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Rising_Dusk 08-26-2007 03:31 PM

(10) The Obsidian Depths
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(10) The Obsidian Depths
Current Version: 0.10x

The game is of the Dungeon Crawler genre. You start at the top of the dungeon and work your way through epic and fully-scripted bosses to reach deeper and deeper levels of the abyss. Effectively, it's a series of levels with Zelda-inspired/styled bosses for you to test your mettle upon.

I decided to make OD originally because I wanted a boss-themed game with more to it than just bosses with random triggered skills and a million HP. I wanted actual levels, an actual themed world, and actually coherent bosses that were challenging as hell but still very personable. That's where the Zelda inspiration for OD comes in, particularly in how the dungeon levels play out (on a smaller scale) and then how the boss introduces itself. I had a summer break with no internet for 4 weeks and just cranked out the first 6 levels and the heroes and then here we are, updating it later on.

  • Full secondary attribute system, all of which impact how you play and how your hero works.
  • Pretty multiboard & spellbook usage make this secondary attribute system as fluid and easy to learn as possible!
  • Fully customized damage rendering system that allows for anything to critical and allows easy augmentation of damage.
  • Shows pretty numbers when you damage an enemy or heal an ally!
  • 6 hero types that each serve a specific role in combat!
  • Full hero customization, lots of possible builds.
  • Fully scripted boss fights in each level!
  • Goals to reach in each level that allow you to gain extra bonuses if you meet them!
  • Difficulty adjusts to player number, so you can try it with different counts of people for different experiences!
  • Random, 1337 1007 that can drop from monsters ranging from gold to ancient artifacts!

Hero Roles:
  • Paladin: Healing & Support Tanking
  • Sorceress: Area of Effect Nuker
  • Ranger: Support Area of Effect & Long Range Damager
  • Necromancer: Summoner & Debuffer
  • Berserker: Melee Damage & Massive Tankage
  • Hunter: Single Target Elimination & Sneaky Hero

Zoom (requires log in)

Almost all of the basics are implemented at this point. All that's left, really, is to finish coding and terraining all of the remaining levels of the dungeon. Right now 1-6 are completed and there are 12 planned, so that gives you a good idea of what's to come.

Change Log:


v0.10x ~

------ BUGS
[X] - Fixed a graphical bug with the Paladin Healer Helper

v0.10w ~

[X] - Added difficulty selection to the map!
[X] - Paladins now have a 'Healer Helper' on the left of their screens!
[X] - Attack types and armor types now display damage type and factors!
[X] - The map is now updated for Patch 1.24 and higher

------ BUGS
[X] - Fixed a graphical bug with the level timer in Level 5
[X] - Fixed a bug in Level 6 with Cyndarr's ult and critical hits
[X] - Fixed a bug where Ramm's ultimate would hit every player unit at once
[X] - Fixed a bug where Ventor's spawns would lock up if too many existed

------ BALANCE
[X] - Removed cooldowns on potions
[X] - Assassinate now scales roughly 33% more effectively with concentration
[X] - Necromancer summoning skills can now critical
[X] - Corpse Explosion now has a 2 second cooldown

  ==== Level 1
  [X] - Kobold Shamen now ressurect Kobolds
  [X] - Kobold Shamen can no longer throw rocks
  [X] - Ramm's now starts at 50 mana when activated

  ==== Level 2
  [X] - Ventor's revive timer is now 10/15/20/25/30 seconds
  [X] - The Ancient Crypt now has vision of the entire level

  ==== LEVEL 3
  [X] - Cultists now have 33% more max life
  [X] - Mara's Ultimate now deals 20% less damage

  ==== LEVEL 4
  [X] - When an egg successfully hatches, a web spawns that slows units

  ==== LEVEL 6
  [X] - During Cyndarr's Ultimate, a damage counting gauge appears
  [X] - During Cyndarr's Ultimate, a completion gauge appears

TaintedReality 08-26-2007 05:07 PM

Wait...this isn't an AoS?! :). Downloading, I've always been interested in making something like this but always had other things I wanted to do first.

Rising_Dusk 08-26-2007 05:24 PM

I guess I didn't really explain what it is, though. It's a dungeon crawler basically, ten levels of a dungeon where you start at the bottom and are struggling to get out. Every boss battle will be epic and crazy in some way, some bosses will interact with spawns more than others, some might do other stuff.

Fulla 08-27-2007 09:00 AM

Gave it a brief try in singleplayer.

The secondary attribute system looked very impressive and I liked all the options and possiblities.

I did not however have any abilities, I first tried the beserker and though ah perhaps he doesnt have any spells to begin with, so then i tried the Necro who also had 0 spells?

Does the difficulty vary depending on amount of players present?
As singleplayer is impossible, atleast without any spells.

Rising_Dusk 08-27-2007 11:47 AM


I did not however have any abilities, I first tried the beserker and though ah perhaps he doesnt have any spells to begin with, so then i tried the Necro who also had 0 spells?

