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Strategy Master 02-09-2007 05:53 PM

AMAI 2.50c FINAL Released!!!
EDIT: 2.50c update released the list of fixes are as follows:
Fixed some major issues limiting night elven play where they wouldn't build wisps
Fixed issue where night elfs would have invulnerable wisps in there mines
Fixed some issues with night elf expansions being attempted after it failed
Fixed some issues with focus fire selecting invisible and hidden units

Fixed a major issue which resulted in taverns not being able to be used as well as other neutral buildings
Fixed some buying issues from taverns and item shops
Fixed some major memory leaks
Fixed an issue that caused some extra unnessesary start lag on the large maps
Pathing controls start a few seconds later to help reduce start lag affecting pro players on large maps

The next version of amai has finally reached a status worthy of a stable release. I was planning on releasing on time with the new year but things never turn out as planned :emote_dance:

This has been a major project which resulted in massive changes to the underlying code. This is the first major update to amai since January 2005 where the new year edition was released. I would like to give my thanks to all the play testers of the betas who helped. You guys provided a wealth of valuable information and suggestions that made this possible. See you all again for the development of 2.51 ;) and have fun playing warcraft. :emote_grin:

Download from the usual download link


Improved defeat conditions where profiles will give up or fight to the end.
The Start Lag of 2.43 removed and a whole new pathing calculation system is in place which is fast and effective without the lag. Also in turn fixes bugs of trying to use unpathable neutrals.
Loads of Strategy improvements and tweaks to further enhance amai.
A much more efficient ghoul lumber harvesting system.
Small tweaks to try and improve overall team play with each other.
The way gold mines are chosen have been improved to choose out of the the closest mines instead of sometimes always picking mines near enemy locations.
AMAI can now make much more effective use of Millitia expansion, Tower rushes and ancient expansions.
Undead now can build necropolis at expansions.
Mana fountains can now be used by AMAI.
Improved the army tracking systems to be more accurate and less error prone.
Improved retreat systems with more aggressive profiles less likely to retreat in combat.
Major new micro management of units with correct usage of racial shops to heal units.
Improved focus fire systems which also includes focusing fire on enemy structures and wards.
Fixed many teleportation issues
Fixes to the core attack systems of AMAI
Fixed multiple zepplin usage bugs
Much improved hero selection
Portuguese and Norwegian languages now included in AMAI
Multiple problems fixed for the ROC version of AMAI
A new AMAI version allowing play against both AMAI and the original blizzard ai at once.

ENGINE FIXES FROM 2.50 Release candidate 2

Fixed a calculation error of players strength for rushing
Improved calculation speeds of pathing systems to fix issues on certain maps where certain neutral were not calculated unpathable early enough.
Fixed an issue where night elf would not give up sending there wisp to build an ancient expansion
Fixed an issue where invisible units could be used to exploit amai into defending its town
Fixed multiple major memory leak issues
Fixed a bug in teleport to nearest ally ai town
Fixed a bug in militia expansion where it would suicide the creeps with all its peasants if its initial wave was stopped
Fixed a bug where blizzard ai's built multiple town halls, couldn't expand correctly and had some conversion issues.
Massive language update check through to see what really needs translating or not
Wheel of Chaos map is now confirmed fixed as to AMAI being able to play fine on the map
Fixed bug with focus fire controls where they were not be followed at all
Tower rush is now more likely to occur at nighttime to take advantage of decreases sight.
Chinese language has been disabled due to needs proper translation.

moyack 02-09-2007 06:05 PM

HURRAYY!!! As soon as I get home, I'll test the latest version

Zycat 02-09-2007 06:45 PM

1 Attachment(s)
The vs A.I version seems to work correctly now. Good job!


Two bugs that I saw from the attached replay :
1. It kept saying "Tavern not available, if this is not the case please contact blahblahblah"
2. Aggressario mined using INVULNERABLE wisps!

Check out the replay. I made sure I commented my findings so look @ my in game messages.

Replay TFT version 1.21, AMAI 2.50 Final.

Eyepoke 02-10-2007 04:15 AM

hey!!! ur my hero.. being a dial up user still :XX i LOVE AMAI lol its great keep up the great work!!! AWESOMENESS :D!!!11

time for some AMAI FFAs!!! <3!11

shadowstrike 02-10-2007 09:09 AM

Great work SM, I just finished downloading the latest version, I'll test it a soon as I can. I hope the dawnfall in team play has been fixed.

Thx.....alot.. cus I am another amai addict...hehehe

unnamed 02-10-2007 12:02 PM

i have a problem with the final version. when i start a game there are only the original blizzard ais and no amai ais. is it just me or do you also have problems with this version? the old rc2 version works fine...

Strategy Master 02-10-2007 12:49 PM

@zycat: whoops i left that error text on :P

@unamed: what version of AMAI did u download (SE, PE or Develper)?

unnamed 02-10-2007 12:55 PM

i have the se version. perhaps its a problem with the loader?

