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Idea KSer TD


By Gorman

Intro: Hi, this has been in hibernation for a long time, and i just wanted to bring it up again to get some feedback on all the ideas and everything in it. Please post questions or doubts, and ill update this as often as I can until i have a more complete information guide.
If you will be interested on working on this project when Star Craft 2 comes out, then please, post your interest!

A brief Overview.
This map is a never before seen concept, multiple players compete to dominate a single track. They can help or hinder their competitors with a variety of towers, including auras that actually help the creeps!
you will need to keep your wits about you to strike a balance between spending, hording, killing and aiding in this TD!
Fairly original towers and abilities, as well as exciting creep waves, game systems and game play await!

Type: Mazing TD, VS TD

There is a single track that all the creeps will go down, each player is on a separate team, playing against each other to get the most kills.

You can maze, but remember because you are on a track with others they could block up your maze, and build their own. Players can build towers, and mazing blocks. Once per turn a player can destroy 1 mazing block from another player (this can open up their maze so the destroying player can build his own maze onto it).
Gold is awarded per kill, so each player is trying to get the most kills, to get the most money, to get the best towers, so they can continue the cycle, and win the game.

As with most TDs the game is in waves, each wave containing 20 (or so) monsters of increasing strength, some with abilities, flying etc.

As far as I know this is a totally new concept.
Players will each begin the game with a limited number of lives, decided by the players at the beginning of the game. Lives would be something like:
Fast = 10 lives
Normal = 20 lives
Long = 30 lives
Marathon = 40 lives

At the end of every wave, the player with the least amount of kills will lose a single life, but will gain the equivalent of 5 kills in gold.
If there is a leak then both players will lose a life.
If there is a blockage the creeps will become flying, enabling them to skip any part of the maze, and probably run strait to the end goal causing loss of lives.

Mazing blocks, arrow, bouncing, speed, damage, range, and anti air, will be the basic towers (see below for exact towers) Once you have certain towers reached to certain levels you can unlock more towers. Eg, should your damage and range towers both reach level 5, you will unlock the "sniper tower", high damage and range. Towers will all belong to a tier: T1 towers are the basic towers (as said before), T2 are towers requiring low level combinations, T3 require generally at least 1 T2 tower in the combination. Each player can only have 4 T2 towers available to them, and only 2 T3 towers. There is a total of 8 T2, and 5 T3 towers. (tower names and types are not, see tower list below)
This should ensure that noobys can still play, but pro players will be better. This should also stop the game from getting too complicated, as i want the focus of the game to be on mazing, and hijacking mazes.

In this TD there are many other tower opportunities that aren't avalible to other TDs, such as a tower that heals the mobs, this could be placed in another players maze to prevent them from getting kills, at max level this tower could cast invisibility on units. Or aura towers that give bonuses to creeps (for the same purpose as healing tower), or bonuses to ALL towers in the area. This possibilities in a TD such as this are staggering, and new ideas are always appreciated!


Mazing rock1wT11 (can upgrade to T1 towers)For blocking creep movment -
Arrow Tower20gT15Basic 1 shot tower -
Quickshot tower25gT15Fires projectiles at a very fast rate -
Cannon Tower40gT15Slowly fires AOE projectiles -
Magician's Tower40gT15Fires magic attacks that deal damage over time, latter gains Arcane Splice -
Sniper's Tower80gT24Head shot, can cause pinningArrow Tower lvl 5, Cannon tower Lvl 1, levels require Quickshot Towers of increased levels
Flame Thrower80gT23Fast firing, causes Burn. Deals line damageLevel 5 Quickshot, Level 1 Cannon Tower
Boulder Launcher100gT23Heavy damage, can Crush targetsLevel 3 Arrow and Cannon towers
Mage's Guild150gT25Multiple upgrade paths, has the following attack modes: Flame attack, Lightning attack, Ice attack and Earth attackMagician's tower level 5, attack modes require levels in: Arrow Towers, Quickshot towers, Magician Towers, and Cannon Towers (respectively).
Titan's Lease250gT33Constant beam attack uses CaptivityRequires Mage's Guild level 3, Flame thrower, level 3
More towers to come!

Arcane Splice - Drains unit's mana on hit, has a chance to prevent casting by that unit for a short period of time.
Burn - The unit and ground catch alight, fire will spread into nearby units causing them to burn aswell, the ground can also cause units to catch fire.
Captivity - Deals damage based on how much damage has been done to the target already, slows and reduces armor the target on the same basis, at higher levels more targets are allowed.
Crush - Stuns the target for a short duration, and reduced their armor level. Crushed targets are lower priority for damage towers.
Earth attack - Targets are forced to take dodge tests or take damage dependant of their current life, targets have increased armor against these attacks. The tower fires the shots from underground causing area tremors, at high levels there will be an after shock, weaker but still deadly.
Flaming attack - Deals additional Fire damage over time, causes the unit to combust on death, dealing area damage.
Head shot - High effect, low chance critical strike
Ice attack - Slows the target, has a chance to freeze them for a duration, as levels increase its area effect does.
Lightning attack - Fires shocking bolts, piercing targets reducing their armor and bouncing between targets, attacks are very fast and each attack on a target increases the damage dealt (effects stack).
Pinning - Greatly slows nearby units but gives them greatly increased dodge rate

Tower's abilities increase in power with levels.

There will be a 'Rock mode' like in Eeve where rocks randomly spawn all over the map at that start of the game. The track will also resemble a basic mazing over track style TD, like BK's Gem, and Eeve. With simple terrain, simple towers and hopefully a simple concept, the focus should all be on the gameplay!

The map shape is very important, as the corners will be heavily sought after ingame, so the track needs to be simple, yet with enough corners and loops to make an interesting game.
Map plan

This will be the basic map shape:
Click image for larger version

Name:	KSer TD Map.JPG
Views:	18
Size:	6.9 KB
ID:	35872
It has a 2 major intersections, and 2 loops, to give plenty, but not too much, to fight over. This is a basic 2 player (possibly up to 4) map.
It has been suggested that the game could be played in a Tourney style, but that will be discussed latter.
(red arrows indicate direction of movement, white circle is the end goal, and yellow stuff is the unit spawner)

The corners will be in this syle:
Click image for larger version

Name:	KSer TD corner.JPG
Views:	15
Size:	32.3 KB
ID:	35873
To give them an appearance of arrows, so you know where the creeps are going, and so that players cannot block the corners.

Game modes
The game could have different modes, such as basic mode, where you fight each other for victory, simple and head to head. Team mode which plays as 2v2v2... style, allowing differnet stratergies (still playing on a single track).

Or even Tourney style, in which a pool and knock out style takes place, all players fight each other in Very Fast length matchs, just 5 lives. They are then ranked. You will then play onto an Elimination format (match length is voted on), with only the winners playing on. Should you lose then you are entered into a round robin game, which you just keep playing against various opponents until the game is finished, and positions are announced.

Of course this would take a while, and probably a round robin style will also be added.

There is also the possibility of a website, onto which your score can be presented (along with a replay) and you can be ranked in a world wide rank system!

This is the basic idea for the map, it still needs more developing.
I haven't mentioned this project in a long time, as I put it into hibernation for modding into a Star Craft 2 map. Hopefully it will be well planned and arranged by then, and will be (once again, hopefully) made by skillful WC3C modders, to create a great new map to dominate the SC2 scene!

Please comment on anything you feel necessary, including systems, objectives, stats effects, typos etc.

Last edited by Gorman : 07-30-2008 at 10:46 AM.
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