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Ignitedstar 09-29-2009 08:37 AM

The Experiment - Perfection : 'Perfection' : "Perfection"
[Note to Readers]
Please, I ask that no one writes a post in this thread other than myself. Those who want to comment on any section of this thread should send me a PM. Take a mental note that since I should be the only one posting in this thread, there is no need for me to write down that no one should post (except me). I will continue on and off as I go along, editing my posts and making a new post altogether when deemed appropriate.

One more thing. If you decide to read this, I would very much appreciate constructive criticism! Not only that, but please... Questions, questions, questions!


I am writing all of this, because as a writer, I feel that I must take a ridiculously huge step in a story that I have had in my head for the past four years. Throughout this time, the story has gone through many phases. At first, it was a way of passing extreme story ideas into something usable. Eventually, I couldn't help but wonder what I could use it all for. That changed in the few last years, when I seriously began to lie in bed for hours on end at night and ponder, "What would happen to him if he met other people? What would he do, and what kind of person would he become if subject to other people of different identities?" I wanted to forge a character in a perfect, isolated world where he is surrounded by others like himself, but has never gotten a real chance to interact with people. In other words, us. This brings me back to what I said in the beginning of this paragraph: I must take a ridiculous huge step forward, and turn this imaginative story that has been molding in my mind into written communication- but I don't want something 'just written'. In my mind, I constantly feel this thought: "If I can't interpret what he thinks, acts, and how judges his actions and other peoples', there's no point in writing anything down."

Many may want to know: "Who is he?" A few may know him from Horribly Unjustified, but this is an early draft of when I was still questioning myself about what kind of person he is. That short story is more of an extension of his attitude towards control. As in matter of fact, I'm not sure what kind of person he is, exactly. Constantly, I run scenarios in my mind, where sometimes he is nice, naughty, mean, curious, cruel, polite, vain, sophisticated, primitive, devilish, vigilant, insane... and the list runs on. I believe that these personality traits he takes on are just made from the writer inside of me playing with his personality, but I have also found that it allows me to better define two parts of him: What he deems as not being himself, and what he identifies as himself. This becomes particularly important.

Ergh... What I'm trying to do here is not me trying to understand him... It's more, "What does he think of himself?" I want to get inside of his mind and see things through his eyes, his experiences, and his perspective. However, how can I see through the vision of someone that is only a work of fiction? Well, it looks I'll just have to try harder.


Background Knowledge
Needless to say, this story takes place on Earth, but where it takes place does not exist in the real world, hence this story is fiction from this point onwards. However, please be aware that this imaginary land is still part of the Earth, so in other parts of the world, we (Humans) exist. This place is a perfect world, in which nothing lives here except lush vegetation and the Experiments. Exploring that idea, it kind of reminds me of primordial Earth; before homo sapiens made the decision to explore and cultivate the world. It is better to say that the island has yet to be touched by civilization. Keep in mind that I said civilization, not human contact. On this enlarged, secluded island is a gigantic laboratory, built by a man long deceased. There is no limit to the size of the lab, as this information is not important. What is important, is what was made using the lab.

Even though the man who gave birth to the Experiments is long dead and gone, the Experiments themselves have taken advantage of the island's expansiveness. There is no sort of governing body on this island, other than the physical and intellectual power of the Experiments themselves. Some choose to live a life of solitude and peace, but there are others who commit insidious crimes for their own entertainment. Some are quite sophisticated and one may carry an intellectual conversation with them; others can only speak with grunts, roars, and body language. Some carry morals of great virtue. Others could care less.

The man needed a way to keep track of each Experiment. Therefore, he created his own nomenclature to identify his 'children'. Experiments would be grouped by letter, then given a number. For example, G-77. However, to keep his goals within a reasonable time frame, the scientist limited himself, stating that each letter group should only consist of about forty members. If the group was more successful to what the scientist was looking for, he would go beyond the number forty. He also added another restriction. For fear that all Experiments' personalities might be the same, he gave each letter group a personality trait commonly shared by each of its members. Although the man desired to go through letters A through Z, he was only able to get to the letter 'S'. Therefore, there are no Experiments within the letters beyond S (T, U, etc.). Very few times did the scientist take a different approach to the restrictions.

What is the goal of the Experiments? They all have their own personal goals, but the man who started it all had a specific question in mind: "What is perfection?" But even that is ambiguous for an end result (in others words, I won't tell you haha). He found it best to explore this question by making artificial life. What they do, how they think, and what actions they are likely to take must be done by one's own intuition. However, in order to simulate the experiment in a real world and keep the experiment controlled and contained as much as possible, he knew that each Experiment must be chaotic in personality, but must be bound to obey certain rules. But, didn't I just say earlier that there's no governing body?

This has to mean that there is no one to enforce these rules. Wrong. From birth onwards, the Experiments have something along the lines of a mechanical-like auto-response if something threatens the longevity of the experiment.


The main supporting character is a nameless someone who I call You. It may sound lazy and silly, but I've been debating about whether the Human character in this story should be a guy or a girl, and to be honest, I see it going both ways. However, I think the story would lose its power if two Humans were present at the same time. It's also due to the fact that I couldn't get far in developing a story where two Humans are present. Soon after drafting a few scenarios, I discovered that it distracts from the main character. Another reason is because You takes a very important role in the story. One of the primary reasons why I named this character You is because I want you (the reader) to have a personal experience with the main character. To further the experience, all actions of You will be expressed in second-person perspective.

