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Kyrbi0 05-31-2009 01:55 AM

The Complete 'Great Troll War Mod' Compendium!
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~Great Troll War Mod~
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I have talked to TerranUp16 over MSN (quite a while ago).

Kyrbi0 says:
Alright, so just to make sure I got this straight, let me write this up and save it to a Notepad:

*What I Can Do with GTW Stuff*
Design/Model Documents: Distribute if I want
Icons: Distribute if I want (finished)
Images: ??? (screenshots, concept art, wallpaper, etc)
Models: DO NOT distribute, UNLESS finished (skin, anims, etc). CAN feed Unfinished models to Modellers for Finishing, but NOT en masse. FINISHED Models CAN be used for personal projects.
Sound: ???
Systems: DISTRIBUTE if I want (finished?)???
Tools: Already available on the Internet??

TerranUp16 says:
pretty much- still advise against distributing design materials unless there's a really good reason for it

TerranUp16 says:
otherwise, that seems to be correct

The Great Troll War Mod was a huge mod for Wc3. Their aim was to create 4 fully-custom races and a full set of campaigns for each race. However, more than that; they planned on implementing a diverse number of custom systems, such as physics, accuracy, and others. More information can be found here. The basic storyline idea can be found here.
Darkwulfv pointed out another thread, which provides more information. Thanks, wulf. :P

Involving a team made up of a great number of the best modellers, skinners, programmers, and others,
The Team, that I could find


-TerranUp16 (Lead Designer, Producer)
-TikiRokhan (Lead Modder, Programmer, Audio Editor)
-Jigrael (Unit Modeler)
-Werewulf (Generic Modeler)
-Mr. X-ecutor (Generic Modeler)
-Norinrad (Unit Modeler)
-Aardvark- (Unit Skinner)
-GoliathTheGod (Skinner)
-Sunny_D (Loading Screens and Score Screens)
-Infamous_Syn (Web Designer, Lead Building Modeler, Opening Cinematic Creator)
-Punisher_X (Terrainer, Tile Skinner, Generic Skinner)
-PlasticAngel (Terrainer, Tile Skinner)
-Gitlich (Terrainer)
-Sentinel5 (Cinematic Creator)
-T.bo (Artist)
-Pally (Artist)
-Vessboy (Artist)
-Vicky2004 (Spell Creator, JASSer)
-BloodStorm2262 (Spell Creator)
-I-h8-this-name (Spell Creator)


-Mr_Psycho2000 (Skinner, Modeler)
-Blade.dk (JASSer, Spell Creator)

, the GTW team had a great goal in mind.

However, it was not to be. Due in part to the massive scope of the project, and due to some personal issues involving the creator/director, TerranUp16, the project floundered and dwindled into the past.


Several months ago, I endeavoured to collect all the stuff for this project, and compile it. Obviously, I procrastinated. :P Still, I'd invite you to download some of the stuff and enjoy it; I hate to see resources gather dust on my hard drive.

I have included most every model and skin I could find. They are in varying stages of completion, ranging from 'totally complete', to some which simply lack a camera, to others with corrupt alpha channels and geosets that become displaced. Also, Dusk will be pleased to know I took pictures of all the working models. ^_^
Some of my personal favorites includes the Chaos Berserker, Harrax, Bul'jin, Scythelic, and most of the effects. Also the Raptor and Behemoth, though they are unfinished.

The "Snapshot Match" map is one that, if you put all the models into a custom MPQ, removing all the textures from the folders, it would work. Meh. :P

Below is a list of all the definite credits I could find and compile; for everything else, the exact artist is unfortunately, unknown.
Exact Credits

Forest Troll Axewielder
- Norinrad (model)
- P!ns (skin)

Forest Troll Spearthrower
- P!ns (skin)

Azerothian Guard
- jigrael (model)
- Timfarman (skin)

Forest Troll Underling
- jigrael (model/anims)
- Timfarman (skin)


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. Not trying to toot my own horn, but it was quite a hurdle to organize it all, so hopefully someone gets something out of this. :P

Added a single image to showcase all the icons in the Zip. Thanks to Archmage Owenalacaster for that one. :P

Alright, I have uploaded all the models (kinda the point of this whole thing; sorry for the wait. :P) I have also included most of the "Art" for the project, and some Music samples that are actually quite schweet. Enjoy.

