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DeaD_MeN_WalkiN 09-27-2006 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by Trenix_Decease
-Soul Powerup should be removed (damages yourself and players, pointless and annoying, also annoying have to watch the same thing over and over).

There is an option at mode selection to disable it.

Laosh'Ra 09-29-2006 05:47 PM


-Soul Powerup should be removed (damages yourself and players, pointless and annoying, also annoying have to watch the same thing over and over).
1. its called Soulpower
2. the one u pointed out is the one for the goblin swarm: each race has its own power
3. your king sufferes only a small percentage of that damage. this way you can instantly win the game after collecting enough souls (its no use to spam the soulpower again and again: pile your souls and strike ONCE)
4. you get an additional turn: after weakening the enemy you can finish him off by attacking with your own king who received less damage
5. if you dont like the animation: try -fs mode


-With souls you should be able to buy more units to put on the field by clickin on your main unit by making the menu coming up. Then clickin on "Buy Unit" and with the souls you could purchase units.
thats an interesting idea but i dont think it suits very well for a chess theme.


-More maps to fight on, instead of just black and white board.
there IS a secondairy board. use -ab. but you might be right as for the tilesets i used. i promise you to use other ground tilesets as soon as i make a 3rd board.


-Show the levels of your units.
they are shown all the time, except on tornado. spirit link = lvl2, howl = lvl3.


-Make units have levels Capped to level 5 and abilites are not every level.
so far, the only advantage besides the new abilities is improved hp&mana regeneration. i think its already rare enough to get lvl3 units, don't u think its a bit much of wasted effort if you have to win 4 battles with the SAME unit to unlock a level5 ability?
if you like never-ending profit when winning a battle: try the green death race. their king starts very weak but increases his own maximum hitpoints each time he wins a battle.


-Recheck units and fix up some balancement.
yes, thats a never ending process. but it would be useful if you'd came up with some suggestions. people keep giving me contrairy feedback about balance.


-BIGGER area.
i actually dont understand this. do u mean larger arenas? if you want a larger board to play on, try the second one (-ab mode)

DeaD_MeN_WalkiN 09-29-2006 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by Laosh'Ra
yes, thats a never ending process. but it would be useful if you'd came up with some suggestions. people keep giving me contrairy feedback about balance.

I think Everyone says that the game needs balance actually means azerneth needs balance :emote_grin: .

Laosh'Ra 09-30-2006 02:19 PM

hehehe... yes i GOT that now >_> but since im working a lot on my new project (Blood Mirror Semi-RP) theres no 1.18 version in sight so far. sorry.

Laosh'Ra 10-21-2006 11:14 AM

good news: working on 1.18 right now...

Death_Phoenix 11-04-2006 01:09 AM

Laosh'Ra, I'm a big fan of this map, my friends and I seriously play this on average two times a week.

Just a few issues that (I hope) haven't been posted already, (Did a quikc skim but might've missed something):
-The unit that looks like the Goblin Tinker's spell, Vacuum Grenade, can sometimes be used to put the game to an entire stalemate. What I mean is, if he uses it in an arena with some water, theres a chance the unit gets sucked into the water, unable to move. This only happened to me once though, on the dungeon-looking one.
-Soulpowers that require someone to pick a target will sometimes lock the game if the player that needs to target leaves/disconnects.
-Some issues regarding Tears of Zaboath (Spelling's probably wrong). It can get really cheap if someone's using the Blood Horde, as their Archertype and Meleetype both have the potential to attack much faster than other units in the game. This means their DPS skyrockets with a strong Tears of Zaboath buff on the other units. Also, necromancer's zombies also gain the bonus damage from the Tear's, which really adds a lot of damage.
-Music doesn't work (or at least when my friends and I try it)
-With the second board, the amount of units each person has is really small, which I guess is okay, but some people don't like it =/. But more importantly, with the second board, Archertypes on a Soul Tile can attack the two adjacent tiles, whereas in the first one they'de have to move off first. This means Meleetypes become somewhat obselete (Meleetypes are also obselete for gaining tiles in the first one too). Perhaps repositioning of the tiles would fix this 'issue'.

