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SantoRayo[iP] 05-02-2006 07:52 PM

(12) Creep Rebellion
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Time for the creeps of Warcraft to seek their revenge!!

Creep Rebellion is nothing less than a complete new fifth race for The Frozen Throne. It's equally playable against the four original races on Blizzard's famous ladder-maps. With tons of new building models, new units and heroes with top-quality spells. Your race choice at the normal game lobby has no impact in-game other than the User Interface. Once in-game you can choose any of the default four races, the fifth Creep Rebellion race, or Random.

  • Custom gold gathering system using mine carts.
  • Custom lumber collection system via Wood Chanters. They chant to the trees so that the trees walk to your Town hall all by themselves.
  • Five unique heroes, sporting unique abilities such as an Alien Invasion.
  • Fifteen new buildings, most of which use custom models.
  • Thirty five new units, including a flying ogre!
  • Balanced to fight against all five races.
  • Demo ladder maps with the Creep Rebellion already installed and ready to go.
  • A easy to use installer that can inject the Creep Rebellion into your map.
  • Map Pack of ladder maps:
    • (2)PlunderIsle
    • (2) The Two Rivers
    • (4) Ice Forge
    • (4) Lost Temple
    • (4) Turtle Rock
    • (4) Twisted Meadows
    • (6) Gnoll Wood
    • (6) Scorched Basin
    • (12) Divide and Conquer



Download the Installer
This is an old installer program that should inject all necessary files for the Creep Rebellion into any map you choose. Make sure to always have a backup just in case!!

Download the Map Pack
This is a pack of some default TFT ladder maps, but modified to use the Creep Rebellion. (For those who just want to play as the new race, not make their own map)

Have fun playing as your favoirte creep!!

- SantoRayo[iP]

Side note: A long time ago this homepage was set up. It has some more images and more detailed information.

PhoenixFeather 05-04-2006 10:55 AM

This sounds great. I'm going to try it when I get home.

GaDDeN 05-04-2006 07:56 PM

Hello :P

I tested it a few times versus computer. I think the "basics" of the race are pretty covered; it is balanced, it has some special abilities that no other races has.

But i get the feeling its not finished. You may have balanced it, but you seem to have totally ignored the graphical part of making a race. Im not saying the models are bad; the models are very nicely made and they all follow a theme which is nice. However, the tooltips were the most obvious problem: For example, the gnoll brutes had an upgrade called "Sadism". This upgrade had the following tooltip:

"It gains 35% of its attack damage when it hits enemy units". I first thought "Cool, an ability that increases your attack damage as you attack". But then i realized it was just vampiric aura. Gaining 35% of your damage does not have anything to do with your health; the only reason you can figure this out is because its very much like the vampiric aura tooltip. This is one of the smaller errors, its just an example.

Also, i think the race uses waay too much of the other races abilities and ideas. Examples of this could be ensnare and berserker upgrade. You use a archer-unit as the starter unit and a footman-unit as the second unit. You could use something alittle more original.

Back to the graphical part. Try mounting a poacher to a turtle and just look at it. Its a gnoll poacher frozen in stand animation, floating in the air about 50 range about the turtle, swaying as the turtle runs its animation. When the turtle shoots, it bites the air and then launches an arrow from a weird spot somewhere behind it. The pocher is still frozen in its attack animation.

I know this is hard to fix, but if something is "impossible" you shouldnt do it. Its better to use a simpler solution if the result is better.

The heroes had very low quality tooltips and their abilities seemed randomly added. The blizzard heroes often have a special playstyle. The heroes in creep rebellion just seemed randomly put together with random stats. The "Technocrit" had grenade that stunned and damage units in an area (very bad graphics, a few clouds were instantly created and removed on a point, and the units were damaged a few seconds after they were created). He also had a invisibility grenade (never tried this one, but it sounds like a very neat idea) and a fire grenade. The firegrenade tooltip did not say if it was passive or not, and reading the tooltip you assumed it was an active ability.

