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Strategy Master 05-08-2007 04:58 PM

Warcraft 2:2nd Generation 1.21b
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Warcraft 2 2nd generation 1.21b
This was a mod project hosted at the hubb. Its purpose was to re-create warcraft 2 in warcraft 3 and allow people to easily use this to make there own war2 style maps or mods using it.

Hidden information:
What is Warcraft 2 2nd generation?
A: It is a mod that replicates warcraft 2 for warcraft 3 as accurately as possible. We are striving more for accuracy than enhancements but you have options to turn these on or off in game for a classic or enhanced experience.

But the greatest asset will hopefully be its customizabilty so that you can use the mod engine to make your own maps/ mods based using the engine so you dont have to re-make all the warcraft 2 things yourself.

This mod makes use of Pipedreams grimoire to loadmpq to overload the warcraft 3 files.

What surprises do you have for this new mod?
A: we will feature a mod that changes every model, engine and AI of wc3 to wc2 and can be played on any melee map that comes
with warcraft 3.

This allows units to have attack numbers equal to war2 but still do the theoretical correct number of hits against units.

So is the ai based on ai scripts?
A: The melee Ai is based on the AMAI engine http://www.wc3campaigns.net/amai

Will the AI support ships and use them for transportation?
A: A feature I would most like to support in game but for now best way we can have working ships is in custom maps/campaigns.

Will there be a Campaign?
A: Originally there was but never got very far. Its more up to people themselves to use the engine to make the campaigns.
I have the first 4 missions of the orc campaigns basically done including ai for the 4th mission which will be released to provide demo of how to use the engine effectively in custom maps.

When it will be realised?
A: The engine itself is complete. We are now mainly working on the Melee Naval ai, and "models".

Is there a Demo?
A:The original form of the mod was a map demo of course no longer exists.

Only the engine itself is free for open use. Campaigns are complete properties of our team and models are properties of whoever owns them.

Are you including all the music and briefings?
A:We are and have already extracted and converted for use in our mod and is great when in game. If someone wishes to fully re-compose the warcraft music that would be wonderful.

Lets say I got this new great mod finanlly, but i want to create my own maps, ai, models using its engine how will this be?
A:There will be an editor for your own maps that support the war2 engine. Also have a readme for important parts of making
war2 maps like setting up a custom map so u dont want the beginning melee dialog menus etc.

Are you going to create models for each tileset like in wc2?
A:No. You must be kidding me, i can't even get models for all the default stuff.
What things won't be added to the mod that are in wc2?
A: Novelty features that just cannot be added due to warcraft 3's design prevents there use. E.g. Changing tileset features
at map load.

For those who havn't played - Differences in War2 from War3
Different tech tree, ships, no heros(in classic mode), different harvesting system, different building system with advanced build tab, different combat mechanics, the war2 style spells.

  • Damage/movement/sight calculations have been re-designed to match as best as possible the warcraft 2 calculations and using the stats of warcraft 2 battle.net.
  • All gameplay mechanics from the latest version of the battle.net edition are effectively implemented.
  • Race techtree is a perfect replica of the warcraft 2 with no third party additions or changes.
  • All warcraft 2 spells have been implemented and work exactly or almost exactly.
  • Full naval system supporting naval construction over cliff faces, full naval combat, working transportation that dosn’t require shallow water to unload and load units.
  • Fully working warcraft 2 resource harvesting system where workers take time in the gold mine and time in the resource collection structure. Also implements a perfect working third oil resource (interface limitations means you can only find out how much oil you have by selecting any structure you own)
  • Fully playable computer AI support based off the Advanced Melee AI warcraft mod for when you have no one else to play against.
  • Workers have two build menus for constructing basic structures and the later advanced structures.
  • Memorable music, sounds and icons converted.
  • Option to select enhanced mode at the start of the game that brings in heros, creeps and items into the fray or you can stick with the classic mode which does away with such luxuries.

For all intents and purpose my time towards this mod will be drawing to a close and future updates from me will in most case be unlikely. There is not enough time to keep maintaining this by myself. I hope you enjoy what has been created though.

Current Team
Director - Strategy Master
Art Director - Hellhammer

  • Art
    Blink Boy - Lead Art Director
    Animator - lancroster
    Markus3832 - Early Modelling help and Testing
    Megaerathia - Moddeler
    Starcrafter - Moddeler
    Skinner - Juice_F
    SKullord - Initial original Icons
    Models - Misc people from many sources (Red XIII, Hellhammer )
    Scratch - Gnomish Sub Model
    Dmitry Rommel - Orc Transport Model
  • Campaigns
    Campaign Overseer -loktar
    War2x Orc Expansion Terraining and unit placement - Hellhammer
  • Misc
    AiAndy and Zalamander - AMAI
    John Drake - Realm Design Senior Executive
    Zepir - Creator of Zepirs editor
    Pitzermike - Creator of the widgetizer
    Pipedream – Creator of Grimoire
    Vexorian - Creator of map optimizer
    Brett Wood - Blizzard Entertainment
    Others whom I may have missed out

All Warcraft 3 and Warcraft 2 items are copyright of Blizzard Entertainment. You may not reproduce or share these items in any way outside of warcraft products and you must own copies of warcraft before using such items in your own warcraft mods.