Anyway, I'm really glad that you decided to work on 1.18 ^.^ Good luck, and I'll be checking frequently :D

TopWolf 11-09-2006 11:36 PM

I like the game, am a big fan. My only problem with this map is that it is not strategical enough. By the way, I play chess so thats a heavy influence on my comment.

Anyway, I think units should have an ability to defend each other when they are linked by a movement circle. In the case they defend each other they both go to battle. Attackers should have a similair thing where they can send more units into battle, perhaps when two units can attack a unit.

Its only an idea but I could imagine playing the game would be difficult with the small gameboard.

Laosh'Ra 11-20-2006 05:58 PM

gonna do a final test for 1.18 today. if everything turns out well ill release it right away :)
-as for that vacuum grenade issue, it should be fixed now... i cant promise it though.
-same goes for the players-leaves-during-soulpower. im quite sure the game will resume now, but it might bug up in rare cases...
-the tears of zabaoth 'issue' is known and wanted :P
-i removed all music commands as they tended to be quite annoying (players kept quarreling)
-i rearranged the interrior soul fields on the alternate board :)
i didnt follow your suggestion to let units fight together... would require countless rebalancings and adjustments. and probably tons of new bugs.
however, one of the new features will increase tactics a bit. ofc it will never be as demanding as real chess though.

changelog will be posted at release.

Laosh'Ra 11-20-2006 08:49 PM

hrm... ill rather wait a bit longer to ensure that all the changes are working correctly. expect the release sometime this week.

Laosh'Ra 11-25-2006 01:43 PM

here it is, 1.18 epic!
to sum it up:
• replaced sudden death with a dynamic movespeed bonus for melee & short ranged units: the speed increases every second and is reseted after the battle
• player red can change the tileset of the board on-the-fly
• board abilities (like field attack but dont require a target: soul release, fortify and meditate)
ive done quite some balancing & fixes too... major memory leaks were fixed and the breaks between turns are a lot shorter now.

Death_Phoenix 12-08-2006 11:22 PM

Just out of curiousity, what does "Whitelisted" mean and/or do?

Just something that came up while playing with my friends:
With the Blood Orcs, they seem a bit overpowered. For instance, the Meleetype and Archertype's both attack extremely fast at lvl's 2 and 3, which makes them deadly units, a lvl 3 Meleetype can get a King down to half HP, maybe more with Zaboath. Their Soulpower can take out enemies armies gradually, but with 30 SP Cost it seems a bit too crazy, perhaps bump it up a bit? And their King is capable of doing some crazy dmg at lvl 3, and that could pretty much win any King-King battle; especially if it's late game and only 2 players are left.

Laosh'Ra 12-19-2006 01:46 PM

whitelist is simply the opposite of a blacklist. it doesnt do anything in particular except mentioning all whitelisted players at the beginning of the game.

again thanks for feedback: always remember that blood orcs dont have a SINGLE field attack. ofc they are stronger in arena battles in return, thats their concept. to prevent them from gaining insane strength, i gave some of them 'defiled soul' which grants no bonus for the actual fighting: it doubles the restores hp AFTER winning and denies soulpoints for the opponent when dying.
as for the soulpower, remember it picks a RANDOM target which is basicly a big disadvantage. compared to voidsphere or unseal. using the soulpower also means ur king's lvl2 gets a lot weaker. but i agree, in a 1on1 game blood orcs might turn out to be the strongest race.
as for the king's lvl3, basicly all other kings (except alucard) have more maxhp than him. this means using it right away against a fully healed king is an instant suicide (upon usage the unit with less hitpoints will die, subtracting its hp from the winning units hitpoints). in a lategame with only 2 players left, he's probably still screwed against goblins (chrononuke when he comes near), alucard (reincarnation), black horde (he cant just kill aznereth with his soulpower and will be weakened by him) and alliance (as they can boost maxhp). ofc it all depends on the circumstances. but maybe i should add some restrictions to final strike which prevent it from being cast at the beginning of the combat. ideas about this are welcome.
anyway, i nerfed the whole race a tiny bit.

