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So wait, who's in charge now?
Tim. is, along with Vexorian and the Wc3C Staff.

Why did we have to leave Draco's server anyway?
Well, Draco uses the server Wc3Campaigns is hosted on for more than just Wc3Campaigns. One could imagine it requires a lot of space to host such a large community as this. As such he decided he was done hosting Wc3Campaigns.

What happened to the funky forum look we had before?
The VE forum display system was unique to VE, we are now on vBulletin, which uses this layout.

Are my profile fields the same as before the move to VE?

Were all the forums and posts restored?
Yes, however some are remaining hidden from view unless their owners ask for them (Incomplete hosted projects), or will be displayed later (Contests).

Why do a few usernames not link to profiles?
When Draco moved from vBulletin to VE, he lost some of the users in the transfer. We were given the most recent database which was already altered by VE, the result is those users are also missing from this new database. We have no way to restore those lost accounts, as the database Draco used to restore them in VE has been erased.

Will the cool vB themes be restored (Night Elf, Undead, Orc)?
Yes, over time. They were designed for vB3.0, and we are using vB3.5. As such it will take some time to rebuild them. For now you can use the Lite versions Vexorian, Tim. and Whitehorn are working on.

What happened to all the attachments?
A few months before the move from vB to VE, Draco emptied all the attachments, we apologize, but there is no way to recover them.

Is everything that went wrong Draco's fault?
That will go unanswered.

What is the staff situation like now?
Site Director: Tim.
Technical Director: Vexorian
Development Director: Blade.dk
Art Director: Whitehorn
Projects Director: Dorelian

What ever happened to that Gallery we had before?
Unfortunately it seems that another set of tables was dropped from the original Wc3campaigns database, these tables contained all the information required to organize the vast amount of images from the old gallery. Without these tables it is impossible to restore the old images. As such Tim. and Vexorian have taken this opportunity to ehance and recreate the gallery software.

Can I be a new moderator to replace one that left?
We are currently looking into the moderation positions, do not come to us, we will come to you.

What happened to the Reputation points?
VE had no Reputation system, as such Draco dropped the table that contained all the Reputation records. We apologize once again, we have no way to retrieve the lost reputation.

The Reputation system was being abused before, why have you reopened it?
Reputation was being abused by users unjustly giving negative reputation to users for no reason whatsoever. As such from now on only moderators, super moderators, and administrators can give negative reputation. Also, people would send anonymous reputation that would contain inappropriate comments, as such all users can now see who sent the reputation to them.

What happened to my custom title?
Yes, once again (this is getting old isn't it?) we apologize, but Draco dropped the Custom Title's table during the move. We are, once again, unable to retrieve the lost usernames.

Well how can I get my custom title back?
You need a total of 60 reputation points to have a custom title.

That's too much!! Can't it be less?

How can I get that much rep?
Work hard, and earn a reputation (That was a dumb question..)

Then how come some people already have a lot of rep?
All users with over 500 posts received 50 reputation points when we reopened, this is a one-time deal, so when you reach 500 posts do not expect to be rewarded with 50 reputation points.

That's not fair..
If no one was given any reputation when we re-opened, the only people able to give reputation points would be the staff. We of course are far more reserved as to who we give reputation to. By giving those users reputation early it means you have a chance to gain your reputation points back.

What about the Gold system and the Stock Market?
Those two 'lovely' features will NOT be returning. Period, end of story. Any threads complaining about this will be closed and removed.

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