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1. Make sure you abide by everything listed at The Guidelines - you MUST have a thread that follows all the tips indicated in that thread and it must show people are interested. Lack of interest from forum members won't get you hosted. We won't host anyone that hasn't started with a thread first. Your thread must follow everything listed in that page to the letter.

2. Your project must be at least 70% finished. We reserve the right to ask for everything you had finished until the moment you submitted your application. All content you send us will be kept private and under no circumstances will be given to any third parties. Only administrators will see it.

3. Before you submit your application, make sure you UPDATE your FIRST POST in your project thread with the latest information about your progress, team members, story and anything else that you may see fit. We will judge your project on what we see in the first post of the thread and on users' comments.

Rules and Penalties
1. Requests can and will be refused if the above requirements are not met.

2. Hosted projects can lose hosting if they fail to show any kind of progress for 2 weeks. Posting of content in your private forum(s) does not excuse you from making at least some of it public. You were hosted so people can see your work.

1. You get your own forum in our hosted projects section, subforums and moderators.

2. You get your own private subdomain where you can upload your work, or even host a site for your project. Please note that all subdomain content must be WC3 related.

3. You get your own @wc3campaigns.com/.net email address.

4. You get periodical front page news and/or forum wide announcements, depending on how well your project is doing, these can be more or less frequent.

5. We assure you of our full support as far as your project goes. We will help you if you start having any kind or problems, from technical problems to lack of staff, we will do our best to make sure you finish what you started.

Final Comment
Good luck to everyone. Remember, if forum users like your project, you will be hosted. That is why you need a thread first. We only check the amount of work you have completed, your determination and your thread for the latest information.

If you have any questions, contact Dorelian on the forums or on IRC. Do NOT PM hosting requests to ANY administrators.

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