as for 1.19 (which is not done yet) i rebalanced some stuff, fixed some more issues.
new abilities for:
Garel'Ta Soldier (lvl2)
Gelidus The Cold Foci (lvl2)
Lash Beast (lvl2, lvl3)
Ashari and maybe some other Seraphie (lvl3)

the Blooded One Shaman now has Meteo as lvl3
ill try to add some more abilities for seraphie now, as they lack versatility the most.

further plans include 1 NEW UNIT PER RACE to replace the middle soldier type. they will most likely have knight-type movement, except that they cant walk diagonal.
ideas are welcome but i dont promise to use them. in any case, themes for new races have no chance as i already have like 20 on the queue. and im not even planning to add any race in the near future.

Death_Phoenix 12-23-2006 12:06 AM

I'm actually really liking this idea of a new middle soldier type with that type of movement - It means the game has a whole different strategy.

Usually, right now people more one of the Archertypes in fron the center melee, then on the next rotation into one of the Tiles, this changes all of that, which seems really nice - Gives some variety.


One issue that cropped up and I forgot to mention is the way soulpoints are distributed. I'll Explain:

Right now Soulpoints from tiles are given after Green's turn. This means if Green starts, that means Green gets an extra turn before the soulpoints are distributed. If Red starts, everyone gets 1 turn before the distribution, but if (Right Colour) starts, 2 people miss out on a turn before soulpoints. Although not a biggy, it still gives an advantage, however minor it is. Just a little observation.

Laosh'Ra 01-19-2007 11:33 AM

yes death_phoenix, but the advantage is quite low. i bet its even lower than the host advantage (no delay) so i cant be bothered splitting the end-of-round parts of the engine.

anyway, i slightly changed the condition for the 'Red Magic' project:
instead of giving all units unique/different lvl1, 2 and 3 abilities, some abilities exist for 2 different units. but thats the maximum.
in other words: Red Magic is complete now. this doesn't mean ill never add new abilities, but i can finally start with the new unit types for v1.20.

1.19 is almost done, a few more test games and ill most likely release it.
-fixed a minor display issue
-added a new soul field to the alternate board which grants 3 instead 2 sp per round
-fixed meditate range (board ability)
-further balancing
-fixed an angelic ascension issue
-fixed camera issues with Alliance Soulpower and Draws in Arena Battles
-rearranged icon positions of: Angelic Annoyance / Fury / Hatred; Burning / Freezing Arrow
-changed seraphie soulpower to cause desync with more than 4 players (observers)
-fixed an issue which moved the board ability circle into the battle arena

new abilities (additional to those i already listed):
LVL 2:
Remorse (Silveredge Warrior, Seraphie)
Divinity (Ashari, Seraphie)
Death Clock (Fusion Wraith, Black Horde)
Seal of the Reaper (Guard of Purgatory, Black Horde; Aznereth, Black Horde Soulpower)

LVL 3:
Sunhelix (Truth Ranger, Seraphie; Light Bringer, Seraphie)

i might add a negative regen per round for aznereth after testing his new lvl2 ability.

Laosh'Ra 01-20-2007 09:05 AM

-improved regeneration values for 'Made of Ægis' (initial green death ability for skeletons) and 'Cursed Flesh' (Guard of Purgatory Level 3)
-restrickted the rename commands to namelengths of 1 to 100 (simply a space as name isnt allowed either)
-changed Slam (Terra Fiend Level 2) to Greater Slam (Terra Fiend Level 2, Aznereth Level 2): this means Seal of the Reaper is an exclusive ability for Guard of Purgatory
-fixed correct removal of the tutorial-leftovers when the alternate board is activated
-added some effects to the green death's soulpower 'unseal'
-fixed a bug which happened with 'unseal' being casted without alucard existing anymore (-te mode)

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