Some may ask, "Why not just make the reader the main sub-character?" Unfortunately, the essence of having the reader as the actual supporting character doesn't work well, in my head. Wait- let me say that again. It isn't that it doesn't work well, I just don't think I could commit the time it would take to do this. In order to present you- the reader, as an effective character, I would have to create an adventure-type story where one can pick a set number of actions that will determine an ending. It isn't that I don't want to do this- as in matter of fact, if I do do it that way, it allows you to pick a future for the Experiments- which I think would be very entertaining. However, considering the amount of interactions that the current story has with- not just the secondary characters, but the main character especially, this story would take thousands of pages before it becomes what I want it to become: Something around a pseudo, real life experience. Perhaps some time in the future, I'll do this.

EDIT: 1/20/10

Some further thoughts on this subject: I have decided that the secondary character can be male, female, or androgynous. For this scenario of the Experiment, though, the Human character will be female.

I've made up my mind for the most part. If I keep thinking about what gender the Human is, I can never truly start become he/she/it is key to the main character's growth. Before I explain why the Human is female, I want to say why she isn't male. With the version in my head, the Human character is male, because it is considerably easier to have an intimate relationship between the main character and the Human that does not involve lovers (I could, but obviously not the point here). As we all know, there are multiple versions of intimate relationships; the one I want (or wanted) in particular was a master-servant relationship that does not involve a personal relationship for lovers.

At first, I had believed that having the Human as female would be more detrimental, but now that I think about it, having her as a female unlocks many potential conversations amongst others within the story. While I would definitely say that it is in a guy's right mind to be in touch with his wants, needs, and feelings- which was indeed the point, having two male characters in the main lead and main secondary character positions hurts a number of lesser themes and morals that can occur.

While I had intended to call the Human by the name You, that too, has changed. Now, I find it inappropriate to call her You, because she is now a character in flesh and the perspective of the story has changed from first-person to third. This decision is based mainly on one of the statements I had made above: there is simply too much to write and too many things that could happen that shouldn't have but easily could have happened that I didn't write down, so it makes me feel guilty (I am a very guilt-ridden person).

If you want to know her name, read the story. When you read it and see it, try to understand its significance. It's not that far from the beginning.

Current Times

All I'll say, is that 50 years have passed since the scientist died.

Ignitedstar 10-13-2009 08:52 PM

Attention. Attention... Prenatal development in containment unit is complete. Label: Seven-six-two. Identity code: K. Four-two. All doors of floor six will remain in lock down until experiment is stable. Please evacuate the floor premises, immediately. Lock down in ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three... two... one... zero. Door letter E, number six-three, is defective. Permission to lock stair flight C and F? Override operations previously received. Proceed. Stair flight C has been locked. Stair flight F has been locked. Lock down confirmed. Clearing environmental obstructions to the Island... Process complete. Containment fluid draining...




Containment fluid draining is complete. Required authorization needed to proceed. Override operations previously received. Proceed. Umbilical cord to life support system severed. Containment unit. Label: Seven-six-two. Identity code: K. Four-two. Hatching... Hatching...


We welcome you to the Island, newborn. Please stand by...

This was… difficult. The creature within the containment unit moaned heavily, confused. What is happening? The hatch opened, and the creature was subject to a cold, sterile breath of air. A metallic pad from behind it gently pushed the creature forward, wobbling on its two feet out of its birth hatch. The figure of gray, hairless complexion stood on a circular device that began to screen lines of yellows and greens. His eyes had never registered light before. They began to burn and he quickly looked away as he winced in pain.

Anatomical analysis updated. Please proceed.

The creature could not comprehend the words being spoken, but he could hear whirling noises that began to irritate his ears. More mechanical devices began to surround him, forcing him to stand tall and lean at eleven feet, almost human in appearance. His other senses were unsure of what to think of the new environment. Everything was alien to him, surrounded by cold, metallic walls and dim lighting that he painfully opened his eyes to see. Even as his colorless pupils stared into dimness around him, he felt heavily dazed. He opened his long, U-shaped snout, his tongue twitching as he tasted the acrid, but bland air. He breathed through his nose, but could detect nothing. There was no trace of any scent in the air, trying again and again, desperate to obtain some sort of smell. One of the mechanical devices before him had placed an enigmatic plate above his collar bone, on the right side of his neck below the face. Strangely, his body did not register any pain or pleasure. There was another device that reflected his image upon himself. In full view, he could see what the device before had imprinted on him.

The creature felt something soft touch his back. It pleaded that he advance through the dimly lit hallway. He blindly went forward, unsure of what he should do. Rather, there was nothing he could do. He was surrounded by metal, being pushed by metal, being escorted by metal. Metal smells and tastes like horrible metal, but he could not tell it what to do. Or could he?

Data for Identity Code K. Four. Two. Obtained. Please verify speech communication.

He could not understand. It was attempting to speak with him. “Please…” What were these words he was speaking? He could not understand it, but little by little, he began to comprehend this speech.

Speech communication verified. Opening hatch.

A pair of doors in front of him cracked open, revealing light the creature’s eyes could not bear, wincing in pain as it revealed itself to him. Suddenly, his nose detected countless smells, and his mouth could taste the vast Island. His skin chilled due to the breath of cold, roaming wind. As he looked beyond the dimly lit hallway, beyond it laid an entirely different world. As he entered it, he did not realize that the door to outside opened and as he firmly put his body into the brand new world in front of him, the old, dark world behind him closed shut, perhaps forever. The insatiable pain inside of his head began to stop… and soon, he would remember that he could think of things.

Very unpleasant things.

Fulfill the mission. Kill your enemies. Hunt the rebels. Destroy their lives. Consume their bodies and become stronger. Strive to the end and become the last. The victor of all.


