-2006 11:21 AM

Can you please post all items combinations in your next reply?

CaptainPicard 08-17-2006 05:39 PM

* (Gloves of Haste + Crown of Pel'Jaam: IN-GAME-HINT) + Jah'Tara's Amulet = Flawless Crown of Pel'Jaam (+240 mana with 30-second cooldown, +15% attack speed, +4/+4/+8 Str./Agi./Int.)
* (Gloves of Haste + Crown of Bar'Janiis: IN-GAME-HINT) + Amulet of Healing = Resplendent Crown of Bahr'Janiis (+400 hp with 8-second cooldown, +15% attack speed, +8/+4/+4 Str./Agi./Int.)
* (Gloves of Haste + Necklace of Kah'lMar: IN-GAME-HINT) + Wand of Illusion (must be PURCHASED FROM QUARTERMASTER) = Radiant Necklace of Kahl'Mar (60-second illusion with 30-second cooldown, +15% attack speed, +4/+8/+4 Str./Agi./Int.)
* Mithril Boots + Gloves of Haste = Imbued Mithril Boots (+15% attack rate, +3 armor)
* Imbued Mithril Boots + Talisman of Evasion = Something or other (+15% attack rate, 15% chance to dodge, +3 armor)
* Gloves of Haste + Gloves of Haste = +20% Gloves of Haste (and you can keep adding gloves of haste up to +50% attack rate if you're so inclined, it just gets boring to do so)
* "Claws of Attack+6" + "Claws of Attack+6" = better claws (and you can keep adding them up to like "Claws of Attack+18"

* Dragon soul + "Claws of Attack+6" = Lesser Dragon Claws (+12 damag or something like that, adds cleaving attack to melee heroes)
* Lesser Dragon Claws + "Claws of Attack+6" = Dragon Claws
* Dragon Claws + "Claws of Attack+6" = Shimmering Dragon Claws
* Any animal spirit + Talisman of the Wild (gift from Priestess in Majh'Nam Sanctuary) = summonable, non-perishable creep item (or something else in the case of the Dragon Soul I forget what)

Captain Picard

altceva 08-19-2006 12:35 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I need some help,please. How do i get Stuff of Revival? I only have this staff.

And i still don't find essences,except wolf. I got wolf essence and dragon soul,but no mammouth and golem though i killed hundreds. Im carying 2 empty vials on a wolf rider and no drop.

CaptainPicard 08-19-2006 07:15 PM

That's odd that you don't get the essences. I'll check it myself if I get time.

The Staff of Revival was given to you by Nav'Handras Johl at the Great Hall in Majh'Nam. It's the staff with a swan on its icon. Click it and a new Ward of Revival will appear at the foot of your hero. When your heroes die they'll reappear at the Ward, but they'll be frozen for a short time (so, don't try this cuteness where you put the Ward in the middle of a big fight and just let your heroes revive constantly--not cool).

Captain Picard

EDIT: You may be on crack. Or maybe I am. But I didn't have any trouble getting the four spirits to drop and collect.

altceva 08-21-2006 09:18 AM

3 Attachment(s)
I was carrying that Staff of Revival with the little child in Majh'Nam,that's why i never looked at the name of the item.

I have found broken golem essence,i just need mammouth. Trust me,i killed lots of mammouths on the volcano map,no drop. But i'm patient,anyway...i still must go to kill that spawned demon.
By the way,it's very hard to fight on lava,every unit take serious damage from burning. It's very difficult to keep the guy stunned and in the same time to heal everyone (2 heroes,2 wolf riders and one archer). I will try to get him on the edge though,and fight him on the land. Besides,the spawn of the other creeps is a serious problem too.
The ghosts from volcano map are getting me mad. They posess my wolf riders and force me to attack only with heroes. Many loads in their area :)
I will continue the campaign as soon as i finnish my work at the office and get home.
Thanks for replies,is good to talk with the author of the map when you're in trouble.

