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Histenchist 08-09-2007 09:39 PM

Geoset Merger Tutorial (DreadGhoul)
5 Attachment(s)
Head Changing tutorial.

Step 1
First of all you should get the models open a mpq in any program that can extract mdl models (Magos Model Editor). We will use the DreadLord (Units\Undead\DreadLord\Dreadlord.mdx) and the Ghoul (Units\Undead\Ghoul\Ghoul.mdx).

Step 2
Open Oinkers Vertext Modifier and open the dreadlord model (Geoset 1). Add a marker just below the head (5, 0, 100). And remove the head, that’s pretty easy since there are no vertex close to it, then save it. Now open the Ghoul model. Remove everything except the head, and then move it to the marker. Remove all the other Geosets on the ghoul. Save the ghoul.
The Ghoul should look like this: Attachment 27916
And the DreadLord like this: Attachment 27917

Step 3
Open GeosetMerger and do so it looks like this:
Base Model: HeroDreadlord
Geoset: Ghoul
Output: HeroDreadghoul (call it whatever you want)

Path: units\Undead\Ghoul\Ghoul.blp
Type: None

Bone: Mesh26: Bone_Head

And then click Merge.

Attachment 27919

Step 4
Open Magos Model Editor and take a look at it. Doesn’t it look good? Yes, until you come to the dissipate animation. You’re ghoul head are there just floating in the air.
Well don’t just sit there, now lets fix it.
Open up the Geoset Animation, and create a new. Set the geoset to the ghoulhead’s geoset. Open up the Alpha window and it should look like this:
0: 1
This is what we must change…
Open the Sequence Manager and open the Dissipate animation. Copy the From number and put it into the Alpha and do the same with the End Number. Now change it soo it looks like this:
32400: 0
35733: 0
Attachment 27920
Now look at the Dissipate animation again.

Hope it works.

Finished:Attachment 27918

Next Update: I will add a portrate tutorial

Histenchist 08-10-2007 07:19 PM

Added screenshots.

PitzerMike 08-19-2007 08:50 AM

I approve.

alphajethro11 01-18-2011 02:34 AM

btw, can you do this with weapon? i tried it but the weapon is under the unit :(

sry for stupid question. finally fixed it

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