K-42 looked around. He was sitting in an unknown world. Lush greenery was below and surrounded him. He looked at himself, realizing that the complexion of his skin was a rough grayish color. He could not comprehend the ideology of this world. He had initially thought that the environment before him was to conceal his body, but he stood out completely from it, all the while attempting to understand that he did not see others like himself.

Or so he had thought. “Well, well…” K-42’s ears picked up a low, gruff voice. Unfortunately, he was uncomfortable hearing it, because the voice sounded malicious. He heard it again as it laughed maniacally. “It is fun, to see new ones.” Something abominably heavy dropped from above. It came from the right. K-42 stared at the source immediately. Before him stood another creature with bare skin and an appearance like himself, but dyed many hues of green, similar to the deciduous forestry and grasslands they stood by. “I like new ones,” it said with a snout similar to K-42. The creature landed with his two arms and legs firm against the ground and then stood, similar in height to K-42. “Don’t worry,” the other creature prompted, revealing his muscular body. “You are still new.” He pointed below the left side of his ribcage, where letters there spelled something.

K-42 trembled at the fearsome beast in front of him. He did not think F-16 came to talk. “What… do you want with me?”

F-16 laughed to himself, purposefully looking intimidating. “I understand your fear. I, too, was a newborn at one point, and saw all other Experiments before me as enemies. Though we essentially all are, there is no rush. Let us try to get along with one another.” F-16’s mild, green eyes of consideration flashed an exciting, bloody red. His kindred voice became cruel and the comforting smile turned hideous. “Or not.” F-16 quickly advanced towards K-42, but K-42 was confused. Though he understood that he would have to combat F-16, he could not consider himself prepared. He had just left the old world and entered a new one. K-42 considered himself unfortunate. It had only been a few minutes and his brand new life has already ended. Quite unfortunate, indeed. F-16’s right arm braced K-42 on the floor while the green beast exerted his overwhelming weight onto K-42’s body, forcing him against the ground. F-16 laughed a disgusting laugh. “No reaction, despite your life in jeopardy. You are even more pitifully weak than I had anticipated.” K-42 took both of his hands and tried to release himself from F-16’s grasp to no avail. K-42 was completely helpless. The green creature stared at K-42, looking for something. He lifted a finger from right hand, noticing the letter and numbers imprinted on K-42’s neck. F-16’s eyes reverted back into a solid green, and he laughed hysterically. He looked at symbols written on K-42’s neck once more to verify it. F-16 laughed again. “The K series? This laughably weak as newborns? I do not believe so. The Laboratory must have misidentified you with another.”

“What…” K-42 tried to catch his breath. “What do you mean?”

“WHAT DO I MEAN?” F-16 shouted. “You are an outrageous excuse for a member of the K series. If you are truly one of their kind, a blood fest would have begun the instant you sensed my presence. Not only did that not happen, you have continued to do nothing to defend yourself despite the fact that I have complete control whether you live or die.” F-16’s right hand clenched tighter around K-42’s neck, making K-42 remember what position he was in. “This is impossible. You are not a member of the K series. The way you have behaved so far, it will be impossible for you to usurp K-41.”

K-42 did not understand what F-16 was talking about.

“Of course. You know absolutely nothing.” F-16 clenched his right hand even tighter. K-42 could not find the breath to speak. “Let me make this clear.” F-16 let go of K-42 and looked at him in spite. K-42 stared back, bewildered. “I will not kill you. You have very little to no idea of the horrors that await you in the future on the Island. Consider yourself extremely fortunate that I found you, first. If any other Experiment had gone roaming around for a delectable, free meal, you would be screaming and writhing in pain as they feast on your flesh, fully alive and knowing that you are being eaten. Do you understand?” K-42 nodded, although he could not completely comprehend the words being told to him. F-16 laughed. “But one day, if you are truly of the K series, you will be the one who gorges oneself as your meal excites you with wails of despair.”

K-42 tried to get up, feeling his throat for any damage F-16 may have caused. As he checked, he asked the green beast, “If I am a creature of horrible deeds, it is a mistake to not kill me. If you truly wish to survive, you will annihilate your enemies while they are weak and defenseless.”

“As I said,” F-16 stared deep into K-42’s eyes. “Only if you are truly one of the K series. Either way, however, there is no rush.” Carelessly, F-16 turned around and slowly prodded away. He stopped suddenly, remembering something. “Oh, yes. You will understand the rules of the Island, eventually. But, allow me to offer you a shred of important advice.” K-42 was ready to listen and F-16 mentioned carefully, “Beware the R’s.”

F-16 did not look back. Their unusual conversation ended with many conundrums that K-42 wished had been solved. However, F-16 would remember him, and K-42 would remember the green beast that let him live. I am a creature of horrible deeds? That is what K-42 called himself as he spoke with F-16. I do not understand why I said such a thing. He did not understand why he called himself a creature of horrible deeds when he has done nothing as of yet. K-42 found it difficult to believe that he would become a cruel, mindless creature that finds entertainment in living, breathing meals. K-42 decided it best not to delve in F-16’s ambiguity. K-42 would need the understanding of an individual with far greater knowledge, and would be willing to share it.

For two days, K-42 wandered the endless landscape that was the deciduous forest and the grasslands. The trees and their leaves blew calm, even though hulking shreds of torn timber scarred their barks. A few other trees K-42 could scent blood from a creature that had died there or perhaps a battle of gore had taken place. He had smelled and observed a few trees in a pristine and strangely preserved condition. As he walked further into the thicket of the forest, K-42 began another query: F-16 had mentioned ‘Experiments’. He was mentioning a group of individuals no doubt. They must be others like him and K-42. F-16 also mentioned that a majority of the Experiments were predators. If that was so, how could K-42 not encounter any Experiment within the last two days? Perhaps I am just- as F-16 mentioned, extremely fortunate.

