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ragingspeedhorn 06-05-2006 12:49 AM

(11) Dodge The Wisp Wheels
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Map Author: ragingspeedhorn
Description: Dodge 9 levels of wisp wheels trying to kill you!
A little (fun? I guess you decide) fast paced minigame where you try to survive through all of the levels of wisp wheels who randomly move around in a small arena. Use your abilities to survive, they are vital for your survival!
Suggested Players: 11
Map Size: 32x32
Playable Map Size: 22x21
Tileset: Dungeon
Released: 5th of June, 2006

Please report any bugs you might find and give me some comments and suggestions for improvements of the map! :emote_smile:

EDIT: 1.6 has been uploaded.

EDIT2: When (if) 1.7 get's done it will not be uploaded here on the site, atleast not by me, so, if you wish to get 1.7 when/if it comes check up on it on either wc3sear.ch's database or www.clancbs.com.

Tim. 06-05-2006 01:08 PM

When you say 'fast paced', you certainly mean it. This map is quite difficult, especially when you are not the host! Although the map is very basic, the coding is great, and the idea original. For me, this is like a minigame for Uther Party rather than a map on its own.
  • Why do you use Player 1 Red as the host? Please use GetHost() instead to avoid the ‘Player 1 Red must be playing’ junk.
  • I could kick myself (I was the host), this is not needed and could cause the host to accidentally kick himself. I suggest a check to make sure the color in the string is not the same color as the host (again, via GetHost())
  • Every time I typed -kick blue, it said Zoxc has been defeated, the message should only show up the first time. You should not be able kick someone who’s left the game.
  • When the game ends it says Player Tim. Defeated Player Blade.dk Defeated Player 3 Defeated. It should only defeat players that are in the game.
  • Zoom-out seemed to only work the second time you clicked ESC, check your code for flaws.
  • I would suggest you disable selection entirely, have the unit selected via triggers, and all selection disabled to prevent deselection on accident.

I am reluctant to approve such a simplified map, however I will consider it once the above changes are made.


ragingspeedhorn 06-05-2006 01:30 PM

I will hopefully get the "get host" stuff to work and the camera aswell (with help from Zoxc :D)

Also the part with host kicking himself I don't see a problem with, I sometimes do that in some games if I want to leave quickly but if it really is needed I guess I will make it so you cannot kick yourself.

Also I will turn off the kicking triggers once used so you cannot kick a already kicked person several times (or a person not playing for that matter).

The defeat stuff at the end of the game I will try to fix aswell. Everything will hopefully be done sometime today or tommorow :)

Blade.dk 06-05-2006 01:34 PM

GetHost is buggy when the original host leaves, using the first playing player would work too.

I agree that it is unneeded, but people who kick themselves when the system uses a color string are so incredibly retarded that they deserves to be kicked.

I found it a great map, very unique and hard. But it has a few bugs that should be fixed, like that it freezes forever if nobody is in the first slot, and that it does not remove the units of kicked players.

As soon as you fix the few mentioned bugs, this has my approval.

ragingspeedhorn 06-05-2006 02:17 PM

The stuff with player 1 having to start the game I will set to the gethost stuff that zoxc is fixing up :)

Also kicked/left players I will remove/kill properly from now on.

GaDDeN 06-05-2006 06:26 PM

As Tim said, this is more like a speed mapping contest entry or a minigame for a uther party map.

Some things to improve gameplay:

The wisps move extremly randomly, making it a game of delay rather than skill. Perhaps if you simulated the laws of physics better, having the wisps slowly changing direction? Now you could clearly see that one leader wisp was given random directions to move every few seconds while the other wisps spun around it.

If you decide to keep the current system, i think the "leader wisp" needs to be marked to make it easier to see the direction its spinning.

ragingspeedhorn 06-05-2006 06:51 PM

The whole idea of the map is the randomness of the wisps and your dodging and quickness of using your abilities. Ofcourse that can be really hard if you have a bad host with lots of delay but that is not my problem. Also I will not mark the leaderwisp, I like that part the way it is.

