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Race-Building Contest #2 Winner

Default The Onslaught

Ok, so here is what I've gotten done so far on my race. Its primarily based off of zerg, though is much more reliant on ground assaults as it has very few air units. The primary unit is the zombie, and it benefits greatly from upgrades throughout the game.

With testing so far the race has various counters from the other races, and various advantages as well. Both the Oblivion Knight's desecration and the Onslaught Hold's epidemic have no effect on hostile undead, and the blight created through desecration helps out rival undead more than anything else. Spiked barricades do a number on zombies as well, as zombies base a large part of their damage on attacking fast, and spiked barricades do a set amount of damage. Due to their low health, starfall can also quickly decimate large numbers of zombies as well.

Of course, the Onslaught also boasts several advantages as well. Their primary one is the ability to create 3 (or in the case of zombies, 6) units at once from their Mausoleums. While zombies alone are not very powerful, they can be easily mass-produced to overwhelm opponents. Even though zombies take up a relatively small amount of room in large numbers they can easily trap anything trying to get away. All of the units in The Onslaught also serve to complement zombies in some way. Frozen shades can bring air units down to the ground were they may be attacked by zombies, Legions serve as meat shields that can absorb a large amount of punishment long enough for zombies to start dealing damage, battle wraiths can give the fast-attacking zombies a chance to stun with their attacks, and so on. Due to zombies low health total and the generic blight regeneration bonuses, zombies can regenerate themselves to full health in a relatively short time period.

As for the models used, only Onslaught Hold uses a model from any of the existing races (the black citadel). All other units use different skins or models than the existing 4 races, so there should be little confusion or overlapping when playing as the Onslaught.

1.Mausoleum(Ruined Cathedral) Town hall, unit production, and shop all in one. The Mausoleum creates three graves at its front that can be upgraded into the vast majority of the races units. The Mausoleum also serves as a drop-off point for gold and lumber, and purchases and sells items.
2.Altar of Oblivion(Altar of Darkness)Revives dead heroes and summons new ones.
3.Shrine(Creep Nerubian Ziggurat) Basic food-production unit, can be upgraded into a spirit or bat shrine. Also has the ability dark summoning, which can call up to 6 units from any ware in play to the shrine.
4.Spirit Shrine(Hiddedn Ziggurat) Defensive structure that can only attack ground units. Has a line attack that always reaches its maximum range, and dark summoning.
5.Bat Shrine(Hidden Ziggurat 2) Defensive structure that can only attack air units. Has an attack that shoots a sequence of eight, aoe bombardments in the sky. Also has truesight and dark summoning.
6.Cemetery(Crypt Doodad) Primary tech structure, contains the damage and armor upgrades for all units, as well as some low-tier upgrades.
7.Catacombs(Gargoyle Spire) Tech structure, contains medium-tier and caster upgrades.
8.Torture Chamber(Undead Shipyard) Advanced tech structure, contains the final upgrades for the race.

1.Reaper(Draenei Darkslayer) Basic worker unit. Can harvest gold and lumber, mend mechanical units and structures, and create structures.
aGather Harvests gold and lumber the same way peasants and peons do.
bMendRepairs mechanical units and buildings.
cCreate StructureThe reaper binds itself with a structure, losing it in the process.
2.Zombie(Zombie) Basic melee unit. Is cheap, easy to produce in mass, and has a fast attack rate. Benefits from the thrash, relentlessness, and Volatile Mutation upgrades.
aThrashupgrade that increases attack speed by 25%
bRelentlessnessupgrade that increases movement speed by 25%
dVolatile Mutationallows zombies to change into volatile zombies, at the cost of time and resources.
3.Zombie (Summoned)(Zombie) Summoned version of the zombie. Has the same abilities as a standard zombie, but leaves behind no corpse and requires no food.
4.Volatile Zombie(Zombie) Suicidal zombie that does high damage in a small AOE.
aRelentlessnessupgrade that increases movement by 25%
bCorpse Explosiondetonates the volatile zombie, causing damage in an AOE.
5.Sky Darkener(Skeleton Archer) Basic ranged unit. Can be upgraded to use the Defilied arrow ability.
aDefilied arrowadds bonus damage and an AOE effect to an attack, but can only be fired roughly once every five shots.
6.Frozen Shade(Ghost/Wraith) Hindering caster unit. Starts out with Frost grip and ghostly form, and can learn terror and death chill.
aFrost Grip:Brings air units down to the ground.
bTerror:Disables a target's ability to attack or cast spells, making it flee when attacked.
cDeath ChillSlows movement and attack rate, and causes each attack to damage the attacker.
dGhostly FormMakes the frozen shade enter an ethereal state, causing it to gain immunity from physical damage but take double damage from spells, disable its own attacks, and disable the frost grip ability.
7.Battle Wraith(Revenant) Supportive caster. Starts out with shadow plague, and can learn vampiric embrace and carnage.
aShadow PlagueCauses damage over time, and if the unit dies while under the effects it will spawn 2 zombies.
bVampiric EmbraceEnhances damage and causes attacks to heal the attacker. Auto cast.
cCarnageGives all surrounding units a 10% chance to stun targets will each attack.
8.Plague Bringer(Sky Barge) Flying siege unit. Has a bouncing attack.
aPestilenceAdds an extra bounce to the Plague Bringer's attacks.
bTrue SightReveals invisible units.
9.Legion(Flesh Golem) Heavy melee unit. Has meat shield and a blocking ability I have yet to come up with a name for.
aMeat ShieldAdds bonus armor and applies a thorns effect to the legion.
bBlockGives a chance to reduce damage taken.
cRelentlessnessUpgrade that increases movement speed by 25%
10.Onslaught Hold(Black Citadel) Super unit at the end of the tech line. Can switch between an artillery and multi-shot form. Also has runic power and Doom Cannon.
aSwitch SpecializationAllows Onslaught Hold to switch between an artillery and multi-shot form.
b1Outbreak (Multi-shot only)Causes attacks to target up to 10 units at once.
b2Epidemic (Artillery only)Causes attacks to spawn an epidemic cloud, which damages nearby units and structures. Each cloud stacks upon existing clouds.
cRunic PowerIncreases the damage, armor, and health and mana regeneration of all nearby units when cast.
dDoom CannonDeals significant damage to a target.
HeroOblivion Knight(Warden with Night Elf Death Knight skin) Warrior Hero. Has blood strike, desecration, frost strike, and death presence.
aBlood StrikeDeals damage based upon the hero's damage with a little bonus, healing the oblivion knight for an equal amount. The strike gains damage/healing bonuses from other oblivion knight and onslaught abilities, and also applies a weak dot effect.
bDesecrationCauses the ground beneath the Oblivion Knight to become blighted and diseased, damaging all hostile targets. Friendly targets within the effect gain a slight boost to damage.
cFrost StrikeCauses damage based on the hero's attack damage, and afflicts all targets next to the primary target with a frosty disease that slows movement and attack rate, reduces armor, and deals damage over time.
dDeath PresenceAdds a thorns and vampiric effect to all nearby units. The effects apply to ranged attacks as well, but the vampiric effect will not heal units if a mechanical unit or building is involved.
eRunic SystemThe Oblivion Knight will steadily loose mana, but will quickly regain mana when she attacks or is attacked.
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