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maxmadganja 06-25-2007 04:39 AM

test that now !

Castlemaster 10-19-2007 06:03 PM

I played and only have a few comments:
1) Good game over all. Well thought out and balanced, especially the max creep thing.
2) I liked the race system. Made it more interesting.
3) When I played, an opponent was arachnid and played the Queen I believe. Even though my creeps were at the same level as his, throwing down a fire ward and stunning them took half to 3/4 of their life away and there was nothing I could do. That was just my experience, but that combo seemed overpowered.
I'd give the game 8.5/10

Panto 10-20-2007 01:32 AM

Thanks for your comments. The fire trap has been one of the trickiest abilities to balance in the game since day 1. I think we've got it at a good point where it is, but I'll certainly be paying close attention to it when we balance test for next release.

Castlemaster 10-20-2007 10:26 PM

I felt it could have been balanced with a reduction in the stun duration, personally. I was able to micro to take out the ward, and the queen was not able to withstand the punishment of my hero, the Lord, but she could always run in, ward, stun, and knock my guys to half health before I could do anything. The problem was just the stun, not the ward IMO.

I also think part of the problem is the lack of +hp upgrades. The +armor and +damage does well to scale the footmen, but spells are not mitigated. They are balanced in footman vs. footman battles, but spellcaster spells become more effective without mitigation.

Honestly though, that's my only complaint from my single play.

Panto 05-16-2008 03:32 AM

Your feedback is invaluable. Thank you :love:

burningice95 05-30-2008 12:41 AM


Panto 05-30-2008 07:16 AM

I can post in my own map's thread whenever I see fit.

xiaoliang 01-18-2010 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by Blade.dk
I fully approve this map.

It isn't the only footman wars type map? Correct. But it is one of the best maps in it's genre, seems very balanced and has some unique features.

Good map .:emote_thumbup:

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