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Fandalf 10-17-2014 03:49 PM

Need some Orc Chaos Warriors like Warhammer and Ogres.
Hello there I'm new here, not has a visitor because I visit this community for long... I saw some WIP Warhammer models from other members and I think you can help me with this request.

I'm looking for some Orc Warriors to look similar to the Chaos Warriors of Warhammer fantasy and if if possible a orc Banner Carrier and Ogre units two of them are enough but if it is only possible one unit no problem but the Orc I really need two units (Banner Carrier and the Chaos Warrior)

There are some pictures to help:

Hidden information:

These are the Ideas to the Orc Chaos Warriors;

Hidden information:

This are the ideas to the Ogre units... :D

deolrin 10-18-2014 11:28 AM

http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/m...warrior-48278/ Is this good enough?

Fandalf 10-18-2014 04:04 PM

Thanks Deolrin... I already downloaded it but I'm looking for a more Orcish look... But also I' using this one too for the Human Chaos Warriors. But a reskin can work to a Orcish Chaos Warrior. :emote_thumbup:

Thanks anyway! :emote_grin:

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