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Av3n 09-11-2009 11:09 PM

TBR 2.0.b Release + Changelog
This release was a little bit delayed and Arthas hasn't had time working on it. So if a bug that was posted for 2.0.9c and somewhere in the changelog it doesn't note anything related to the bug it is not fixed. Also there was no private testing for this version of the map so I guess we can expect some silly coder mistakes out there. I would like to thank War Monkey since he found most of the bugs he could find within his free time, his efforts helped us fix some stupid bugs caused by the previous version 2.0.a (private version).

As bugs get reduced I guess it will be time to whack up some new content as well, especially with the coders who have offered to help out with the map development. I hope that you guys will all enjoy the new version!


Hidden information:
~ Fixed Light of Athens reincarnation
~ Fixed the Harpy Quest where you had to collect Harpy Claws where you couldn't complete the quest
~ Kudzu is fixed and no longer one hits enemies
~ Maxiumus should no longer attack the training dummies
~ Puncture can no longer knockback structures nor supercreeps
~ Improved the Grave Dance A.I so that Ghosts will no longer endlessly chase targets
~ Grave Dance should no longer last more than 15 seconds
~ Taunt now gives the correct amount of armor per level
~ Hammer of the God now stuns the target
~ Bag of Holding is now bounded to the hero when it's dead
~ Knockback reduces in speed now (Thanks to Blazing Edge who pointed it out)
~ Storm Caller now correctly knockbacks the attacker rather than the caster
~ Sacred Olympian Sword now gives the right amount of bonus damage
~ Wail of the Banshee buff now only lasts for 9 seconds rather than for infinity
~ Life Leach now recovers health now
~ Area Restrictions now also have a stun now to increase the prevention of players going off to high level areas
~ Teleports now refund gold if you are too low to teleport to the area and added an error message when this happens
~ The building cleave stun attack for Assassin when breaking out of Stalk should be removed
~ Stardust now heals correctly
~ Blizzard should now deal damage on all levels
~ Shadow Image is now removed rather than letting it play it's death animation
~ Shadow Image should now no longer break orders
~ Burning Vestment gives the correct amount of armor per level
~ Fixed the Meteor bug
~ Shadow Image now deals pure damage for it's double damage
~ Blood Drunk damage type is now Normal damage type in the tooltip
~ Fixed numerous tooltip related errors
~ Everything should be forgable now
~ Forge failure is removed because it was never implemented
~ Forge recipies now have a 2 second cooldown opposed to a 60 second cooldown
~ Ultimate Skills can no longer be gained via class item forge
~ There should no longer be any errors when forging about class types
~ Fixed the Spell D/H Caches
~ You can no longer carry an olympian regalia and the olympian components together
~ Fixed a single player exploit
~ Nerfed Grave Dance damage dealt per current life % (listed by level)
Lvl 1 - 15 -> 10
Lvl 2 - 19 -> 14
Lvl 3 - 24 -> 19
Lvl 4 - 29 -> 25
Lvl 5 - 35 -> 31
Lvl 6 - 41 -> 37
~ Attempted to fix Mental Barrier; needs testing
~ Fixed a Maxiumus exploit
~ LoA Immolation can no longer trigger custom effects and now deals 56 damage per second.
~ Added extra conditions to prevent Bokor from being able to suicide from spells

Download TBR 2.0.b at
Since I don't have direct access to the ftp server, the link to download TBR 2.0.b on the TBR forums might be delayed.
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