Another question K-42 had was that F-16 called him pitifully weak. Am I? K-42 observed himself. While it was true that K-42 is a newborn and is smaller in height compared to F-16, K-42 did not register any pain when he had been thrown onto the floor by the green beast. He continued to observe himself as he walked along, testing his strength against the trunk a few trees and attempting to lift decrepit nurse logs. All tasks proved relatively easy. K-42 did not feel weak. What exactly did F-16 mean?

He decided to no longer question it when K-42 had come towards the end of the forest. At the end of the forest that he had gone in the direction of stood a mountaintop hundreds of miles away, but right before him stood an enormous cave. It was certainly larger than K-42, so he decided to enter. As he continued to walk into the cave, the gradually grew darker, but there was signs of life in this cave. Someone had manipulated fire that stood on stakes of wood on the sides of the cave, providing light. It was a clever usage of old brush from the forest. K-42 eventually found the end of the cave where was a gigantic circular space. It was a perfect home for any Experiment. A home that was already taken.

The Experiment K-42 had encountered was rather small compared to F-16 and himself, about six feet. He was skinny and did not look as if he were built for strength, but his skin appeared like cobalt rock. He did not stand on two legs either, but four with his palms on the ground and with hind legs relaxed on the cool surface of the cave. “You may call me E-28. I have been expecting you…” The small one’s eyes looked at K-42’s neck. “K-42.” It was slightly unusual, because F-16 did not introduce himself, but E-28 seemed to be of a different, more accommodating nature. K-42 examined E-28, discovering that his letter and numbers were on his naked forehead.

“Ah, so you have observed our Identity Codes, have you?” E-28 asked. “You must have met very little to no Experiments on your adventure here. You see, a Hunt has been issued by the Laboratory. Many Experiments have gone to participate in it.” E-28 then laughed. “Oh, I must apologize. I had forgotten. You know very little to nothing about the Island, do you not? You are a newborn, after all.”

Identity Codes? Hunt? F-16 had mentioned the Island before. “I do not understand ,” K-42 pleaded.

E-28 nodded in agreement. “It is true that you are a formidable series to be reckoned with, but alas, all of us were given prior knowledge about the world around us and how it works. Now, where should I begin… Oh, before that, I would like to introduce you to the most enigmatic being I have ever encountered in my lifetime. She is quite the revelation.”

From the shadows appeared an even smaller being. Her skin was smooth and pale with a peach-like texture. Her wide eyes shown a deep amber. On her head grew dark brown hair… K-42 wanted to know: Could an Experiment get any smaller? She was naked and shied away from K-42’s sight. “Please, do not be shy. He is a newborn, similar to you.” She gave K-42 another looked and after a few seconds discovered that K-42’s demeanor is not as monstrous as he seemed. “H-hello.” She slowly spoke. K-42 greeted himself, but he had trouble discovering where the woman’s ‘Identity Code’- so E-28 called it- was.

“Surprising, isn’t it?” E-28 answered before K-42 had even asked the question and nodded decisively. “She does not have an Identity Code. No matter how much I observe her body, I do not and could not find an Identity Code.”

“An Identity Code…” The small, pale creature said slowly. “What does that mean?”
E-28 cleared his throat, ready for an extended explanation. “An Identity Code, a serial letter and number branded on each our bodies only once, by which all of us Experiments are labeled. Through this means that we rid the need of ambiguous introductions and easily discover the nature and behavioral demeanor of one another without conflict.” E-28 stopped and looked at the petite creature. “Alas, save the only exception thus far, right before my very eyes. It is an intriguing predicament, as I have yet to encounter an Experiment where the Laboratory has mysteriously forgotten to place an Identity Code on a subject.”

The small female gave the definition some thought. “It sounds like a name.”

“A name?” E-28 wondered. “A name… A name… Name. What is a name?”

“A name is… something that you call someone by. A name has a lot of personal value, because it is the first way of learning more about another person. My name is-”

K-42 did not understand. “A name… has no implicational value. I cannot identify a creature of murderous intent with a name. I cannot understand their position or type of predicament with a name. A name is then a liberal personification of an individual, but I do not understand why this is needed. An Identity Code is simple and allows us to identify one another with ease, but a name can mistakenly warrant confusion and be misleading.” E-28 shared some these thoughts. The gray giant finished with, “There is little to no value in a name.”

“That’s why we ask about those kinds of things.” The woman implied in a friendly manner. However, it was not taken that way.

“Ask?” E-28 pondered. “My ears have never heard of this type of terminology, before. What does it mean to ‘ask’?”

“Asking is when we want to know what the other person thinks about something.”

K-42 did not understand the small creature’s point of view. “Asking is meaningless. It is not necessary to concern myself with what others think. If anything, quarrels that end in disagreement will most likely end with the elimination of the individual that disagreed. If it is more convenient to kill another to acquire what one wishes, then we will do so. It is a time wasting effort as the thoughts of the deceased are obsolete. There is no need to ask.”

For E-28, it was different. “Ah, on the contrary, asking is the very foundation towards greater knowledge. By discovering the position of thoughts of those in a similar environment as us, we can better define a constant, dynamic answer. What may be better known as… the truth.”

It had been bothering the woman for some duration, but now was the perfect time to ask in the silence that just began following suite. She had felt discouraged, because K-42 did not find any meaning in a name or the meaning of asking. How many other things did he see as pointless? She was afraid to ask, because no matter how she looked at it, K-42 could easily overpower her. She did not see a point in asking if K-42 would keep giving her the same answer, but there was something she felt that she needed to know, so she asked him a critical question. “K-42. Why do you think these kinds of things when E-28 recently said that you’re a newborn? And,” she sighed heavily, wondering if she should continue, “Even though both of your attitudes are different, you both speak similar to one another.” From what she understood, they were indeed speaking English, not animalistic grunts and cowls that she had envisioned she would find more common on the Island. From what E-28 had told her beforehand, however, there indeed were Experiments out there that could not speak, and even from those that could, some would not.