To play just extract somewhere and double click the war2 exe file to start playing

War2 2nd Generation Exe (1.21b)- Download here
War2 2nd Generation Readme - Download here
Islands Oil patch - Standard islands map with oil patches so you can test that system/ play with friends. (remember ai wont work properly on island style maps)

Ancient History
http://www.wc3campaigns.net/showthre...highlight=war2 - Beginnings
http://www.fulgrim.com/hubb/index.ph...6d4&board=72.0 - Old Forum

Allows creation of all warcraft 2 2nd generation maps. Maps must be created using this editor to be successfully compatibly with the warcraft 2 mod. (A Fully documented manual will be included on use of editor at a later time) Created maps only work in conjunction with the mod executable which a demo is now available to download.

- To make a map not use the starting melee dialog menu, make sure the clearstartinglocations melee trigger action is not used.
- To turn off AMAI just dont use Meleestatingai trigger action.
- Createstartingunits melee trigger will make a single peon at the start location.
- Oil platforms and oil patches measure the amount of gold as oil. This is effectivly the best way of doing this
- Must use a special preplacement unit for oil platforms to be placed on the map.
- Object editor race stuff not in there specific race category. This is intended as its only way that humans can build like
orcs in warcraft 3 but both races can still speed build.

Editor Tool Downloads
War2 Editing Tools(1.21b) - Download here - Contains the editor and a collection of other tools used for creation of your own maps. Also includes the AI source.
Campaign Example - This is a recreation of the first 4 missions of the orc campaign as an example of using the editor to make war2 maps or you can just play it too i guess :emote_dance: (Use version 1.20a or higher and third mission will now be completable)
Source Map(1.21b) - Download here - This map is the entire source of the engine. Note requires JassNewGen as compiled in vJass. Due to an error on my part it now requires UMSWE enabled in JassNewGen to load. I can't look into why but it fatal exceptions without it.
War2x Orc Campaign(INCOMPLETE) - Download here - All maps have been terrained and units placed by hellhammer but still need triggering and ai etc

NOTE: All misc downloads(Maps,Campaigns) require the war2 2nd generation exe downloaded first exception being the source map.

DeaD_MeN_WalkiN 05-08-2007 05:06 PM

Well Strategy you placed this in the wrong forum, place it in Map testing :P.

Strategy Master 05-08-2007 05:07 PM

@Dead_Men_Walkin: But it aint just a map :D

Edit: Also its been released before at the hubb. This is beta for the new version of the mod project.

TheSecretArts 05-08-2007 05:20 PM

Very anxious, cant wait. I've been playing real War2 but now id like to see it in three-dimensional

Captain Griffen 05-08-2007 06:28 PM

You actually need to give info. How is it different from WC3? Don't ever presume knowledge of other games.

Strategy Master 05-08-2007 07:01 PM

@Cap'n Griffen: Hows that expanded and inserted FAQ

Captain Griffen 05-08-2007 07:38 PM

That's good.

Gives cookies

Maybe I'll try it at some point...

DeaD_MeN_WalkiN 05-08-2007 08:33 PM

Well I would try it but the file size is huge, need to wait untill the weekend to get it since im on wood connection :P.

Strategy Master 05-08-2007 09:29 PM

@dead_men_walkin: at some point i will put up a lite version up which doesn't have the music and unit voices.

TheSecretArts 05-09-2007 02:37 AM

woah, you have a guy from blizz on ur team!?!

Av3n 05-09-2007 06:53 AM

Kool im gonna try this


ragingspeedhorn 05-09-2007 07:40 AM

Will work on this mod continue or did it die along with the hubb and the artists fleeing?

WitchingHour 05-09-2007 11:15 AM

Finally! I hope other people will join you on this great projects, I would like to see a 3d version of Warcraft II :D

Strategy Master 05-09-2007 11:24 AM

@ragingspeedhorn: I will continue to at least finish 1.20. Yes it nearly died with all the artists and the hubb but i continued to make improvements and jasshelper/grimoire utilities kinda spurred me further to work on it again.

WitchingHour 05-09-2007 12:35 PM

Now I can continue with map making (I'm Hellhammer), finally.

PS: Where are the Cho'Gall, Altar of Storms, Peon and Temple of the damned?

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