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1337neil 12-05-2003 03:43 AM

Well, I was following the skinning guide by pencilgod, I got confused with all the files and where they go, like this step Move your map to the mpq2k dir.. Where should I be saving my files and the programs I download? what is mpq2k and how do I save in the mpq2k dir? I think I already edited the skin right...but I think the unit editor program is for pre-tft, because the raider is called a wolf rider.:(

toochaos 12-05-2003 05:20 AM

your first problem is u are using pencil gods method i did that and it required alot of work

heres what i do to export cant inport yet pencils got out dated

get the warcrafte 3 viewer from the down loads section open it the open up a new mpq from the file button (thats if u want the xp) now in blps there are the skins in mpq there are the 3d models you choose a skin from the blp if u cant find the one you are look for ctrl f is ur anwser once u have the skin click on the convert blp to ? button u now have the choice of changeing it inot many forms i would adivce tga they seem to work ok then open up you editing tool ( plz say its not paint) and edit sorry i havent figured out the importing bit yet someone needs to help me and him with that if you dont understand say so and ill try again

also your veiwer is not to balme whatever it says is what is right

(u are using war3.mpq not war3x.mpq thats why)

1337neil 12-06-2003 05:40 AM

can some write me a new easier guide for idiots like me? So what exactly is my mpq2k directory? I'm kinds confused, I think I edited the skin right, I made a grunt with pants. So then I open it in image extractor and save it over the old grunt? I did that but when you click on the grunt tab it opens the regular grunt...I'm totally confused and I want to do this.:bangH:

Ok, I have lot's of questions, so if you know what you're doing will you please email me so I can set up a time for you to help me step-by-step on AIM

toochaos 12-06-2003 05:45 PM

1st thing u do is ignor what pencil god has said it is very old once u have taken out the skin go to the tuts it tells u how to import

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