K-42 was being asked a question… but he did not know how to answer it. I… What? After ten seconds he gave his answer: “I do not comprehend the nature of the question.”

“Well, then, you have piqued my curiosity.” The creature with a craggy exterior looked at the woman. “You do not have an Identity Code. Does this mean that you have… a name?”
She tried to remember, staring to her left and pondering on her right. She looked high and low, then stared off into the distance, disappointed and ashamed. “I… don’t remember.”

“You have defined the meaning of a name, yet your memory cannot grasp a memory in which you could give yourself a name,” was K-42’s observation. “I understand. If a name cannot be properly committed to memory, then a name is indeed meaningless.”

“I have a name!” The small creature robustly argued. It wasn’t the name that she could remember, but it had a nice ring to it. It was a name that she would not regret and it was one that she could remember. It was simple and it proved useful, because it was true that she did not have an Identity Code. She did not want to be referred to as the ‘small creature’ or the ‘petite female’. “My name is Nocode. But enough about me,” she eagerly looked towards E-28. “Please. Tell me more about this place that you call the Island. Where am I? What is this place? Who are all of you?”

E-28 cleared his throat, ready for a thorough explanation. “I am afraid to admit that I can only tell you as much as I already know. Beyond this, you will have to dig further into the deep recesses of the Island’s well kept secrets, which I know few of. Before I delve too far into that topic, allow me to answer you questions. Now then, Nocode, and I answer these questions for you, too, K-42. The Island is home to us, the Experiments, and to the Laboratory, our birthplace and home to the Creator.”

“The Creator?” asked Nocode.

“None of us know whether the Creator is of reality or of imagery. From almost every corner and cranny of the Island, you will see the Laboratory standing tall, mysterious and commandeering. Though we all originally came from within, we dare to return as those who do, do not return as they did when they entered. Now then, about us, the Experiments.” E-28 stopped momentarily to gather his thoughts. “We, the Experiments, are creatures made by the Creator to survive. Our mission: to be the last one standing.” E-28 looked at an alarmed Nocode and laughed lightly. “Do not worry. There is no rush, because the Island does not age. The Identity Code characterizes each of us in a series of letters, followed by a set of numbers. In a sense, I suppose that our Identity Code is similar to that which you call a name. However, the Identity Code is means of identifying one another’s common behaviors. From what I currently understand, this is what a name lacks.”

Nocode listened closely, thinking about the number of letters and numbers there were in the English alphabet. She did not mention it, but it was noticeable that the Experiments had indeed English been reading and referencing letters and numbers, though the Experiments themselves most likely do not know that what they read and speak is definitely a language of communication invented by—¬¬ “How many of you are there?” Nocode asked. She doubted that the number of Experiments would come close to thousands considering the numbers branded by E-28 and K-42, but it did not excuse the amount of letters available.

“To my knowledge and current observations,” E-28 cleared his throat, “The number of Experiments is limited from the letter A to the letter S. I have yet to see more or less. Each letter- what we call a series, contains about forty Experiments each.” E-28’s two eyes looked at K-42 for an instance before returning to Nocode. “As I have previously mentioned, each series is loosely, but evidently attached to common behaviors that each member of the series share with one another, and it is easy to identify each through their Identity Code. If you had not noticed, none of us can remove the Identity Code from our bodies, be it shredded or burned. I presume that only the Laboratory and the Creator— assuming it exists— have the ability to do so.”

“There’s so many, then,” Nocode sat down, relaxing her legs. “A through S. It must be hard to remember.”

E-28 laughed, amused by Nocode’s ignorance. “Not at all. For, if we cannot commit this to memory, how should we deal with one another when the time comes that we must defend ourselves? Or if we must prey when our hunger takes its toll on our bodies? You are not lonely when short term memory comes to mind, if this fact eases your woes. There are a number of Experiments lacking even proper intelligence. Allow to me explain one after another. The A, B, and C series are no longer with us, for they were the first to populate the Island. It seems logical that they too would be the first to be dismissed. The D series are naturally attuned to the physical senses, those being sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. They are considerably observant and prefer that they examine others from a distance where they are safe in a multitude of ways rather than in open space, because they are inherent;u weak. If you want to understand, look at K-42 and what you see from the D series is quite pitiful in comparison. Where I am from, the E series has little difference. We, too, are physically impaired, but it contrasts to our high sophistication and intelligence. We are allies of technology and earnest reasoning. Though I for one prefer negotiation over brute force, there are a few of us who do not hesitate to perform more aggressive, devious plans. The F series are an awkward, slithery bunch, for they follow a trend in which obsession is their point of interest. They like it and take advantage of it. They are quite manipulative and can be considered masters of deception, because their lies and truths are mere millimeters from identical. The G series take pride in their massive, sometimes dissonant body figures. Unfortunately for them, they are more brawn then they are brain. In fact, they are literally stupid in every sense of the word. A majority of them cannot speak and those that do butcher their words, making it pointless and a waste of time to comprehend their speech. Be wary however, as they do tend to acquire chronic moments of rage and frustration, causing senseless destruction wherever they may be. Then the J series, the lovers of mealtime. Infamous for their strange body structure with an abundant number of mouths to feed, they love to eat and are not afraid to approach any other Experiment to get what they want the most: fresh food. I hear that they have a keen likeness towards picking on their meals day by day until there is little to spare.”