One problem that i have,is that when i try to combine Lesser Dragon Claws with Claws of attack +6 it doesnt work to obtain Dragon Claws,as you can see in attachment.

CaptainPicard 08-21-2006 11:51 PM

Oops, I told you wrong about the dragon claws. Keep adding DRAGON SOULS, not more claws of attack. Then it should work. You'll get a melee hero later in the game, when the claws will really come in handy.

As for the Volcano level, I can see why you're having trouble getting mammoth essences. I think I might not have added the guaranteed drop triggers in that map. There's still a probability drop in effect (I've gotten numerous golem essences in Drakehorn and a mammoth essence in Ehl'Brun during testing), but stick to the main map for that kind of mission if that's all you're out to do.

On the lava, DON'T FIGHT WITH ALL YOUR UNITS! The creep spawning is constant, but slow. Run around the ring of the crater and kill lots of creeps, then plow in with just your heroes (have you found the two pairs of Mithril boots?) and take on the boss. Your units can't hurt the boss anyway. The Fire Mage's Firebolt spell is useful. Aria's level-4 Call of the Wild is also useful (Chaos attack plus War Stomp), but you have to be careful how you use that against Xan'Timus (he can cut through the Furbolg quickly if that's his target). Then there's the Bow of Pad'Juun (extremely useful for stunning him from long range--catch him over the lava with that, then run in and he'll stay put over the lava while you continue to stun him). Finally, have you got the Blade of Al'Panjaar? Collect the various Undead items and set them on the ground in front of Nav'Handras. That blade build up to, like, a 25% chance to stun an opponent. Give the Blade to Lan'Inthas (most rapid fire), give the Bow of Pad'Juun to Aria, and whoop his demon @$$. You can also set up your Staff of Revival on the slope at the entrance to the caldera--it's pretty safe there.

Make sure you've got Cinematics engaged (type "play cinematics") before you kill Xan'Timus in the caldera. The game will ridicule you if you don't, and you will be sorry.

Oh, BTW, in Whar'Ten just stick your units (and your Staff) off to the side in the ruined fountain where you first met Medivh. If you've got archers, those are more numerous and less prone to possession (longer range, more damaging against Banshees and Wraiths). Also, use your hero ultimates (Frozen Mist and Fire Trap) to mine the entire area. Makes life easier.

Let me know how you like the Chin'Zon.

BlackFilter 08-29-2006 03:15 PM

I have tried this game and it is fun. Only comment is that the transmissions of the heroes(not in cinematic) is too fast(especially at the beggining of the campaign), I was not able to read it all. Other than that, no more mouth out. It's one good campaign though, nice job.

CaptainPicard 08-30-2006 05:54 AM

Augghh... everyone complains about the transmissions. I kept 'em short so that you could go on playing without too much interruption (you can't easily see the health of your units with the transmissions running).

Check your message log if you need to know what was said. The Quests menu should keep you in good stead, though.

How far have you played?

Anitarf 08-30-2006 08:30 AM


Screenshots from the VERY preliminary Act II.

Originally Posted by Anitarf
Let's keep this the archive thread of Act I, and move development discussion for further parts of the story to new threads, shall we? :)

You should post stuff like this in the gallery, under promotional screenshots. This thread is too long already.

Angel_Rain 09-07-2006 01:06 AM

I like playing this campaign, and think that it's great, but I have one problem,

and that is that I do not know how to save. Can I just quit when I have to or

want to, or is there a special way of saving the game? I tried saving the

game using save game just like I do while playing campaigns, but then

it didn't work when I got to the cave after evacuating all those evacuees.

Was it mentioned? How to save, I mean? Since others seem to know how to

save already... I hope someone can tell me how to save..

Also, how can I complete the quest where you upgrade the bow?

After collecting all the spirits of monsters I mean. I think it says take

all game with the bow or something, isn't it? Should I collect all the

spirits again and then come back and combine them with the bow, or

is there another way?

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