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erwtenpeller 01-30-2006 07:22 PM

WEEKLY CONTEST 5! 30th of Jan -> 6th of Feb.
time for a new contest, aye? its time that you all participate again, okie? enter your lamest scetches i dont care. ^^

Super Villains!!

yes, you got that right, SUPER VILLAINS!!

good luck, have fun. Play more.

icbm1987 01-30-2006 07:51 PM

Hmmm... considering I have the week off... I might actually enter this one... if I'm not too lazy.

And Erwt... looks like I kinda shaved the goatee... I couldn't remember what I looked like without it... I don't like it... I want my goatee back.

Super Villians... I bet you the flashiest one wins this one.


Shadow_Strike 01-30-2006 07:52 PM

Ill make the lamest one.

I call him Oh Kanada, he'll beat the snot out of you with his hockey stick.

Candy_Warlock 01-30-2006 11:07 PM

ROFL awesome.

KingGigli 01-31-2006 01:15 AM


Texas Chainsaw Garred 01-31-2006 01:23 AM

heheh...same viewpoint as king gigli, but i'm going with the mentality that if i win post enough drawings, i'll finally win... :)

ok, it's a villain for d20 modern, because, we have this one dm that likes to.... surprise us with a game of d20 (no one wants to play) and he is designed to kill all the other players.... mmmm....campaign over. :)
if i make a better villain before this is over i'm so deleting this one :)

KingGigli 01-31-2006 01:37 AM

1 Attachment(s)
well i dont even know what the hell i drew...i guess its good i used my famous yet not famous yet way of drawing the body...im impressed with the head aside from the fact he has no nose and his lips are too small....anywho to each his own.

EDIT: when you click the thumbnail your transfered to the picture where its not at full size...make it full size (if you have a PC youll have the "enlarge" feature present if you move your mouse over it) and click it...the writing is MUCH easier to read and it looks better)

Murder1833 01-31-2006 02:40 AM


I wanna c u beat this!!

erwtenpeller 01-31-2006 03:01 AM

murder, i'm sorry but your picture doesnt show.

gigly... i laughed.

KingGigli 01-31-2006 04:13 AM


Originally Posted by erwtenpeller
murder, i'm sorry but your picture doesnt show.

gigly... i laughed.

good laugh or bad?

edit: cmon murder atleast try...i mean if I submitted you can too.

erwtenpeller 01-31-2006 04:31 AM

good, dont worry. it was funny ^^

KingGigli 01-31-2006 04:35 AM

i keep looking at my picture and everytime i see it i think i was intoxicated...but i wasnt...man i need help.

PlasticAngel 01-31-2006 11:23 AM


Originally Posted by erwtenpeller
i feel like closing this thread and declaring X the winner. really.

Does this mean we get to do ABT again? becouse, you know, now that i have
a school that needs attending,
a girl that needs loving (see my avi? shes so cute <3)
world of warcraft that needs playing,
a mod that needs finishing,
models that needs skinning and
plastic.angels ass that needs penatrating,
i dont know where to fit ABT action :(

Lol Erwt, I love you too man.

KingGigli 01-31-2006 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by PlasticAngel
Lol Erwt, I love you too man.

i forget who asked to cyber with you pa.

erwtenpeller 01-31-2006 02:15 PM

okay back on topic. our sexlives have nothing to do with supervillains.

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