Those are just some of the features planned for this map at the moment. Some of them aren't implemented yet, like there are no items currently made and half the heroes don't have any skills.
The only characters with motleys of spells are the Ranger, Sorceress, and Paladin. The others I simply have not had time to get to yet. And yeah, it scales to player count, so it's easier with fewer people. I find even with spells that 1 player is rather difficult because each hero has only a few defined roles. You could be a pally and self heal, but you'd never make it past later areas (that aren't yet made), for instance.

I've beaten the first level with 2 people, though. So I know the automatic balancing is at least mostly working.

You can see for yourself which heroes have spells before ever selecting them. Just click the hero skills button on the hero in hero selection and you can look at what each hero has so far.

emjlr3 08-27-2007 05:01 PM

sounds interesting ,will have to give it a look most deff

btw how do u find the time to make so much stuff like this so damned fast?

Fulla 08-27-2007 05:07 PM

Aha ok, I cant really test this online Full House then, if some units dont have spells or are heavily inferior compared with others :-(.
I'll wait until its rdy.

moyack 08-27-2007 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by emjlr3
sounds interesting ,will have to give it a look most deff

btw how do u find the time to make so much stuff like this so damned fast?

You have two options:
  • Rising_Dusk don't sleep and use that precious time modding... or
  • Rising_Dusk reuses code from his other projects.

I'm sure it's the second one... I hope so.

Anyways, and coming back to topic, I'll check this new one, looks very interesting :)

Fulla 08-27-2007 07:13 PM

Well if you try the map out, ull c hes only just started on it.
I assume the main systems were all from DoE, with a slight few extra/bonuses.

Rising_Dusk 08-27-2007 11:12 PM


Rising_Dusk reuses code from his other projects.
That's mostly true, notice how I use identical hero selections in all maps. Saves time and it's not like I have to credit myself between maps. All of DoE was coded from the ground up though, but I did reuse lots of work from DoE for this map. (It's a totally different genre of map, so not a lot of it was compatible to be fair)

There is a lot of stuff in this that I threw together specifically for this map, though. The custom damage rendering system took quite a bit of work on its own, but fully allows distinguishing between an infinite number of damage types (With minor additions to code for each additional type). Most of the reason I can do so much though is that I work really freakin' fast. DoE's entire code (which has none of it reused, it was all totally remade and remapped to allow the rematching) was developed in a few months. xD

PenguinEmperor 08-28-2007 05:32 AM


Have any neat ideas for rooms? (There will be ten total) Just post 'em here and we'll chat about it!

Seems pretty cool.

My room idea is a water filled room, that has fish enemies and slows you down a bit, but you can swim up and down to dodge attacks.

TaintedReality 08-28-2007 05:28 PM

It's not so much that he works really fast, he just actually finishes his maps =D. I seem to usually get tired of them about 75% of the way through.

Fluff 08-28-2007 07:18 PM

75%? Lucky, if I got that far into a map there's no way I would stop. I get to about....20%

This map looks cool because the rest of the maps comparable to this on BNet are really crappy. (Think about the old Ballin's Tomb, fun but poorly made) Your AoS's were fun and nicely polished, but there are quite a few other well made AoS's out there. But it looks to me like this one will have more people playing it for longer because of its uniqueness.

Not to say that DoE wasn't unique, but the AoS category is already established.


Edit: Hopefully you get what I mean.

emjlr3 08-29-2007 02:54 PM

after a quick test, i was a little annoyed

i got my hero, got my skill, then started looking at the stats, and upgrading them

wasn't real sure how many I had, so I just kept clicking different ones

before I knew, since i did not chase the Kobold with the key, about a dozen other Kobolds found and attacked me, I managed to take out about 5 before I died

then I never revived....

after an 'iseedeadpeople' to try and check out the map, looked like all the random kobolds were congregation at the two entrances, not sure if that is on purpose or not

anyhow, that was that, maybe I will try it more later

st33m 08-29-2007 05:21 PM

Yeah you really need healing.

Me and my friend tried our first game but got killed. I was paladin he was sorc.

Then we tried again with the same heroes, and we beat it sort of easily. We just stood in the middle and I spammed heal on him and he blizzarded whenever the kobold with the key came back. If he wasn't dying then I just whacked things.

The boss fight was kind of cool, except I needed to both heal and tank, so I mostly stood there, whacked him once, and then healed myself. We were both like level... I don't know actually. Pretty high? I put all of my points into alacrity, because it was the only one that actually increased survivability.

EDIT: Oh also. I'm not quite sure what the sorc spells were, but the blizzard (which appeared to be her "ultimate" (or at least high level skill, if her make up is similar to the paladin)) really trumped anything else I saw her do, and I don't think I really noticed her other spells.

Also the paladin shield thing kind of sucked, I got a point or two in it, cast it once or twice, and then I don't think I ever touched it again.

The basic healing move was several orders of magnitude better than the ultimate, which you never get a chance to freely channel for 10 seconds really without hurting your team. It heals 10 hp / second over like 10 seconds, which is 100 hp, for 40 mana, where as the other one heals (at least on my guy) about 250 hp, for 30 mana. Even if you need to cast it multiple times to heal multiple allies, its not like all of your allies are always getting hurt. And when 2 people played, it was 60 mana for 500 hp, which is still better than 100 over time for 40.

The critical thing... meh we never really used it. I needed to save my mana for healing.

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