GaDDeN 06-05-2006 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by ragingspeedhorn
...lots of delay but that is not my problem.

Of course it's your problem! The point of the map is to entertain, and more delay means less fun. Anyways, its actually quite a fun idea (thought id really like better movement on the wisps) but im not approving this.

ragingspeedhorn 06-05-2006 07:45 PM

I don't see how a crappy host can be my problem? So if a guy got a shitty 56k and has 4-5 sec delay on his hosting I should make up for this? That makes no sense.

EDIT: New version has been released, all the fixes that Blade and Tim. wanted has been done. Uploading it at the first post now.

GaDDeN 06-05-2006 09:28 PM

What exactly doesn't make any sence? You can't design a game to have huge requirements, thats like one of the most important things when making a game. You have to make the game for the average player, and not only for those with very fast internet. Also, the host has a extreme advantage in delay. It works fine on LAN though.

Aray 06-05-2006 09:35 PM

It could probably be a fun game on ggc ;)

Blade.dk 06-06-2006 07:33 PM

I think it is fun enough to play in single player, it is still a challenge there.

Anyways, since you fixed the bugs I approve this.

Anitarf 06-07-2006 10:17 AM

Raging has a point, any map except something turn based would have problems with 4 second delay. GaDDeN has a point too, though, this map becomes difficult with only the slightest delay. The random directions and random speed with which the wisps move spoil any possibility of planning.

For example, you're trapped in a corner and the wisp wheel is coming at you. With the usual bnet delay (assuming both you and the host have broadband), you know you have to press blink a quarter of a second before you would actually want to blink. That's not a problem, you can play like that, right? No. The wisps can suddenly change direction to the exact opposite of where they were going before and run over the spot where you blinked to. Of course, you can't know when and what their movement direction change will be like, so you can't just wait in the corner and not blink out, because maybe, just maybe, the wisps won't change direction.

Such situations are difficult to avoid even if you're the host, or if you're playing it in single player. The complete randomness of movement means anything could happen, and you can't plan ahead for everything; making it more a game of chance than of skill. There should be a way to make the wisps signal their movement ahead a bit, or not change it so drastically, or something, anything that would narrow down the possibilities a bit.

Fulla 06-07-2006 11:16 AM

I can honestly dont see why, the map is not meant to logical or predictable in anyway.

If it was it would simply become a game of mathematics & routines, where you always do the same thing over and over.
The randomness makes it fun and unpredictable.

As for delays/lags seriously there is nothing you can do, every and I mean EVERY map suffers from it, if you have a bad host.
For this map yes it effects it alot more as a split second could mean life or death. This is unavoidable.
You should avoid joining games with laggy hosts, or going on realms where your lag/ping is increased.

What I recommended is having a few modes like:

Team Mode: At end of each round every1 revives so long as someone managed to survive.
Could perhaps even have a revive spell, where you must stand over a corpse and channel it for a few seconds, risky but beneficial.

Competitive Mode: If you die you loose
Could perhaps add a few spells like Slow/Purge to add some aggresive competitveness to it. This way you can try and kill ppl.

Aray 06-07-2006 01:58 PM


As for delays/lags seriously there is nothing you can do, every and I mean EVERY map suffers from it, if you have a bad host.
For this map yes it effects it alot more as a split second could mean life or death. This is unavoidable.
You should avoid joining games with laggy hosts, or going on realms where your lag/ping is increased.
- I agree. Such games as tag-games and SvsN have excisted on b.net for a very long time. These kind of games are alot easier to play (and you can also achieve better strategies and more fun) when playing with no delay, but the fact is that everyone will most likely have some delay when playing on b.net, but this doesn't necessarily make these games any worse, it just makes them a little bit harder to play, for all.

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