Strategy Master 02-10-2007 01:50 PM

@unamed: Thats odd, Its working for me and others. Can you go into cmd prompt and then type out the path of the TFT executable. The cmd window will stay up when you close down warcraft allowing u to see what messages the loader is saying. Tell me what it says there.


1. Lag is unavoidable if you play a 10 - 12 player game. AMAI is very taxing on the computer and 10-12 of them can hurt low-mid spec computers. The lag is no way near as bad as it has been. I mean my laptop used to die with the old amai's on such games.

2. Taverns issue seems to affect to top left amai and bottom right. I still investigating why it failed for them.
EDIT - It seems that the hardcoded CreateUnitAtLoc function fails to create a unit. I have not a clue why. The paramaters have been checked and are fine. For some random reason it dosn't make the pathing units for those AMAI's. DAMN YOU BLIZZARD

3. Invulnerable peons..... WTF!!!! In any case i've never seen this before. I know wisps go invulnerable when inside the mine or building which makes me think this is a really rare blizzard hardcoded problem. I dont have any code which tells wisps to go invulnerable.

4. Generally was a good game though. Oh the computers saying they going to kill you. This will happen at the end game. After computers all nearly dead AMAI would love to turn on you lol. Its not a problem as they wont and can't and can be ignored. This is just one of those quirks that can happen. Its more noticeable of problems when you turn observer. AMAI says unsensicle things as an observer :D

Nice game though. Team play was working well that game too.

Eyepoke 02-10-2007 07:43 PM

i noticed a pretty good amount of lag in FFA games too 8-12 players .. but only at the beginning as always. and it goes pretty quick so no big deal... i tavern error happened in 1 game i played. but i dont knwo anything about it or anything .. it jsut said that error message alot and crap... but so far i have been having a blast while playing :D!! i had a 2v2 on TR and thre were 2 orcs... both towering each other while trying to fight off each others rushes. LOL!! it was great stuff.!!1 i dig it... like a garden...

gj once again :P~~~

Strategy Master 02-10-2007 08:39 PM

Well i found how to solve the tavern issue:
The native CreateUnitAtLoc decides not to work for whatever reason. Now if i change this to CreateUnit and re-load up the replay it works fine, and easily use tavern.
But thats not the problem. Play another game and suddenly CreateUnit dosn't work and causes no tavern issue again. But replacing with CreateUnitAtLoc fixes it in replay. So hopefully if i have both functions in just in case one fails that should prevent any more of this weird error.

About the start lag, the start lag will occur on maps that either have both a large number of players and gold mines. This is because the creation of all those pathing units at the start causes game lag. Thats a problem with having simultaneous pathing calculation to speed it up. Its nothing like 2.43s lag though. On 8 player and above games i could put that time gap in before calculating the pathing like it did in 2.43 if people want?

Also heres some interesting statistics for you all. At end of a typical 4 player ffa game:
Total locations created: 225765
Total undestroyed locations: 467

Now thats alot of locations. The previous versions were terrible with about half of the locations never destroyed. Meaning roughly 100000 worth of locations were not destroyed. Now imagine the number of undestroyed locations in an old versions 12 player game. It would be 300000 undestroyed locations plus due to 12 player games go on far longer than a 4 player game meaning it would be much more than 300000. Really taxing for low memory machines that could also eventually crash warcraft easily.

Makes 2.50 seem so much more stable. In future versions expect that 467 undestroyed locations to drop even more as i find a clear out more leaks.

Zycat 02-10-2007 08:44 PM

Don't you love Blizzard, eh Strategy Master?


Also heres some interesting statistics for you all. At end of a typical 4 player ffa game:
Total locations created: 225765
Total undestroyed locations: 467

How do you get that number??

Strategy Master 02-10-2007 09:47 PM

@zycat: AMAI uses grimoire executable which by default has error checking capabilities. Turning the grimoires error checking systems on gives you a run down of leaks etc etc and great for detecting crashes. Handy eh?
I think i smell a 2.50b very soon to fix the tavern issue.

edit: 2.50b now released

Eyepoke 02-11-2007 03:09 AM

o0o man u rule!!1 the start lag was a little annoying on my FFA games lol.. i like to get u pesents on alter real fast lol... but would kinda screw up a little :P~~~ great awesome work!!! keep it up!! :D!11

shadowstrike 02-11-2007 05:48 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I have tried AMAI 2.50 DE Final Released, I got frustated cause the NE sucks big time, well I am NE lover.

I dont know wtf is goin on with NE, They suck right from the beggining of the game. NE macro management really bad.
1. They can't harvest lumber fast enough.
2. they don't create units fast enough to counter an early attack.
3. They don't create units to meet the strat requirement soon enough.

I played in insane mod, other race built enormously number of units but not for NE. (replay included)

frankly on NE this version is kinda worse then older one. The other race seem to work fine.

Sry SM I don't mean no offens, I just spoke my mind, I'm very much appreciated to your doing. But plz don't make Nigth Elf become useless race in amai. :emote_grin:

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