E-28 stopped, realizing that Nocode was losing interest in his long list of names. K-42 had not said anything in a long time. He had fully committed himself to listening and E-28 greatly appreciated it. “I apologize, but it is imperative that you know this. If you are to participate on the Island one way or another, you are safest— if I may even call it that, knowing this knowledge.”

“I’m sorry,” Nocode pleaded. “It’s not that you’re boring. It’s just, I guess I’m a lot more tired than I thought.” The two Experiments were surprised. How could she be fatigued? Nocode looked down to the cave’s ground, realizing how different she was compared to them. “I know that I’m a newborn, but… I’m beginning to think that I don’t know if I can do this.”

“You may rest, if you wish. I will continue my list with K-42 and I will discuss the rest with you later, but I want you to know this. On the Island, you must have full confidence in your ability. One moment of hesitance may be the death of you. Though you are small and weak, I can see that we are similar with an open mind, as you are curious to the world around you. We, the weak and intelligent, must find a different means of battle if it ever comes to us.” Perhaps it was not the best thing to end the conversation with Nocode, but E-28 knew it was appropriate. If there was no will to fight back, Nocode had no chance of living. She had fallen asleep faster than E-28 anticipated, for it was only a few minutes that he had started to discuss the rest of the Experiments to K-42 did he hear a slight snore coming from a small recess in the far corner of the cave that she decided to rest in.

“The K series,” E-28 stared at K-42 with concern. “The Island’s top predator. Very smart, very fast, very clever. Extremely dangerous to approach, because they remember best by the taste of blood. Uphold the violent tradition of murdering and devouring the previous member. Raining blood is your paradise and every second of your life is spent thriving and drowning yourself in the joy of it.” E-28 was silent for a moment’s reprieve. “Yet I have not observed any of these behaviors in you. Even as newborns, the K series’ killing capability is marvelously gruesome.“

The K series behaves in such a way? K-42 found it difficult to believe. Why was he not like this? Now he understand why F-16 disbelieved the fact that K-42 was a member of the K series. K-42 remembered what he had seen from F-16 as the green beast’s attributes changed according to his mood. Perhaps the K series was the same? He wanted to know and told E-28, “And at any moment, I may remove this pacifistic mask and kill you and Nocode.”

E-28 thought for a second. “I doubt it.” K-42 wanted to know why. “Forgive me. You just… I do not sense hostility. The R series is exactly as you describe, but I have encountered them before and the feeling between you and them is… different, to say the least. Case in point, if I had the slightest feeling that you had come here intending to kill me, why would I have bothered to stay? Even more so, why would I show you Nocode, a delicate creature that is so physically handicapped?” E-28 had made several points. He was correct, however. K-42, throughout the entire time he had conversed with the two of them, did not feel any means to kill the two. Had he been perfectly honest, the thought of even harming them never crossed his mind.

Ignitedstar 01-25-2010 10:18 AM

The sun was halfway under the horizon of the sea that surrounded the Island. The sky was dyed blue in the far east, gradually offering a gradient of red to a golden orange as it traveled west. Once again, the sun would be engulfed by the sea. The thicket of the forest became shrouded in darkness quickly as the sun continued to set. K-42 was reluctant traveling by night, for he feared the Island’s night life. It was a partially cloudy evening when Nocode awakened to discover the plan that E-28 had concocted. “I wish to determine your status as merely a mistake or if you are incredibly more.” E-28 secretly wished for the latter. Nocode wanted to continue where she had left off with E-28 as he was informing about the Experiments, but they no longer had the time.

K-42 and Nocode left the cave a few minutes after they revised their plan. “How far is the Laboratory?” asked Nocode. The two Experiments refused to reply to the question. If Nocode was as curious as E-28 predicted, in the future she may select a time to visit the Laboratory when no Experiment would be able to stop her from doing so. They had to admit that evening was the perfect opportunity to depart; it would be more difficult for Nocode to remember the direction to the Laboratory. As they ventured into the incoming darkness of the forest, K-42 kept the following ideology in mind: We must exercise caution.

K-42 had remembered the location from where he had first been thrust into the Island, but he had doubts about whether any Experiment could enter from where they were given birth. Since K-42 was much larger than Nocode, he found it easier to carry Nocode instead of having her keep pace with him. “I’m still thinking about what happened this afternoon,” the small creature discussed quietly. “Letters A through S is nineteen, if I’m counting correctly. Multiply that by forty and you have about seven hundred and twenty Experiments that have made the Island their home.” She stopped talking momentarily. “If there were that many right now on the Island, I don’t think we would be able to go anywhere without running into another Experiment.”

K-42 continued to listen while he walked towards the tall, sharp figure that stood out amongst the shadows of the forest. He purposefully made sure that the petite female would not be able to see beyond what was close to the ground. As E-28 anticipated, they did not meet any Experiments on the short venture to the Laboratory. K-42 had misjudged the time it had taken to walk from the cave to the Laboratory. It took half of the estimated thirty minutes.

“I guess even Experiments need to sleep,” said Nocode as a metallic, rusty looking building came within her eyesight. She observed the building from the bottom to top, but was unable to see higher beyond the foliage that surrounded the two. It seemed that the Laboratory had not been cared for in the exterior. Vines and ivy had swarmed the entrance, but had only dared to go several feet within the structure. E-28 did tell her that only an inconsistent few bother to return within the Laboratory. What was in it through any of the open entrances was unknown. The entrance before them was tall enough for K-42 to enter without obstruction. He had constantly looked back and kept a keen ear for any Experiment who would attempt to follow them and breathed relief because they did not seem to have any pursuers. K-42 put Nocode down so she could walk within the Laboratory herself. “Come on,” she beckoned the giant. “Let’s go inside more.”

