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Rules : Map Submissions
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Map Submission Rules

Map Submission Rules & Guidelines
Last updated: November 23, 2008

General Rules
  • A series of Moderator / Administration approvals are required for a map to be added to the map database.
  • No matter how good the map is, if the submission does not contain all of the requirements (outlined below) it will not be accepted to the map database.
  • Include a brief description of the map in your post; what kind of map is it? What's the objective? What are the features? The more information you can provide, the more likely your map is to fare well in the reviewing process.
  • If a map is not approved, the moderator or administrator will explain why. Be sure to follow their instructions or your map will not be added to our database.
  • After a period of time extending no more than 48 hours after a moderator offers a review, a map without a response in it by the author may be sent to the graveyard. It is not necessary for a map to be updated within the 48 hours, only that the author respond to the reviewer and at the very least acknowledge the review.
  • Additional deadlines of arbitrary length may be given by the site administration for specific maps. These deadlines must be adhered to or the submission will be sent to the graveyard.
  • Any flaming from the map author with or without justification is absolutely not tolerated. These situations will be dealt with harshly and the map will automatically be sent to the graveyard. A map's author must show that he respects his own work enough to not ruin it with childish behavior.
  • Staff members have full discretion in applying these rules to any given map as they see fit.
  • All files (Be it an image, a .w3x, or otherwise) must be attached to your post. Do not link to off-site files unless the file is larger than our site maximum.
  • Any map submitted must be created by the submitting user or with clear, valid permission from the creator. There is absolutely no tolerance for breaches of this rule.
  • The first image file attached to your submission will act as your map's thumbnail. You can always change this image later by editing your thread. This in most cases makes sense to be your map's minimap preview.
  • To delete your own map, use the thread tools menu while looking at your resource from inside the thread.
  • Specify the maximum number of players for your map in the map title as follows: "(12) Treasure Runners"
  • It is optional, but recommended, to include screenshots with your map submission. If you wish to include screenshots make sure to attach them after you attach the preview image.
  • Offensively bad maps will be removed without a warning and the author will receive a private message stating the reasons for removal. Reasons for this type of removal may include, but are not limited to, violation of copyrights, thievery, very low quality, unplayability, major imbalance, exploits, and offensive content.
Map Approval Rules

Once a map follows the submission rules, it must still pass the approval process in order to gain entrance to the main database. We designed our rules so that getting a map into the database is a very difficult process that few maps will ever accomplish. The objective is to have a compilation of only the most outstanding of maps, regardless of how small the database may be in comparison to other websites. Getting a map into the database is a privilege, not a right. You should consider it a privilege that your maps are getting reviewed as well. Do not submit a map you don't think is worthy of this award, as you will only be wasting your time and the time of the reviewers. If you only want feedback for your map, please look for it in the proper forum.

In order for a map to be approved and passed into the database, we require at least 2 non-administrator approvals. Approvals may only come from wc3campaigns staff members or users who are noted by the "Official Map Reviewer" title. Once a map obtains the necessary approvals, it will also need an administrator's final approval. Even after previous approvals, a map may not move on to the database if an administrator finds fundamental issues with it.

Consider the approval process to be lengthy by design. During it, you may have to wait for reviewers to test your map and then be open to suggestions and modification requests. Not following these requests will usually result in that reviewer not approving your map. Not every reviewer is able to review every map, so it's important that you cater to the reviewing staff that can review your map. Above all else, respect those who make comments on your map. Don't expect every remark to be positive and embrace all comments regardless of whether they're in support of or against your map.

+10 reputation
If your map is approved, it will move into the database and you will be rewarded for being a 'survivor' of the approval process. Your map, upon successful ascension into the database, is indeed of the highest caliber and you as the author will receive the above reward for your hard work.

Approval Guidelines

The decision to approve a map or not depends greatly on a reviewer's own ideals and taste. It is for this reason that we require 3 different approvals for a map to pass into the database. The following is a list of important guidelines that are required by all maps in order to be approved.
  • No cloned maps. Your map must innovate, not copy. This does not mean that you have to invent a new genre, but don't simply copy another map with a few additions.
  • No WIP maps. We realize that it is difficult to actually finish a map and that even those maps that are 'finished' are bound to be updated at a future date, but we are interested in at least completed work. Maps must be at least at a 70% completion stage, they must be fully playable, and all of the planned features must be implemented. If what you really want is testers for your map, then the Map Testing forum is where you should post your map.
  • Decently balanced maps. Perhaps a perfectly balanced map is impossible to create, but we certainly don't want any maps whose authors don't make their most valiant effort at accomplishing this.
  • Credits included in the map. This is a modding and resource site, we know how difficult and time-consuming it is to make a model/texture/icon/sound/spell/whatever. We demand that you respect the people that contributed resources to your map by including them in the map's credits. These credits can be located anywhere in your map (Quest log is typical), but they must be easily accessible by anyone that wants to read them.
  • No material from other games is permitted except in the following cases. If the company has released the material explicitly for Warcraft III Maps, then it is okay to use them in your map. (Blizzard released WoW icons in BLP format, for instance) Heavily modified material from other games may be permissible on a case-by-case basis. Please note that this rule is not here to promote the use of community-produced resources, but rather to respect a company's intellectual property.

The Graveyard

It may end up that your map is sent to the graveyard by a moderator or administrator. This may happen for numerous reasons, including (but not limited to) not receiving the necessary approvals over an extended period of time, not being updated after numerous reviews, not being posted in by the author, or the map simply not having the potential for being good enough. Your map will still be available for download even when in the graveyard. Just because your map was sent to the graveyard does not inherently mean that it may never have a chance. You can request of an administrator to move your map to one of the map development sections for further public critique if you'd like. Of course, you are also free to delete it yourself once it is sent to the graveyard if that is your wish.


It can happen that we don't discover a significant flaw in a map (generally thievery) and may have to remove it or send it to the graveyard after it has been accepted to the database. Cases like these are few and far between, but when they occur the staff member will carefully explain his or her reasoning.

Official Map Reviewers
  • Every staff member has the ability to approve a map.
  • The administration also selects Official Map Reviewers according to overall behavior in the forums and feedback given to other authors.
  • You should not ask the administrators for a map reviewer position. If you are capable of doing well at the job, the administrators will come to you.
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