The ogre hero had hurl boulder (very unoriginal, you could have based it on hurl boulder and then added something "special" to it. Perhaps the unit could get some kind of debuff that increased damage taken instead of a stun? He also had a armor aura that drained mana like immolation (i liked this idea) and feedback.

The lumber gathering system was a nice idea. However, you missed the graphical part (again). The trees walk up to the town hall and then mysterically dissapear. They shouold at least run their death animation. Sure, this isnt that important. But as those trees are gathered every second for the whole game, that little graphical glitch becomes very annoying.

I loved the caster units. One of them had a black arrow based ability that created a fire elemental. You cant mass these, since you have to actually kill the enemy unit quite fast to get the unit. But a few of these to target every wounded unit can be a very nice tactic. The other caster (a ogre mage) had a very interesting ward. The ward had endurance aura, increasing the effectivity of nearby units. They could then be upgraded to get customized debuffs / buffs and the ogre mage could even get a heal with casting time. This adds alot of tactic and micro. Ive allways wanted a strong heal with casting time, it adds to the importance to focus fire and interupt units.

All and all a quite good custom race. But as i said earlier, i think its far from finished. It needs so much graphical fixing, mostly tooltip corrections.

Thats all for now, i might post more if i play it again :)

edit: Im not sure i want to approve this map in its current state; i would really like to see some improvements before its released as a "full-version-map".

Tim. 05-08-2006 12:23 PM

It's a shame the original creators are gone; however this project is open source. As such perhaps somewhere down the road someone might perfect it. Approved and moved.

Basan 05-09-2006 10:27 PM

Wth!?! I just tried to dl' the maps n' installer after loggin in and it stated that I hadn't the permission to access this page, etc. etc.
Can anyone please break it to me thoroughly on why? 0_o Thanks in advance.

SeruK 05-10-2006 06:23 PM

Those flying ogres made my day. I'd give an extended review if I didn't end up cheating. =P

Tim. 05-10-2006 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by Basan
Wth!?! I just tried to dl' the maps n' installer after loggin in and it stated that I hadn't the permission to access this page, etc. etc.
Can anyone please break it to me thoroughly on why? 0_o Thanks in advance.

There was a bug in the system yesterday, it is fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience

darkwulfv 05-14-2006 06:48 AM

I would like to see this map worked on a little. The hero's could use a little work, and once a gnoll poacher mounts a turtle it cant get back off. Theres some minor typos, but overall this is a very cool mod. I'd work on it myself if I had any modding skill what so ever that went beyond editing Blizzard-made skils. :(

Tim. 05-14-2006 09:20 AM

This project has been closed for a long, long time I am afraid. It is open-source however. Perhaps in the future someone might make a patch for it

darkwulfv 05-16-2006 01:29 AM

That'd be nice to see. It wouldn't be me tho, cause it looks like they used JASS spells or something like that. Something I cannot do. Maybe somebody from the staff will work on it in their spare time *hint hint nudge nudge*

PurplePoot 05-22-2006 10:01 PM

another problem i found was that there was no evident way to get another mining cart, and the town hall could use an upgrade animation


-Flying Ogres are fun but lack animations
-Many of the spells are not very origional

But still fun to play!

Reaper Zero 05-26-2006 09:42 PM

:emote_confused: :emote_thumbdown: Dude... Fix th gdamb dl problem seriously... listen to th people.:emote_thumbdown: :emote_thumbdown: :emote_troll: :emote_thumbdown: I keep geting a login thing... no es bueno:emote_wtf: :emote_wtf: :emote_wtf: :emote_wtf: :emote_wtf:

Tim. 05-27-2006 02:49 AM

Read our Rules, do not spam emoticons.

The download does work. If you cannot download then it's a problem with your cookie settings.

SantoRayo[iP] 05-30-2006 12:26 PM

Hi there and tanks for all the nice comments. You've guessed right, that I don't work on the mod anymore... I'm a World of Warcraft victim now ;P

But as mentioned before, this mod is public domain and has no protections or restrictions (beside the poorly commented triggers ^^) So go ahead and do whatever you want as long as you give credits ;)

Moogleface 06-02-2006 11:16 PM

I can download everything perfectly fine O_O creepy,

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