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Wc3Campaigns employs a simple, effective guideline for advertising. We want to hear about your projects and works regarding Warcraft III. However, we wish to see the information from you, rather than having to step outside Wc3c.

Explain and detail your project in a post in the relevant forum, usually Map/Campaign Projects or Project Recruitment. Include images and examples where relevant to accompany the presentation. Compose the 'advert' assuming a forum user can learn everything they should need to know about it from this post. If your topic satisfies this, you are permitted to include a link to your website or forum that hosts the project. Anything less will be censored or deleted. This further explains how a correct thread should be structured in the Map/Campaign Projects forum.

The exception to this rule is signatures. You may link to your projects and websites within a signature if its content satisfies the regulations covered by the entirety of the FAQ.

If you wish to advertise your website, or anything that does not sit within the definition of 'Warcraft 3 project', then it must only be present in your signature - any posts relating (linking) to such will be deleted.

Avatars can have dimensions no larger than 100x100 and sizes no larger than 50kb. Animated avatars are permitted. Usual rules for content apply. The staff hold the right to remove any user's avatar at any time if they (the staff) feel it is inappropriate outside the terms of the rules stated here.

Signatures can have dimensions no larger than 500 pixels in height not larger than 300 Kb (This includes the whole signature, not just one image of the signature). No image in the signature should be larger than 150 pixels. Should your signature be beyond the dimensions states here it will be cut down in size to meet this requirement. Animated signatures are permitted. Usual rules for content apply. The staff hold the right to hide any user's signature at any time if they (the staff) feel it is inappropriate outside the terms of the rules stated here.

Double Posting & Bumping
Replying to your own thread is known as "double posting." This is not permitted at Wc3Campaigns - use the edit button to make additional content in your post.
You can, however, reply to your own post in order to return ("bump") the thread to the top of the list as long as there has been no reply in over 48 hours, and the thread is less than 1 week old.

Use emoticons/smilies only where relevant, and not in every post.
Users come to a forum to read, not look at 20 infernals giving them a thumbs-up.

Text Color & Size
Text color and size exists in order to assist in creating titles, pointing out specifics sections in a text, and other ways of specialization. Creating an entire post in colored text or a different size from default is not permitted.

You cannot give negative reputation to a user, only administrators and moderators may. Any reputation given shows who it came from; choose your words wisely.
Offenders will be named, shamed, or even punished if required.

Attachments can be no larger than 5mb each. Attachments larger than 2mb might fail to upload. This is due to a bug in Windows that unfortunately we cannot prevent. Should you have difficulty uploading a map larger than 2mb the only solution is to host the file offsite and use the “Upload file from an URL” feature within our Manage Attachments menu. There is no current restrictions on how much one can upload, however abuse will not be permitted.

Image Content
Images should not be larger than 800x600 and should be of acceptable material. If an image is too large for the website style it must use the [THUMBNAIL] tags instead of the [IMG] tags. Should you upload images which are larger than the size stated above, you may use [ATTACH]####[/ATTACH] where the four numerical values represent your attachment ID. (You can see the id in the URL to the attachment)

This is an adult board, and as such artistic nudity is permitted. However any and all forms of pornography will NOT be permitted and will soon lead to a ban. Also, images should not contain scenes of extreme violence (a corpse whose head has been blown off with a shotgun). If you feel you need to use such images, link to them or use the [HIDDEN] tags rather than using the [IMG] tags and give fair warning.

Be civil
No personal attacks, whether in posts, signatures or imagery. Anything the admins deem derogatory towards another user will be censored and/or deleted and you will be warned.

If you feel the need to flame someone, please do it in private e-mail. Do not feel compelled to defend your honor in public.

Be excellent to each other!

Spam: Posting irrelevant or inappropriate messages.

We do not condone the use of spam. While we are lenient in our exertion of regulation in the forums we welcome accord to our wishes. Repeat offenders will be duly punished.

World of Warcraft Content
This has recently been a problem propagating throughout the Warcraft III communities; and as such it is important to make it absolutely clear within our rules. Discussion of the processes of exporting anything from World of Warcraft is prohibited. The uploading of WoW exports will result in a warning. Should one continue in attempting to acquire or produce WoW models at Wc3Campaigns, they will be banned. Offsite linking to WoW exports is likewise not permitted. No map content containing WoW exports will be acceptable in our Map Database (Except in cases as mentioned below). This is a serious issue, do not take it lightly. Heavily modified WoW models, wherein the purpose of the original model is altered drastically, can be acceptable in specific cases at the moderators discretion. This rule also applies to exports of any kind from any game.

Map Protection and Unprotection
Wc3Campaigns does not condone or permit the discussion, production or release of methods of removing Map Protection. This also applies for releasing map files that have had their protection stripped, .j files from protected maps, or any files taken from protected maps. We do, however, allow and support map protection. Discussion of map protection methods is likewise permitted.

Warez and Illegal Software
Wc3Campaigns.net does not support warez in any form. Posting about illegal software, including obtaining or patching illegal software, will not be tolerated. If any post pertaining to illegal software is created, then the post or even the entire thread will be deleted. This rule is absolutely non-negotiable.

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