The fresh fragrance of the forest was overwhelmed by a rustic and somewhat rancid scent. The darkness of the forest faded away as artificial light was produced by bulb-shaped glass and rods suspended near the ceiling of the room they had entered, reaching at least twenty feet above the surface they were walking on. It seemed that the Laboratory took a liking to earthly colors for K-42 and Nocode found themselves surrounded by metal colored in a blend of dark oranges. “Whoever made this doesn’t have very good taste in atmosphere,” mentioned Nocode. K-42 did not understand the purpose of her observation.

The corridor took a few turns before they had come to a halt. K-42 could no further. As they reached the end of the hallway, a metal shaft on their right had been locked shut. However, directly ahead was the entrance to a smaller hallway that was about eight feet in height. It was far too thin for K-42 to squeeze through, but Nocode did not complain. “I can go further,” she said loudly as she begun her first step into the second hallway. “I want to know what’s in here, too.”

“We should not separate,” K-42 demanded her, understanding that they had gone far enough already. He had begun to wonder why there was nothing within this portion of the Laboratory that could help them learn something about Nocode. Nocode was disappointed and reluctantly followed K-42 was had turned around to search for something in the first hallway. She looked back, noticing that there were a few glimpses of twinkling in the far off distance of the corridor that K-42 could not enter and another path inside that traveled to the right, but she feared being left behind and stayed at K-42’s side.

It was too late. K-42 heard a light clanking noise that was slowly approaching them from where they had come from. Its amplitude was gradually increasing. He had grown tense and Nocode sensed how uncomfortable he was immediately. Though she could not hear the noise initially, she grew fearful. Her ears eventually picked up the noise coming from the hall. The clanking noise gradually changed into something massive and heavy gradually stomping into the metallic floor. It had to have been an Experiment. There was no reason to question how it entered. No matter how it came, it was here. There was another sound that was slowly becoming audible. It was only a few blurred words at first, but once he could comprehend it, K-42 quickly told Nocode to hide in the small hallway. She ran to the back hastily and even faster after she realized the words coming from the other side hauntingly expressing its desire. I smell food...

Food… It said, menacingly. A four legged creature covered in black, ruffled hide standing seven feet tall and about nine feet wide turned the corner. It brandished a swinging tail dotted with small holes. Spires of bone shot out through the creature’s back from its spinal cord. They were heavily scratched and scarred from previous battles. It padded its way closer to K-42, its deep blue eyes only focused on him and a short snout taking extended sniffs, beckoning its mouth to desperately salivate for its next meal. “Food,” it almost screamed this time as it sighted K-42. Just below the protruding bones from its back, on the dark beast’s left side of its torso read G-31.

“There’s another one,” G-31 growled, licking its lips. “Where is it?”

“Unfortunately,” K-42 would not be spared by the four legged creature, “It has retreated.”

G-31 shook his head repeatedly. “Don’t lie… DON’T LIE TO ME!” G-31 advanced furiously towards K-42. His mouth gapped open, ready to consume the prey in front of him, but K-42 instinctively held G-31’s mouth as he lunged for the kill, keeping it open using both arms, one on the jaw and the other on G-31’s nose. Frustrated, G-31 began to twist and turn randomly, trying to snap at K-42’s body as he continuously clawed into K-42’s skin using both paws. K-42 did not flinch, instead forced G-31’s mouth shut and heavily pushed on his flank, pushing the black furred beast away momentarily. “I do not desire to kill you,” K-42 calmly spoke. “Let me pass.”

“You’re hiding it,” G-31’s eyes widened with anger, “You’re keeping it to yourself.” G-31 leaped forward once again, slamming himself into K-42. It was unexpected and the two fell over, G-31 on top of K-42, clawing and gnawing on K-42’s body. “So HUNGRY,” G-31 repeated himself. K-42 held onto G-31 and with the four legged beast still chewing, K-42 stood up quickly and pressed G-31 onto the metal walls, causing the entire hallway to echo as they hit the protruding bone on G-31’s body, receiving a rush of horrible pain. It only caused him to scrawl uncontrollably, so K-42 held G-31’s mouth closed with his right hand and his left hand grasped on both of G-31’s front paws.

“One more chance, G-31,” K-42 felt his chest burn from his ripped flesh.

G-31 grinned and laughed lightly. Despite a closed mouth, his voice muffled, “Show mercy to your enemy?” G-31 was very disappointed, having a straight view at K-42’s Identity Code. “Pathetic. Just kill me, fool.”

K-42 hesitated. He could not understand why G-31 had suddenly lost interest in wanting his life. “I do not understand.”

“I attacked you,” G-31 breathed heavily. “I tried to kill you. I’m now weak and vulnerable. Don’t pity me.” G-31 screamed it, “Just KILL me!” K-42 did not do anything. This only angered G-31. “I’ll force you to kill me.” The black beast stabbed K-42 by launching his claws on his hind legs, causing K-42 to wince. Taking advantage of the moment, G-31 broke free from both of K-42’s hands and the four legged creature rammed into K-42’s body, head first. Then he began to gnaw on K-42’s body once again.

“Wait!” Nocode gasped as she ran out into the fray. G-31’s head turned as he tore into K-42’s chest again, surprised at the source of the voice. While he was temporarily distracted, K-42 swung his arm, grabbing G-31’s head and hurling it to the floor, causing an enormous bang. G-31 shrieked as K-42 stood back up, staring at the defeated creature, lying on the metallic floor. Blood was running from where G-31’s head had hit the ground.

