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UnDeR_EsTiMaTeD 11-06-2010 07:57 PM

Fragment TD and The Frozen Immortals help needed
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Hey guys

i am busy with these 2 projects but a lot of work needs to be done and its to much for one man to handle, those of you that is interested on joining me or that can just help skill doesn't mater all i want is for you to be committed and willing to give it your all, another reason why i am looking for help and a team is cause i need others points of view as well as how you would go on about doing things what spells and triggers you would have used and to speed up the process you cant argue the more hands the quicker things will go, Fragment TD is about the same concept that BK's gems used just bringing a lot more twists and removing the random function to bring more skill and making the mazing part more interesting. Then with TFI what I want to do is to make players be able to build up there own hero from scratch, by being bale to setting the attack, range through to how much armor and stats you will have as well as what skills, then combining that with a hero deffence to make the player more in control of his game play some people says this wont work it takes to long to build up a hero in game and that people lose interest with maps like these well i have figured out a way to speed this up making it 3 times as fast. Nothing is in black and white yet there's room for allot of changes that is where you guys comes in. PM me and I will explain more about these 2 maps, I haven't started with Fragment TD yet but my whole concept is prepared, TFI= The Frozen Immortals this one is 40% done terrain DONE; doodads HALFWAY but has a lot of space for improving; triggers HALFWAY; modeling i have dled a few but this is my weakness i cant seem to get it right MODELING NEEDS A LOT OF HELP "this map is 50% based on models will bring something new to the HD maps as well as combining ORPG with it will make it even more unique".

HELP NEEDED with TFI:brew:
loading screen

HELP NEEDED for Fragment TD:brew:
loading screen

Added screen shots of Fragment TD i started on its terrain check it out and let me know what you think.
Thanks Viktory for your help and interest in this cant wait to see what you have done and to get it out there after the beta test

Thanks a lot for your time again any help and ideas will really be appreciated you can pm me on this acc or send me a email at clantfi@yahoo.com:emote_thumbup:

deolrin 11-06-2010 09:31 PM

Basically what I understood from this post is that you're saying:

"I need help. I wont tell you what kind of help I need, nor will I tell you with what do I need help. Contact me if you wanna help."

Which just wont work you. People will only really help you if you show a lot of promise, like - a lot of screenshots, explaining everything about the game, a fancy format and so on. So I suggest you do so first.

Viktory 12-15-2010 01:05 AM

I'm working on it now, man.

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