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Idea Celestia

Celestia Combat
By Gorman

Map Idea

The map idea is based around a simple physics engine; the battle is between two forces of spaceships, negotiating planets, black hole, asteroids and all kinds of stuff like that. Gravity is your main opponent, as it takes only a few hits to kill a ship, but gravity affects everything!

Gravity will of course depend on the distance you are away from objects. The general formula will be something like "K(m1m2)/D^2)" (law of unversal gravity ftw!). Using a system which calculators the gravity force vectors for every unit on the map as realitve to every other unit every .5 seconds i will be able to create a highly tactical and dynamic game. You will also be able to set vector thrusters to counter gravity's pull, and possibly dynamic vector thrusters to constantly adapt and attempt to retain position.

The game will be mostly light skirmishes centered around controlling movement, as that is what will win the game for you.

An example of a possible scenario:
2 Cruisers and a Frigate fighting a Space station, a Capital ship and 5 or so light strike cruisers.
The Cruisers and Frigate move in an Echlon formation (A diagonal line) in an arch around the space station, allowing them to cover their flanks against the light cruisers, whille inceasing their broad-side accuaracy against the space station due to its gravitational pull. The Capital ship however moves half way between the space station and the enemy, drawing their torpedos in an arch that narrowly misses the station. The light strike cruisers then use the space station and capital ship to pull off a gravity sling shot, bringing them into heavy bombing range of the enemy. The Cruisers and Frigate then move in erratic patterns, as they are almost unaffected by the light cruisers, but they light crusers will be thrown all over the place (And possibley even damaged) from the tearing forces of gravity. The rest is just to complex to even explain!

Thats all i got so far, more latter.

And as always, please feel free to comment, I'm always looking for imput and critique!

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