All G-31 did was laugh slowly, realizing that he was dying. “A creature… so tiny.” He could no longer move, and the feeling in his body began to die. “What a fool,” he sighed as his eyes turned white. G-31 stopped moving. Nocode could not find the will to move. K-42 stared at the corpse indifferently, kneeling down to it, feeling the gashes on his chest. He only begun to bleed slightly, but he did not seem to care and started to consume what was before him. K-42 had not eaten anything and strangely now that he thought about it, could not remember if he had eaten while he had been in the old world that was now closed to him, but he found G-31’s body to be highly satisfying. Nocode could not bear the sight, disgusted by the gushing blood that was flowing from the corpse and the chewing as K-42’s carnivorous teeth dug into the freshly killed meat.

Nocode closed her eyes and shivered, unable to bear the pain. She opened them again as the abominable noises paused, seeing that K-42 had dropped a heap of flesh about a foot away from her. “Eat,” the gray giant demanded. Nocode said nothing, but was frightened by the sight and surprised at K-42’s gesture. However, she did not have the willpower to eat G-31. Not without questioning the creature’s motives.

“He just…” Nocode began, saddened, “threw himself at you.” There was a brief moment of silence. “He was weak and already hurt, but he still attacked you… It doesn’t make any sense.” G-31 was very hungry. How long could an Experiment go without eating?

“There is no reason to question G-31’s motive.” K-42 said rather bluntly. “He made a mistake, and died. The thoughts of the deceased are obsolete. He has failed. All failures do not deserve to live.” K-42 looked at Nocode. “You, as well. If you cannot succeed in eating, then you will grow weak and die. If so, then it is due to the fact that you have chosen not to eat.” Nocode sighed, picking up the heap of flesh that K-42 handed to her. She assumed that if it was not safe to eat, K-42 would not have bothered offering it to her. Swallowing her pride, she quickly took a small bite. For some reason, the rawness of the meat did not appeal to her. It was missing something.

Nocode began to think that K-42 was being a hypocrite. If he had left her there to fend for herself to begin with, Nocode would have died, no doubt. However, not only did K-42 choose to protect her, he was treating her. “Um,” she stuttered, “T-Thank you.” K-42 stopped eating for only a second, then resumed. If the Experiments were meant to consume one another, she began to inquire what—or whom, E-28 had eaten recently.
When they left the hallway of the Laboratory, it was passed midnight. It was completely dark and the canopies of the forest prevented a majority of the moonlight from shining downwards to the dirt floor. Though she was watching her step, Nocode was worried about K-42. “Are you sure you’re okay? It looks like it hurts pretty badly.” K-42’s wounds from G-31 had surprisingly stopped bleeding and it had only been thirty minutes or so. Saddened, she said, “I’m sorry. You got hurt because of me.” No matter how she thought about it, K-42 would taken some damage. However, because Nocode was there and K-42 told her to hide, she felt somewhat responsible for his injuries because she could not help him in anyway.

K-42 did not want Nocode to be concerned about him. “The pain is manageable,” he replied. His body was healing itself faster than he had anticipated and was relieved by it. However, it was another piece of evidence clarifying his existence as a member of the K series. “We should cleanse ourselves. The smell of blood will attract hostiles.” Nocode agreed and the two of them cleaned themselves in the nearest source of water they could find. It was a river of many that ran through the forest and descended towards the sea. The water made the gashes caused by G-31 itch irritably, but K-42 tolerated the pain. Though he tried to hide it, Nocode could identify when the pain came back, because K-42’s body would stiffen and become tense as he walked. He is still a newborn, after all, was what Nocode thought.

E-28 patiently stood by the entrance of the cave. He sighed as he spotted the two of them. He noticed K-42’s injuries immediately. “I see that you encountered a stalker.” As the two rejoined E-28 in his cave, he observed the wounds that K-42 had suffered. “An Experiments that bites… You seem to be doing fairly well, however. Nocode is also unharmed, I see. Splendid work, K-42. Did any of you uncover anything useful?”

“Unfortunately, no,” Nocode sighed in disappointed. “There was a huge door, but it was locked. There was also a smaller space where only I could fit in, but K-42 told me not to go any farther. That was when we were attacked by G-31. Or, I guess I should say, K-42 was attacked by G-31.”

“A wise decision you made, K-42.” E-28 agreed with his idea. “This venture was not in vain. I am pleased with the results, despite the poor turn out of information received. The two of you have my gratitude.”

“Now I understand why it is what you desired that I should go with her to the Laboratory,” K-42 explained. “You would not have been able to guarantee her safety were she accompanied by you instead of me.”

“True,” E-28 nodded. “The first reason is because you would do an exceptional job as Nocode’s escort. The second reason is because I had a few things to attend to while you two were away, which I shall disclose to you in the morning.” E-28 yawned, expressing his fatigue. “We Experiments need not sleep very often, but it is still required.”

“Really?” Nocode was eager to know. “How long can you go?”

“A few days, at best. Some of our brethren can go a week without a single slumber in between. Bear in mind that after a Hunt, many Experiments grow weary. I do not think that K-42 is tired in the least. It has only been half a day and half a night since he arose from the depths of the Laboratory.” E-28 was correct. Even though K-42 had been injured, he could not find it in himself to sleep.

“Very well, then,” K-42 decided. Since E-28 and Nocode were planning on sleeping, K-42 took it upon himself to guard the cave’s entrance. He stopped were he was, about half way to the end of the cave. He bid a temporary farewell to the two who continued walking. K-42 sat down. He did not wish to think so time would quickly pass. However, he could not sleep. Doing anything outside of the cave had a high potential to attract the unwanted. He continued to sit, only being able to hear the draft of the wind that entered and exited the cave interior.

Thinking was the only thing he could do.

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