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DUTY OF RS 07-13-2014 08:23 PM

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The beautifuly city of Tor.
Have being with peace with creatures for over 417 years.
But there was a day when the creatures who are called Demons wanted to take over the city of Tor.
Now its up to the players to end the story. you can read full story: http://itjesus.wix.com/asermaserproductions#!king-tor-castle-defence/c1nrz

Humans task is to defend the city of Tor from the Daemonic force. They can win by killing the Demon King what is the colour Brown.
Demons task
Is to strike at the Humans gate as long as they stay there!
Their aim is to kill the Human King who are purple.


We start with the model creators.
--Grendel-, Ampharos_222, takakenji, UgoUgo, Frankster, Skipper, CloudWolf, Tranquil, Callahan, ratamahatta, HappyTauren, Wandering Soul, eubz & Olyvian.
Decorations and other things,
Tranquil, eubz, HappyTauren, MasterHaosis, skrab, hortaxman, Kitabatake, chilla_killa & Frankster.
And a thanks to Radicool for helping me cutting down the big space of MB.


-Added more units for the Daemonic force.
-Added 3 gold mines & 1 harvester for each Daemonic force.
-Cutted down the timer of gold incomming.
-Added commands for purple.
-Added a spawning spot for brown. They will attack the city automaticly at a point.
-Cutted down a lot of MB of the map.
-Added 1 stone of health and 1 free reviving for all.
-Cutted down the prices for humans. (That means that units are cheaper!)

[rainbow]Update 2[/rainbow]

-Maked the Teams for both sides more balanced.
-Added an Shipyard where the Lumber Jacks are.
-Improved the terrain on the Daeomic side a bit.
-Maked an shop for each Side.
-Reduced the Spawn of the Infernals for the Daemonic force. Added a Speaker that says that they will Spawn in their village in XX seconds.
-Updated the Quest/Helping to play.

[rainbow]Update 3[/rainbow]

-Reseted the Levels for all Heros on the map to 1 the kings got a bit higher.
-Added an Forge for each team. Means they can now upgrade their units!
-Added an Guide for the beginners in the Quest menu.
-Added more things in the Quest menu.
-Added a Zoom system for each player.
-Reworked some places on the map.
-Removed the xp drops.

Be the first to get the updates here! http://asermaserproductions.webs.com/
The Intro for the map: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rWhc...vAN9mJCwEDYocQ

Kyrbi0 07-14-2014 10:42 PM

Dude, that signature is way outta line. I know this place is a ghost town, but we don't need to be a red-light district, too.

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