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Gorman will become famous soon enough (70)Gorman will become famous soon enough (70)Gorman will become famous soon enough (70)

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Idea Thallid Gardening

Thallid Gardening
By Gorman

Map Idea

This map idea stems from the Magic the Gathering "Thallid" creature cards.
Thallids are a kind of fungus creature, known for their ability to regrow from any situation. Thallids have the following effects:
"At the beginning of your upkeep, put a spore counter on Thallid.
Remove three spore counters from Thallid: Put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token in play"

Additionaly some Thallids have effect that they can activate
by sacrificing a Saproling, such as regeneration, bonus att/def and many other effects.

I developed this idea further, and decided that Thallids should be able to grow into different types, but still be able to make more Thallids.

The Game

So far this is what i have:

You begin the game as a gardener, with just a single Thallid seed. You plant the seed where you want and your Thallid grows. You can water the seed to encourage its growth or fertilize it. I imagine that mana would represent growth, and when it reaches half mana it will automatically (through an autocast ability) spawn a smaller Thallid, which will then grow to maturity and spawn more, etc. Alternately you could prevent it from spawning more and grow it into a more complex Thallid, such as a Thallid Germinator, or a Shell dweller, etc.

A basic Thallid may have stats like this:
10 hp, 10 damage, 60 mana, regenerates 1 per second.
Upgrade cost 60 mana. Sprouts Spores at the cost of 30 each.

You can water your Thallids, giving Thallids in AOE increased mana regen for a short duration, or you can fertilize it, giving it more increased mana regen, but health degen. All Thallids regen at a rate of 1 per second

Gardener stats and abilities:

10010050Water, Fertiliser, Trim, Cultivation. Can upgrade to use Fungal Bloom, Night Soil, and Protector of ThallidsCan transport Thallid seeds and Spores to different areas for growing.
NameCardMana costCooldownCast timeResearch cost*DurationEffect
WaterNo card10200N/A10 secondsIncreases all Thallids and Spores within 250 AOE mana regeneration by 100%.
FertiliserNo card30302.5 secondsN/AMultiple DurationsIncreases mana regen of all Thallids and Spores within 100 AOE by 500%, but drains 1 health for 5 seconds. For 10 seconds the targets gain 5 armor
TrimNo card20100N/AN/ADeal 10 damage to target friendly or enemy plant, nearby friendly Thallids and Spores gain twice the damage dealt in mana, shared evenly between all in range 500
CultivationNo cardN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AOpens a menu to allow different upgrades depending on your current Thallids
Fungal ReleaseClick image for larger version

Name:	Card1916.jpg
Views:	17
Size:	45.0 KB
ID:	359833030560 manaN/ATarget friendly Thallid or Spore gains 30 mana, or target enemy Thallid or Spore loses 30 mana
Night SoilClick image for larger version

Name:	Card1918.jpg
Views:	16
Size:	42.2 KB
ID:	359842530560 manaN/ATarget spore corpse will spawn a Spore (Autocast)
Death's BloomClick image for larger version

Name:	Card116737.jpg
Views:	19
Size:	22.9 KB
ID:	3599150600100 manaN/AAll corpses within 500 range are destroyed, friendly plants in 1000 range gain 10 mana for each corpse destroyed in this way

*Research is done on an ability, then the ability will become available for use.

Available Upgrades through Cultivation

NameMana CostFungal CostResearch TimeEffect
Hardened Bark20015 secondsIncreases all Thallid's armor levels by 5
Spore Shells10010Gives Spores a 5 damage reduction
Airborn30110Gives Spores a medium movement speed, and allows them to move over obstacles.
Leafy30120Gives all Thallids a 25% chance to evade
Bramble Wreathed30115Gives all Thallids a non-stacking aura which deals 1 damage per second to enemy spores in 300 range. And an additional 1 damage to any attackers.
Twisted Bark40015Reduces damage against Thallids by 5
Dark Heart of the Woods20315Thallids gain +.25 health regeneration for every rooted Thallid within 400 range. Spores gain +.25 health and mana regeneration for every rooted Thallid within 400 range.
Tap Roots50230Gives all Thallids +1 mana regeneration
Strength in numbers50230All Thallids gain this effect: For every other rooted Thallid within 500 range the Thallid gains +25% mana regeneration and +.25 health regen
Dark Sap70230Gives all Thallids Dark Sap: Enemy Spores that stay within 300 range for 5 seconds will become under your control. Increases the range of Bramble Wreathed to 500, and prevents it from targeting Spores under the effect of Dark Sap
Corrupting Sap90430Allows the production of Woodwraith Corrupters, which have Dark Sap, but can target a single Thallids aswell (but not other Woodwraiths). They also allows Bramble Wreath to target Thallids. Requires Dark Sap to research

There will be many types of Thallids with different abilities:
Thallid Types

Thallid nameThallid MTG CardFungal CostSustain CostMax Mana/Health/AttackSpawnsUpgrades tooNotes
ThallidClick image for larger version

Name:	Card108825.jpg
Views:	12
Size:	22.4 KB
ID:	359881160/10/10Spawns SporesUpgrades to all other Thallids, at special cost of -1 per 30 mana.Basic Thallid, has no special effects
Thallid Shell-DwellerClick image for larger version

Name:	Card116731.jpg
Views:	11
Size:	24.6 KB
ID:	359902160/50/0Spawns SporesNo upgradesDefensive Thallid, returns %50 of the damage taken to its attacker
Sporesower ThallidClick image for larger version

Name:	Card111068.jpg
Views:	13
Size:	25.5 KB
ID:	359954260/40/40Spawns SporesNo upgradesSpawns a Spore at 20 mana, instead of 30.
Thallid GerminatorClick image for larger version