Design Documents: Both are too large, even zipped up.
- IMG_1 contains Concepts, Loadscreens, Screenshots, Wallpapers
- IMG_2 contains 1/2 the "Art" folder
- IMG_3 contains the other 1/2 the "Art" folder
- I have decided Model Previews is too large to break up; moreoever, it's made up of screenshots of models. Just DL the models and open them up. :P
- There are 2 maps of Azeroth, one labelled one not; but both are so big I can't even Zip them up to upload them. xD
Music: [[SPLIT UP]]
MDL-Complete: [[SPLIT UP]]
MDL-MostlyComplete: [[SPLIT UP]]
MDL-NoAnimation: [[SPLIT UP]]

As of 2016.10.11, Norinrad came out of retirement for a moment & graced us with a few un-seen tidbits from GTW! I have uploaded the Laborer here to the thread for convenience (the map file is too large; just refer to the linked Hive post)
Thanks Norinrad!

darkwulfv 05-31-2009 02:26 AM

Wow, this is nice. A lot of this stuff is really quite nice.

Could you maybe add a picture of all the icons in one image? Please? <3

Kyrbi0 05-31-2009 03:37 AM

I literally have no time left to me for anything above and beyond the call of duty; sorry. :<

However, you're welcome to (their's only about 70 of them), and/or I've asked Archmage if he'll do it...

BTW, if I don't get to the rest of the uploads tonight, it won't be tomorrow, but Monday that I can.

ragingspeedhorn 05-31-2009 03:54 AM

I poo on the "great" troll war.

Michael Peppers 05-31-2009 04:34 AM

Hey, the models are really nice (well, with names like Jigrael, Norinrad, Werewulf and RDZ you can't go wrong), and there are a lot that may be really useful...

Get some rep for the work you did to square up all of that mess, you deserve it. (Well, not as much as the ones that did that, but still... :P)

camel's_hump 05-31-2009 05:19 AM

And I remember when Terran told everybody that unlike every mod that was supposed to be so big and grand GTW would finish... that was a good one.

Archmage Owenalacaster 05-31-2009 05:21 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Use this, Mister K.
Zoom (requires log in)

camel's_hump 05-31-2009 05:53 AM

Whoever made the icons has good ideas but needs to shade with less white, makes everything look washed out and over exposed.

Archmage Owenalacaster 05-31-2009 06:27 AM

I wish they had borders. It's a standard; you'd think they would have had the time to run them through a borderizer, at least.

Rao Dao Zao 05-31-2009 09:48 AM

I did not contribute to this project. TerranUp had a knack of trying to attach all the famous peoples' names to the project in order to big it up.

A master of propaghanda to be sure.

I cannot get the map to load completely in WE; did you use WEU or something else that would cause the import manager to not find a considerable number of resources?

Otherwise, I can't see all the unfinished cack you've thrown up there getting into the database. Maybe to the Modelling & Animation section as feedstock, and likewise the icons, but no further.

Flame_Phoenix 05-31-2009 11:11 AM

Mmmm I this follows my idea of a campaign. I am admired someone already had it before. The world is in deed small lol.

I have ideas for a custom race campaign, however I know I wouldn't have time for it, I would need a team as well ...
I wonder, if someday I get crazy enough to try this, will Kirby join me?

Anyway, I bet the code is outdated, but this is definitely worth downloading and seeing.
rep++ for such a post Kyrbi, keep on the good work!

Captain Griffen 05-31-2009 11:12 AM

I have a feeling I'm going to have to graveyard this. We don't accept resources from projects which repeatedly stole resources. The fact that you don't have the actual credits doesn't help either, particularly since I'm fairly certain at least one of those artists withdrew their consent for TU16 to use their stuff due to him being a lying bastard.

darkwulfv 05-31-2009 11:17 AM

'Tis a shame that TerranUp had to be such a cunt to people... This may have gotten farther. Despite Terran's assholeish-ness and propaghanda, the completed models and skins are really good. The icons, however... Well, they don't fit Wc3's style really at all, and look kinda meh.

@Kyrbi0: Here's a thread (albeit a trash one) that has some model/skin credits in the first post. There are a couple more scattered about.

Flame_Phoenix 05-31-2009 11:47 AM

God ... TerranUp was a bad guy !? How is it possible that I am always the last guy to know this kind of stuff ? xD

Anyway, I agree with darkwulfv...
Yet, I am going to add this baby to my bookmarks, it may get useful in the future, who knows =D

Mental Note: TerranUp left wc3c and he became known as being a lying bastard ... I wonder how wc3c will remember me if one day I decide leave it ...

Mental Note 2: I bet that Griffen is now preparing a super post to make fun of my mental note 1.

darkwulfv 05-31-2009 12:12 PM


God ... TerranUp was a bad guy !? How is it possible that I am always the last guy to know this kind of stuff ? xD
Because, the incident happened in Jan/Feb of '06. I came around while things were cooling down. You came around a year later, when nobody talked about him anymore.


TerranUp left wc3c and he became known as being a lying bastard
No, he was banned from Wc3c for being a lying bastard... amongst other things. LOL Propaghanda.

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