Name:	Card116381.jpg
Views:	11
Size:	25.1 KB
ID:	359893290/20/20Spawns ThallidsNo upgradesThallids spawned will gain a 100% damage and health increase buff for 5 seconds after spawning
Savage ThallidClick image for larger version

Name:	Card106643.jpg
Views:	9
Size:	27.9 KB
ID:	359875360/50/20Spawns SporesNo upgradesCan eat a Spore to cause all friendly Thallids within 500 range to regenerate 500% faster for 5 seconds
Deathspore ThallidClick image for larger version

Name:	Card116743.jpg
Views:	10
Size:	26.4 KB
ID:	359922160/10/10Spawns SporesCan upgrade to Devourer at -2 cost. Can only upgrade when at full mana.Can eat a Spore to cause all enemy Thallids within 500 range to lose 10 health and 10 damage for 5 seconds
Thallid DevourerClick image for larger version

Name:	Card1928.jpg
Views:	12
Size:	46.1 KB
ID:	359853260/20/20Spawns SporesNo UpgradesCan eat a Spore to gain +10 damage and +20 health for 10 seconds
Thorn ThallidClick image for larger version

Name:	Card1934.jpg
Views:	12
Size:	45.2 KB
ID:	359863260/20/20Spawns SporesNo UpgradesCan eat a Thallid to gain +600 range and -10 damage for the next attack
Vitaspore ThallidClick image for larger version

Name:	Card128941.jpg
Views:	13
Size:	25.9 KB
ID:	359932160/10/10Spawns SporesNo UpgradesInstead of spawning Spores you can activate Haste, which gives Thallids and Spores within 500 range increased move and attack speeds
Phsycotrope ThallidClick image for larger version

Name:	Card128944.jpg
Views:	14
Size:	26.9 KB
ID:	359943260/10/10Spawns SporesNo UpgradesInstead of spawning Spores you can activate Growth, which gives all friendly Thallids in 500 range +.5 mana regen
Woodwraith CorrupterClick image for larger version

Name:	Card83747.jpg
Views:	12
Size:	25.0 KB
ID:	360098460/60/30Spawns SporesNo UpgradesRequires Corrupting Sap cultivation. Enemy Thallids that stay in 300 range for 5 seconds are put under your control, can only target one Thallid at a time. Also uses Dark Sap. At a cost of 30 mana the Corrupter can convert a Spore into a Thallid Horror for 60 seconds. The Spore is destroyed.
Thallid HorrorNo CardN/AMax of 5 at a time60/40/40Doesn't spawnDoesn't UpgradeHas Dark Mould: for 15 mana (auto cast) the Horror can slow all enemies in 350 range and prevent them from regenerating for 5 seconds. Can't produce Fungal Counters.
SporeNo CardN/AMax of 25 at a time30/5/0Doesn't SpawnUpgrades into Thallids, Shell Dwelers and Sporesowers at regular cost, and others at +1 cost. Can only upgrade when at full mana.Takes 5 seconds to build, at 50% mana it has an auto cast ability to make ground within 300 range un-buildable to enemies. Can be converted into item form to be carried by Gardener. Has no mana regen, draws mana from soil alone (see below)

For every 60 seconds that a Thallid (not a spore) is at full mana you gain +1 Fungal Counter, which can be used to upgrade Thallids and Spores.

You have a maximum of 30 total Sustain points, this is the maximum that the area could possibly sustain. You also have a maximum of 5 Thallid Horrors, and 25 Spores.

All Thallids can use Uproot, giving them slow movement, but -1 mana regeneration. They can then Root to regain mana regeneration, but lose movement.

Eventually you will grow a lovely garden of thallids, and have many species. You will fight for control over the map against other gardeners, using moving thallids to assault, or air born spores to infiltrate the enemies territory.
Massing will be discouraged due to more power for cash (ie 25 hp = 1 gold, 75 hp = 2 gold, better value for the 2 gold one).

You then fight it out and someone wins.

However the ground can become over crowded. I will use a system like the popular tower defense Power Towers, your Thallids will draw extra regeneration from the very ground. They will such the mana from the grass at the 'Bonus Regen rate', and the tile will regen its supplies at the 'Tile Regen rate'. When it reaches 0 mana, it is downgraded. Your Thallid will take the mana from the most common type of tile within range. For every 100 the Thallid is from the tile its effect is reduced by .5 mana. Multiple Thallids can tap into the same tile causing even more degen for that tile.

If a tile reaches 0 mana, it down grades, if it reaches full mana it upgrades. When an upgrade or downgrade occurs the tile begins with 50% mana. Dark Grass is the highest, Cracked Earth is the lowest.
#TileTile Regen/Bonus RegenCapacity
1Dark Grass1/340
3Grassy Dirt2/250
4Dirt3/160 (begins at 20 mana)
5Cracked Earth1/.580 (begins at 20 mana)
In addition, Dirt gives a health degen of -1, and Cracked Earth gives a degen of -2 to any unit partially on top of it.

I will improve on these ideas when i can, probably tomorrow!

Please comment on anything you feel necessary, including systems, objectives, stats effects, typos etc.

Last edited by Gorman : 07-26-2008 at 02:46 PM.
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Pretty awesome, Gorman. Are you working on this?
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Submissions (2)

Gorman will become famous soon enough (70)Gorman will become famous soon enough (70)Gorman will become famous soon enough (70)

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Not yet im not, im kinda busy with school atm, because i have mock exams and then exams (thats why im not so active )=

But i may eventually make it, for Warcraft or Starcraft.
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